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Illinois Authors Wiki Definitions and Eligibility Guidelines

Illinois authors have made and continue to make a significant impact on the literary world. The Illinois Center for the Book was established to preserve the Illinois literary legacy and foster an appreciation of our rich literary heritage, past and present.

The purpose of the Illinois Authors Wiki is to develop a vast and comprehensive resource about Illinois authors; highlighting their published books and bringing the authors greater visibility. The Illinois Authors Wiki is just one way the Illinois Center for the Book actively fulfills its mission: Illinois Center for the Book: Nurturing and connecting readers and writers, and honoring our rich literary heritage. For information about the other projects of the Illinois Center for the Book, plesae go to:

Definition of an author:

An author is considered to be a writer, illustrator or photographer who has published a book with a ten digit ISBN.

Eligibility for Illinois Author Wiki inclusion:

An author may be eligible for inclusion in the Illinois Authors Wiki if he or she meets at least one of the following Illinois connections:

  • The author is or has been a resident of Illinois.
  • The author writes about Illinois subjects of interest – Abraham Lincoln, Chicago Cubs, flowers of Illinois, etc.
  • The author writes about Illinois, either actual places or fictional places specifically set in Illinois.

When submitting information, please include brief biographical information that shows the Illinois Connection of the author.

Items ineligible:

The purpose of the Illinois Authors Wiki is to highlight the published books of Illinois authors. Certain items are not eligible for inclusion:

  • Article publications in journals or periodicals.
  • Thesis dissertations, archival material or unpublished materials.
  • Plays or screenplays.
  • Musical works.
  • Audio-visual, electronic, digital or other non-print works not also produced and sold in print.
  • Government documents.
  • Edited works.
  • Books without an ISBN.
  • Published books in which the author is a contributor of an article or chapter to a book with multiple contributors.

Book title guidelines:

Book titles and graphics for the "Titles for Purchase and at Your Library" section are searched by ISBN. If there is more than one ISBN for a book title, it is recommended that the ISBN of the most current printing be listed. Format differences, such as hardback, paperback, books on tape, other languages, may also be listed by ISBN.

  • Authors have lived in Illinois will be allowed to have all authored book titles listed under their profiles.
  • Authors who have not lived in Illinois will be allowed to list only their book titles that take place in or are about Illinois under their profiles.