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Name:  Andrew Greeley  

Pen Name: Andrew M. Greeley


Audience: Adult;

Born: February 5, 1928 Oak Park, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Father Greeley is a native of Chicago. He is a professor at the University of Chicago. He received his STL from St. Mary of Lake Seminary and attended the University of Chicago where he received his Masters and PhD.

Biographical and Professional Information

Andrew Greeley is a Roman Catholic Priest, a sociologist and an author of fiction, religious and other nonfiction works. He holds a faculty appointment at the University of Chicago.

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Titles At Your Library

Sociology of Religion: A Collection of Readings
ISBN: 0065018818

Harpercollins College Div. 1995

This book is a collection of readings about sociology and religion.

Sacraments Of Love: A Prayer Journal
ISBN: 0824513983

Crossroad. 1994

Like Love Affair, this spiritual diary is not a book of prayers but an experience of praying. It is prayer as it happens.
Andrew Greeley shares with God - whom he calls "My Love" - his wonder at the signs of Her love shining in creation. He glimpses Her presence in city shadows as well as desert light. He hears Her whisper in a wind that sweeps over a lake, and in the whistle of a train passing by in the night. And he perceives Her beauty in people: "All of them are sacraments of Your love!"
What makes the diary extraordinary is the extraordinary year it captures - a year in which Father Greeley works hard behind-the-scenes to help victims of sexual abuse by clergy. It is a year in which he reconciles with his archbishop and helps the Church deal realistically with a growing scandal. It is a year of recognition that surprises him, and a year of attack that hurts him.
But most of all, Sacraments of Love points the author - and the reader - to a non-punitive, all-loving God who moves everywhere - a God who wants to touch each of us with Her love.

Windows: A Prayer Journal
ISBN: 082451517X

Crossroad. 1995

The third volume in a trilogy that includes Sacraments of Love and Love Affair, Windows is a series of conversations with God--a window to Greeley's soul. The conversations also mirror contemporary events, in the church and in the world, that reveal the grace that runs through all our lives.

God in the Movies
ISBN: 0765805286

Transaction Publishers. 2003

The religious imagination is alive and well in the movies. Contrary to those who criticize Hollywood, popular movies very often have metaphorically represented God on the screen. From Clint Eastwood as an avenging angel in Pale Rider and Nicolas Cage as a love-sick angel in City of Angels, to Jessica Lange as an angel of death in All That Jazz, and from George Burns as God in Oh God! to Audrey Hepburn in Alwaysto pure white light in Fearless and Flatliners, God is very much present in the movies. Images of angels and God used by movie makers are explored here.

This intelligent, insightful volume is an exercise in urban anthropology. Religious imagination is the subject and the movie house is its location. The authors show that the religious imagination is irrepressible, and shows up in our best-known example of popular cultures, movies. Contrary to conservative opinion that suggests that Hollywood is anti-religious, Greeley and Bergesen find just the opposite. Ordinary movies, not explicitly about religion and not made by particularly religious individuals often demonstrate some basic religious theme, point, or message. God in the Movies does not judge or approve, recommend or criticize

the authors simply alert the reader to the great variety of metaphors for God, angels, heaven, and hell, from beautiful women to white light at the end of the tunnel to Groundhog Day. They are not concerned with explicitly religious movies. This is not a study of Ben Huror The Last Temptations of Christ, but rather of ordinary mass-release movies, including Field of Dreams, Always, All That Jazz, Commandments, Babette's Feast, Fearless, Breaking the Waves, Jacob's Ladder, Flatliners, Ghost, Pale Rider, Star Wars, 2001, Dogma, and even Japanimation, like Ghost in the Shell.

The authors' vivid explication of various cinematic metaphors for God is accompanied by an analysis of what these movies tell about our sociological attitudes toward life and death. They also discuss the social conditions that give rise to various kinds of imagery and forms of movies. In a real sense, this book is for both the professional concerned with religion, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, media and cinema studies, and the layperson interested in how popular movies also contain religious imagery.

The Catholic Imagination
ISBN: 0520232046

University of California Press. 2001

Catholics live in an enchanted world: a world of statues and holy water, stained glass and votive candles, saints and religious medals, rosary beads and holy pictures. But these Catholic paraphernalia are merely hints of a deeper and more pervasive religious sensibility that inclines Catholics to see the Holy lurking in creation. The world of the Catholic is haunted by a sense that the objects, events, and persons of daily life are revelations of Grace. In this fascinating discussion of what is unique about the Catholic worldview and culture and what distinguishes it from Protestantism, Andrew Greeley--one of the most popular and prolific authors writing today--examines the religious imagination that shapes Catholics' lives.

In a lively and engaging narrative, Greeley discusses the central themes of Catholic culture: Sacrament, Salvation, Community, Festival, Structure, Erotic Desire, and the Mother Love of God. Ranging widely from Bernini to Scorsese, Greeley distills these themes from the high arts of Catholic culture and asks: Do these values really influence people's lives? Using international survey data, he shows the counterintuitive ways in which Catholics are defined. He goes on to root these behaviors in the Catholic imagination.

As he identifies and explores the fertile terrain of Catholic culture, Greeley illustrates the enduring power of particular stories, images, and orientations in shaping Catholics' lived experience. He challenges a host of assumptions about who Catholics are and makes a strong case for the vitality of the culture today. The Catholic imagination is sustained and passed on in relationships, the home, and the community, Greeley shows. Absorbing, compassionate, and deeply informed, this book provides an entirely new perspective on the nature and role of religion in daily life for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

My Love: A Prayer Journal
ISBN: 158051104X

Sheed & Ward. 2001

In My Love: A Prayer Journal, Father Greeley continues his quest to reveal the God of Love, Understanding, and Forgiveness. Picking up where the last of his popular journals left off, he shares his most intimate joys, fears, challenges, and hopes with God and with us all. In the process, he offers us a remarkable experience of praying as it happens and helps us find our own prayerful voices. Inspiring and encouraging, My Love points beyond the fascinating life of Andrew Greeley to the life of faith itself.

The Bishop Goes to the University: A Bishop Blackie Ryan Novel
ISBN: 0765342340

Forge Books. 2004

The irrepressible Bishop Blackwood Ryan returns as his Cardinal dispatches Blackie to The University on the South Side of Chicago to investigate a baffling locked-room mystery. Someone has assassinated a Russian Orthodox monk in his office at the Divinity School-despite the fact that the door of his office was bolted shut from the inside and no killer was found within.

Who shot Brother Semyon Ivanivich Popov? There were only four professors in the building on the night of the shooting: a feminist theologian, a distinguished scripture scholar, an expert on the Talmud, and a young tenure-seeking professor whom Blackie compares to a silverback gorilla.

It turns out that the mystery of the locked room is simple compared to the international intrigue that swiftly develops around the case. Intelligence agents from diverse nations seem to be involved, as well as both the Sicilian and Russian mobs. Blackie soon finds himself the target of threats and actual bullets as he seeks to unravel the deepening mystery surrounding the murdered monk-whose murky secrets may stretch all the way to the Vatican itself!

Murder is more than academic in yet another delightful whodunit by one of America's most popular storytellers.

The Priestly Sins
ISBN: 076531052X

Forge Books. 2004

Not since his runaway bestseller, The Cardinal Sins, has Father Andrew M. Greeley written such a searing and topical novel about the state of the Catholic Church.

The Priestly Sins tells the story of Father Herman Hoffman, a gifted and innocent young man from the distant prairies of the Great Plains. In the first summer of his first parish appointment, Hoffman is swept up in The Crisis after witnessing child abuse in the parish rectory. He tells the pastor, the father of the victim, and the local police but is rebuffed by the archbishop. Soon he is vilified for denouncing a priest who has been "cleared" by the police and learns the harsh fate of the whistle-blower in the contemporary Catholic church: He is locked up in a mental-health center and then sent into exile to do graduate study.

In Chicago to study immigrant history, he encounters the local "Vicar for Extern Priests," the legendary Monsignor Blackie Ryan, who helps him regain his confidence. Hoffman returns home to demand a parish of his own from the archbishop. Reluctantly, the church hierarchy assigns him to a dying parish, but by his zeal and charm Hoffman revives the local church. His brief idyll is shattered by a subpoena to testify in a court hearing. If he speaks, he will have to take on the "downtown" establishment that is determined to destroy him and many of his fellow priests who want to be rid of this painful reminder of a sinful past. Hoffman faces exile not only from his parish, but from the priesthood itself.

Writing from the author's fifty years of experience as a priest, The Priestly Sins will be criticized by some but embraced by most as an all-too-candid story of all-too-human priests. The Priestly Sins is Father Greeley's most electrifying novel in three decades, a novel sure to rise up the bestseller lists.


1965 - Catholic Press Award for best book for young people 1989 - Freedom to Read Award presented by the Friends of Chicago Public Library

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