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Name:  Jim Kraus  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: in

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Kraus lives in Wheaton.

Biographical and Professional Information

Jim Kraus is an award-winning writer and editor who has authored or co-authored more than 20 books (many with his wife, Terri). He grew up in Western Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. He attended the Paris-American Academy in 1971 and is vice-president of a major Christian publishing house. He is also an award-winning photographer.

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Pirates of the Heart (Treasures of the Caribbean #1)
ISBN: 0842303812

Tyndale House. 1996

William, a privateer wronged by nobility throughout his childhood, sees his chance for revenge on the upper class when he has an opportunity to raid an English ship carrying Kathryne, whom he believes to be a spoiled young noblewoman.

Passages of Gold (Treasures of the Caribbean #2)
ISBN: 0842303820

Tyndale House Publishers. 1997

This historical novel is set on the island of Barbados and features romance, treachery, piracy, and gold. Honor and courage are summoned in the quest to save treasure and reputation.

Journey to the Crimson Sea (Treasures of the Caribbean #3)
ISBN: 0842303839

Tyndale House Publishers. 1997

Authors Jim and Terri Kraus conclude their trilogy of Treasures of the Caribbean in Journey to the Crimson Sea. The 17th-century Caribbean island of Barbados hosts this unique story of love, loyalty, and adventure. The meaning of forgiveness is tested as Vicar Thomas Mayhew falls in love with the reformed prostitute Eileen Palmerston. Their relationship is questioned by many on the island, including Vicar Petley, who seeks to excommunicate Thomas for bringing shame to the church. Thomas faces a difficult choice: Stay with the woman he plans to marry or retain his position as vicar. And no swashbuckling adventure would be complete without a search for buried treasure and a final clash with pirates on the high seas. Journey to the Crimson Sea delivers romance, adventure, and spiritual insights in an exotic setting that all readers can enjoy.

The Price (Circle of Destiny #1)
ISBN: 0842318356

Tyndale House Publishers. 2000

Value priced!

The Price is the first in a historical four-book fiction series about the California Gold Rush by the writing team of Jim and Terri Kraus. When the lure of gold pulls Joshua Quittner away from the small church he is pastoring, he must choose between material wealth and peace with God. Only when he discovers the true meaning of love and sacrifice does Joshua find true fulfillment.

The Treasure (The Circle of Destiny #2)
ISBN: 0842318364

Tyndale House Publishers. 2000

The Treasure is the second book in the four-book Circle of Destiny series set during the 1800s Gold Rush. Four college friends begin a life adventure that will change their thinking and their perspective forever. The Treasure's protagonist, Gage Davis, begins running his father's business after graduation and learns about life the hard way. Gage's greatest pain and deepest joy teach him that money cannot buy life's greatest treasure.

The Promise (Circle of Destiny #3)
ISBN: 0842318372

Tyndale House Publishers. 2001

Hannah Morgan Collins dreams of becoming the first woman doctor in Massachusetts. But must she give up her desires of home and family to do so? Enrolled at Harvard against her parents' wishes, she meets new friends who will impact her life forever. There's the preacher-to-be Joshua Quittner, the cynical journalist Jamison Pike, and the made-of-money Gage Davis. And what of Lucretia Mott, whose passion for women's rights causes Hannah to wonder how she herself could change the world? This beautiful coming-of-age novel takes Hannah on a lifelong search through pain and joy to a place of heartfelt peace.

The Quest (Circle of Destiny #4)
ISBN: 0842318380

Tyndale House Publishers. 2001

The Quest details the journey of young Jamison Pike as he leaves home and travels the world in search of the ultimate truth: the meaning of life. Despite finding fame and fortune through his writing and travels, Jamison finds that without Christ, his life remains empty and filled with longing.

The Unfolding (Stories from McKenzie Street #1)
ISBN: 1586608592

Barbour Publishing, Incorporated. 2003

Annie Hamilton doesn't expect her life to change dramatically when she opens her modest home to a rootless and pregnant neighbor. But when the young woman abandons her newborn son, Annie summons her courage and decides to raise the baby as her own. All is well--until the day the birth mother returns to claim her child. Distraught, Annie searches for answers--and finds them in the most unlikely places. Can this path of darkness be the way that God unfolds His plan for her? This deeply moving story will open readers' eyes to the power of redeeming love--and the power of faith.

The Choosing (Stories from McKenzie Street #2)
ISBN: 159310104X

Barbour Publishing, Incorporated. 2004

The saga of Annie Hamilton, first introduced in the Stories from MacKenzie Street Series book The Unfolding, continues in The Choosing. Single and raising an adopted toddler. Annie feels too old for romance--but her son needs a father. Her situation is the talk of the Chicago community where she works as an artist, owns and operates a laundromat, and attends church. When two interesting men enter her life--one not of her faith and one not of her age--can Annie's life become any more complicated? Will she listen to her heart or follow what others think is best for her?

The Dog That Talked to God
ISBN: 1426742568

Abingdon Press. 2012

Recently widowed Mary Fassler buys a Miniature Schnauzer, Rufus, and her world is turned sideways in the midst of her grief. It seems that Rufus speaks. And not just to her. He also talks to God. When Rufus begins sharing advice that could result in major changes, Mary gets the feeling the pooch might not be steering her in the right direction. Or, is she just afraid to take the leap and discover something she desperately needs? Only Rufus...and God...knows.

"Jim Kraus has written a funny, heartfelt novel in the tradition of Garth Stein and John Grogan. For a long time dogs have been man's best friend. It only made sense one would finally come along to save our souls." - Rob Stennett author, Homemade Haunting and The Almost True Story Of Ryan Fisher

"I loved this story. Quirky and unusual, this unique tale wove a spell around me and drew me in. It wasn't what I expected at all, and when I turned the last page, it left me wanting more." - Ane Mulligan, Sr. Editor of Novel Rocket

"The Dog That Talked to God is a moving and powerful read, inspirational long after the last page has been turned." - New York Journal of Books

The Cat That God Sent
ISBN: 1426765614

Abingdon Press. 2013

Jake Wilkerson, a disillusioned young pastor who is an expert at hiding his fears, takes on a new assignment at a small rural church in Coudersport, Pennsylvania--which is a far piece from anywhere and full of curiously odd and eccentric people. His first day on the job, he is adopted by Petey--a cat of unknown origins and breed--but a very sentient cat who believes that he is on a mission from God to redeem Jake and bring him back to the truth. Jake must confront his doubts early on when he meets Emma Grainger, a single woman and a veterinarian who dismisses all Christians as "those people." Then, Tassy, a young runaway with a secret, arrives at the door of the church looking for a place of refuge. How does Jake deal with this runaway and his interest in Dr. Grainger? More importantly, can Jake rekindle his faith? Petey does his best to lead all people to the truth, in a most subtle and feline way.

Conversations with Saint Bernard: A Novel
ISBN: 1426791607

Abingdon Press. 2015

George Gibson is determined to check off the last item on his bucket list: a trip across America. He hops in his RV to visit - and sketch - the buildings and places across America that he and his wife never got to see. When his daughter learns of a young boy forced to give up a beloved Saint Bernard named Lewis, she suggests George adopt the animal as a traveling companion. The dog even fits perfectly in the sidecar of George's Vespa motor scooter.

As George warms to his travel mate, he begins talking to Lewis, sharing stories from his life and his unrealized dreams. Along the way, Lewis seems to attract people and make instant friends with the quirky and charming, funny and odd people who cross their path.

Could it be that his new friends - and this strange dog - will help George to finally confront the secret he's been hiding? Can Lewis's devotion to the truth be enough to save George from himself?

The Dog That Saved Stewart Coolidge: A Novel
ISBN: 1455562548

FaithWords. 2015

A light-hearted love story about a young couple brought together by a four-legged bandit.
When a stray dog helps himself to a bone from a display in the supermarket, he doesn't know his actions will brand him a criminal and spark a romance between two humans. Stewart Coolidge works as a bag boy at the store, and his outraged boss offers a reward and demands Stewart catch the thieving animal. He fails at that, but now he finally has the perfect excuse to talk to his cute neighbor, Lisa.

Lisa has always dreamed of being a journalist and asks Stewart if she can interview him for the local paper. As she gets to know Stewart, she likes him more and more, and she's delighted to learn he shares her Christian faith. Stewart can't bring himself to tell her she's mistaken, that he's not religious at all. And that's not Stewart's only deception. When the dog shows up on the doorstep of their building, Stewart decides to harbor the furry fugitive. But this is no ordinary dog, he has a divine sense of how things should be--and recognizing how much Stewart needs Lisa, he decides to do all he can to bring them together.

The Dog That Whispered: A Novel
ISBN: 1455562564

FaithWords. 2016

Bestselling author Jim Kraus returns with a heartwarming tale about a dog who has people convinced he can talk.

Wilson Steele is a single professor and Vietnam veteran who likes living alone, insisting it's too late for him to have a family. His mother disagrees. When she impulsively adopts a rescued black lab mix, she insists Thurman is special, and has whispered of the coming of grandchildren. Wilson brushes the notion off as fantasy. When his mother learns of her retirement community's 'no pets' policy, she forces Wilson to take the lovable dog. Wilson notices Thurman's growls do sound like words, but he knows he's just projecting his own thoughts on the animal. If Wilson is talking to neighbors on their walks, and spending time with Emily, a widow with three children, it isn't because Thurman encouraged him. After all, everyone knows dogs can't talk...can they?

His Father Saw Him Coming
ISBN: 0842365885

Tyndale House Pub. 1995

Kraus provides a book of personal, devotional stories of God at work behind the scenes during his life--evidence that God has not been unattached or unconcerned about the details of our lives--a book that shows a great, powerful, and loving God at work.

The Silence: The End Is Near
ISBN: 1593101627

Barbour Publishing, Incorporated. 2004

Global catastrophes throw the world into mass panic...and virtual silence. A solar storm burns communication satellites and computers. Earthquakes shake North America. Is it the end of the world? Out of the chaos, Reverend Jerry Moses grows a tiny Illinois farm church into the "Garden of Eden," a cult-like community touting food as the new currency for a world gone silent. Tom Lyton, Megan Smith, and Peter Wilson embark on individual journeys that lead them to confront Moses' heretical teaching. This tantalizing, futuristic novel takes readers on a roller-coaster ride toward the truth as seen through the eyes of engaging characters. When global catastrophe sends the world into chaos and a small-town pastor unexpectedly rises to power, three believers journey to Illinois to challenge his claims.

The Micah Judgment
ISBN: 1589190742

David C. Cook. 2006

Hays Sutton's research unearths a virus unlike anything the world has ever seen, but before he can alert officials to the horrific danger, the samples vanish, along with all of his research.

While tracking down the virus and those responsible for its theft, Hays is faced with moral and spiritual issues that he can not resolve—lying, stealing, and endangering the lives of human beings within the terrorist network are just the beginning.

While he knows that such things are acceptable in a war, he is still deeply troubled by what he is forced to do. Is violence ever the right thing? Can God condone the killing of a few in order to save thousands of innocent lives?

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The Laugh-a-Day Book of Bloopers, Quotes & Good Clean Jokes
ISBN: 0800720865

Revell. 2012

Laughter is powerful medicine--and it's just plain fun. The Laugh-a-Day Book of Bloopers, Quotes & Good Clean Jokes brings together hundreds of the funniest bits of wit and humor to brighten anyone's day. From blunders like "For sale: Electric hospital bed, hardly used. No one died in it," to truisms like "The only thing worse than hearing the alarm clock in the morning is not hearing it," there's something to tickle everyone's funny bone.
Teachers, speakers, pastors, writers, and anyone who loves to laugh will enjoy this impressive collection of jokes, bulletin bloopers, and amusing quotes--enough for a whole year of laughter!

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