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General Information

Name:  Harold Brodkey  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: October 25, 1930 in Staunton, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Brodkey was born in Staunton, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Brodkey was an American author. He was a staff writer for ''The New Yorker''.

Selected Titles At Your Library

First love and other sorrows :
ISBN: 0805060103. OCLC Number:

H. Holt and Co.,. New York :. 1998.

In First Love and Other Sorrows, the young Brodkey chronicles the world of the educated and affluent middle class of the 1950s, at leisure and in love. He establishes themes that would appear throughout his career: the painful uncertainties of childhood and the halting intimacies of social life. This edition includes three never-before-collected stories, to complete an anthology of rare tenderness, humor, and haunting insight.

Women and angels /
ISBN: 0827602502. OCLC Number:

Jewish Publication Society of America,. Philadelphia :. 1985.

Series: The Author's Workshop.

Stories in an almost classical mode /
ISBN: 0679724311. OCLC Number:

Vintage Books,. New York :. 1989.

The runaway soul /
ISBN: 0374252866. OCLC Number:

. .

Profane friendship.
ISBN: 0374529736. OCLC Number:

Farrar, Straus & Giroux,. [Place of publication not identified] :. 2004.

This wild darkness :
ISBN: 0805048316. OCLC Number:

H. Holt,. New York :. 1996.

One day in the spring of 1993, author Harold Brodkey checked into a Manhattan emergency room unable to move and scarcely able to breathe. When he was later diagnosed with the AIDS virus, Brodkey greeted the devastating--and completely unexpected--news with an odd lightheartedness, a perverse fascination with his passage from the ranks of the living to the fraternity of the dying. As a novelist, he refused the fate that had been assigned to him: his acute editorial sensibility told him that he had been badly miscast as a condemned man. In This Wild Darkness, Brodkey, who died on January 26, 1996, examines his predicament with the same irony and lucidity he brought to his acclaimed fiction. Part journal, part memoir, part essay, this book offers a frank and profound exploration of Brodkey's sexuality, his relationships, and the slow, withering advance of his disease. A stirring self-portrait from one of our greatest men of letters, This Wild Darkness lends a fresh and heroic perspective to the subject of AIDS, death, and love.

The world is the home of love and death :
ISBN: 0805059997. OCLC Number:

Metropolitan Books,. New York :. [1998], ©1997.

My Venice /
ISBN: 0805048332. OCLC Number:

Metropolitan Books, H. Holt,. New York :. ©1998.

"Harold Brodkey first visited Venice in 1960, and his love of the city - its churches and vaporetti, its capacity to bewilder and seduce - brought him back time and again to the shores of the Adriatic in search of fresh inspiration. Brodkey's Venice is a city marked by powerful contrasts: solemn, fatalistic religiosity alongside exuberant mercantile optimism; pride beside humility; the sacred next to the profane. Illustrated with photographs by the renowned Italian photographer Giuseppe Bruno, My Venice combines passages from several of Brodkey's greatest works with previously unpublished notes and essays."--BOOK JACKET.

Sea battles on dry land :
ISBN: 0805060529. OCLC Number:

Metropolitan Books,. New York :. 1999.

"Sea Battles on Dry Land gathers the best of Harold Brodkey's essays into a single volume. His "One of the Rules of Foppishness" explains, with deadpan precision, just what men and women are trying to communicate to each other by the way they dress. The previously unpublished "Notes on American Fascism" eerily anticipates the violence of latter-day militia groups. And Brodkey's profile of Frank O'Hara's Harvard years stands as one of the most eloquent portraits of a legendary American writer."--Jacket.