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Name:  Loretta J. Brunious  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: N/A

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How Black Disadvantaged Adolescents Socially Construct Reality: Listen, Do You Hear What I Hear? (Children of Poverty)
ISBN: 0815332351

Routledge. 1999

In a pilot study applying Berger and Luckmann's social construction of reality framework, Brunious (Loyola U., Chicago) elicits perceptions about school, popular culture, and mass media from 20 Chicago inner- city black teens. Refuting the still prevalent myth that poor African- American youth suffe

Constructing Social Reality: Self Portraits of Poor Black Adolescents (Children of Poverty)
ISBN: 0415932599

Routledge. 2002

This book examines how black children who grow up in an impoverished environment construct their social reality, and why this process is a particulary critical factor in their perception and creation of self. It argues that black disadvantaged children develop a lifestyle and adopt values based on an identity grounded in racism, inequality, violence and poverty. "Constructing Social Relaity: Self Portraits of poor Black Adolescents" makes a valuable contribution to the scholarship by investigating the phenomena of poverty from cognitive, linguistic, and experiential persepctives in the lives of disadvantaged black adolescents.



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