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Name:  Sam Hill  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: Waycross, Georgia

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Sam resides in Winnetka.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sam Hill published his first novel, ''Buzz Monkey'', in the fall of 2003, and his second, ''Buzz Riff'' in 2004. He has also written or co-written non-fiction books including, ''Radical Marketing'', co-authored with Glenn Rifkin, which is now in its sixth printing and has been translated into seven languages. CNN called his book ''The Infinite Asset: Managing Brands to Build New Value'' "one of the best business books of the last two decades." Hill's articles and case studies have been published in numerous leading newspapers and magazines, including Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and the Financial Times.When he is not writing, Sam spends his time as a senior partner in a large management consulting firm, working with the CEO's of major corporations on strategic issues in forty plus countries.

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Titles At Your Library

Radical Marketing : From Harvard to Harley, Lessons From Ten That Broke the Rules and Made It Big
ISBN: 0887309054

HarperBusiness. 1999

How did the Grateful Dead use its fanatical following to build a $100 millionbrand that still thrives today? How did upstart Boston Beer Company—makers of Sam Adams—prevail over rival Anheuser-Busch without an advertising budget? And how did lams create the premium pet food market and leap from $16 million to $600 million in sales in just fifteen years, while charging twice the price of competitor Ralston-Purina? The answer: radical marketing.

In this fresh, provocative book, Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin identify the mar-keting strategies that have enabled ten innovative companies to emerge asindustry leaders. What do these organizations have in common? Each is intune emotionally with its customer base, allowing them to glean superior marketing insight without spending millions of dollars. Each is more focused on the big picture—growth and expansion—rather than short-term profits. And,despite their current success, each started out with little more than a passion for their product. Engrossing, informative, and invaluable, Radical Marketing demonstrates how any company, large or small, can achieve unprecedented success through inventive and revolutionary tactics.

The Infinite Asset: Managing Brands to Build New Value
ISBN: 1578512492

Harvard Business Review Press. 2001

Introduces a 3-D mapping tool - the brand portfolio molecule - that lets managers visualize elements of a brand and how they interact to create new value. This book argues that a company's brand portfolio must reflect how the target customer actually views the brand.

Sixty Trends In Sixty Minutes
ISBN: 0471225800

Wiley. 2002

A showcase of the sixty trends that will have the biggest impact on business in the next decade
In Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes (A Brandweek Book), top marketer Sam Hill, author of the bestselling Radical Marketing, highlights the trends that will have the biggest impact on marketing, brand management, and product development within the next decade. He separates the momentary fads from the lasting movements and reveals why trends matter, where they come from, and how to exploit them. He also describes the ten factors that will influence current trends and trends to come, such as exponential population growth, urbanization, interconnectedness, and the decreasing role of work in our lives. With these valuable insights in hand, business leaders will learn how to differentiate their product on the shelf, tap into specific markets, meet consumers' desires for "authentic" products, and much more. Hill also guides managers in conducting trend workshops identical to those offered by his consulting group at top-dollar prices. Timely, relevant, and global in its scope, this book offers entrepreneurs and managers new ideas and techniques for finding success today and in the future.

Buzz Monkey
ISBN: 0752876902

Orion. 2006

Top Kiernan has been doing all right. He owns Polymath, a thriving research firm that he runs from his home, a 1930s-era schoolhouse just outside of Athens, Georgia. He's got a bedroom in a basketball court, a drawer full of flannel shirts, and a splendid collection of spinning tops. He's also got a side-gig as a free-lance operative for a mercenary group, which sends him on periodic and often perilous errands to Latin America. Top can't live without the buzz, the adrenaline rush of being permanently on the edge - but he doesn't have very long to wait. When Top's long-time friend Dee Lane disappears suddenly, leaving $1.5 million hidden somewhere in Georgia, everyone thinks Top's got the stash. He finds himself the target of ambitious DEA men, a drug lord, an ex-IRA assassin, and a few others who want to get their hands on the money and will kill Top to do so. He knows it's going to take more than adrenaline to survive the manoeuvres of all the players in the dangerous game that this compelling, deftly plotted debut thriller brings to a stunning and explosive finish.

Buzz Riff
ISBN: 075287313X

Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd ). 2006

After his successful debut in Buzz Monkey, Top Kiernan is back. Only life in Athens, Georgia has grown more complicated. His former office manager (and ex-lover) has stolen half his clients and set up shop on her own. Top's no longer banking big bucks as an operative for Shaw’s Mercantile Marine, which has found his addiction to the adrenaline buzz a dangerous risk. He's six months behind in mortgage payments, and Fourth Federal is set to foreclose. So, for all his objections—the job’s too small, the client’s a racist—has no choice, really. He needs the twenty thousand. All he has to do is recover a Confederate battle flag—the one that stanched General “Stonewall” Jackson’s wounds when he was fatally shot on May 2, 1863, and in that instant became an American relic of incalculable value. Top’s search for the flag takes him and his friends on a raucous jaunt from Athens to the mansion of a multimillionaire stripper-turned-car-dealer to an armed compound in the Okefenokee Swamp to a tattoo convention. In between, they outwit and outrun obsessive collectors, bikers, ATF agents, the KKK, and more. It’s not exactly the way to beat an adrenaline habit.


Sam was honored at the 2004 & 2005 Illinois Authors Book Fair sponsored by the Illinois Center for the Book and the Illinois State Library in Springfield, Illinois.

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