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General Information

Name:  Olivia Diamond  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1947 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Diamond was born in Chicago and is a native of Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Diamond writes short stories, novels and poetry. In 1998 she moved to a writers retreat with her novelist husband, to a log house on forty acres bordering the Flathead National Forest near Whitefish, Montana. Her works include Women at the ''Women at the Well'', ''The Pluperfect Phantom'', ''Blue Angel'' and ''Land of the Four Quarters''. Today she does what all authors aspire to do--enjoy nature and write to her heart's content.

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Titles At Your Library

Women at the Well
ISBN: 0759628823

1st Book Library. 2001

In first person, sixty-one Old and New Testament women re-tell Biblical stories from their unique perspectives. In the pivotal poem of the collection, the Samaritan woman recalls her meeting with Jesus at the well years later as an old woman. Like her, all the women in these dramatic monologues yearn for that water which will become a wellspring from which eternal life will flow. Water, a typically feminine symbol, binds all these disparate voices, some strident and defiant, others humorous. The poems are arranged chronologically from Eve to Damaris. Crying defiance against the priesthood, Jezebel proudly defends her name, “Always a curse lisped between lips\I swear, of women-hating priests\who strive to suppress the feminine\No shame it is to be named Jezebel.” In a lighter vein, Mary of Bethany declares herself “the housewife’s patron saint\not my sister Martha dusting and polishing.\All you everyday housewives who would be holy\throw away your brooms, brushes and rag mops.\What profit a clean house when you lose your soul?” This collection of persona poems provides a refreshing, and sometimes shocking, counterpoint to the mostly male point-of-view the Bible affords. Women at the Well readers will hear Biblical women speak tougher and wittier words than Scripture allows. This edition revises and greatly expands the original collection of Women at the Well of 1989 and the second collection of 2001.

Land of the four quarters: A poetic history of the Incas
ISBN: 0890023220

Northwoods Press. 1994

The Pluperfect Phantom
ISBN: 0759628807

1st Book Library. 2001

“That was a clever hoax you tried to perpetuate. Aged the remains . . . stored her in a hundred-year old steamer trunk . . . deep-froze her in a snow bank . . .” Detective Morrison of the Chicago Police Department confronts Thad Majeski. At his wit’s end because a phantom has just abducted his current girlfriend back in time to 1893 Chicago, Thad is now accused of the murder of his ex-girlfriend. He must somehow transport himself to a bygone era, rescue Ottilia, and dispatch the ghost of the serial killer who has bedeviled him for several months. This is no ordinary haunting, for the chilling purpose of the ghostly visitations is to spirit women away in the present and murder them in past time. The charming psychopath is the shade of Chicago’s first documented serial killer, Dr. Herman Mudgett, alias H.H. Holmes.



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