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Name:  Phyllis Eisenstein  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: N/A

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Illinois Connection

Phyllis Eisenstein teaches Science Fiction writing at Columbia College of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Phyllis Eisenstein has been a professional writer since 1971, both on her own and in collaboration with her husband Alex. She has published 6 novels and thirty or so short stories, novelets, and novellas. She has been nominated twice each for the Hugo and the Nebula, the Science Fiction field's highest awards. Phyllis has also written a nonfiction book, Overcoming the Pain of Inflammatory Arthritis, which is about the use of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) for arthritis, a disease she has had all of her adult life. Phyllis is Editor-in-Chief and Autocrat of Spec-Lit.

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Titles At Your Library

Born to Exile (Arkham House Science Fiction Novel)
ISBN: 0870540823

Arkham House Pub. 1977

An orphan with supernatural powers, Alaric is made the King's minstrel, but becomes involved in the intrigues of Medron, the court magician

Shadow of Earth
ISBN: 0440180325

Dell Pub Co. 1979

In the Hands of Glory
ISBN: 0671833359

Pocket. 1981

In The Red Lord's Reach
ISBN: 0586217614

Grafton / Harper Collins. 1993

The Crystal Palace
ISBN: 0586207295

Grafton. 1992

1st edition paperback fine

Sorcerer's Son
ISBN: 0246135263

Grafton. 1990

Born in magic and raised with sorcery, Cray Ormoru dwelt in a world of happiness within the walls of Castle Spinweb.... Cray set out upon a journey which would take him from town to castle to a fortress of bronze, totally unprepared for the sorrows and dangers that lay ahead. For the fate of Cray's father would only be discovered in the light of demon fire...

Overcoming the Pain of Inflammatory Arthritis
ISBN: 0895298104

Avery. 1997

Explores the use of pantothenic acid as an alternative to the toxic anti-inflammatory pain-relieving drugs used to treat arthritis

Five Star Science Fiction/Fantasy - Night Lives: Nine Stories of the Dark Fantastic
ISBN: 0786249587

Five Star. 2003

From time-viewing to teleportation, from secret worlds to dream worlds, from the medieval to the modern, these stories explore the yearnings of the human heart. In these pages you will meet Edward, Jane, and Stephen, whose dreams are more real than their realities. You will journey with Alaric to the fortress in the Lake of Death, walk the seashore with Lydia in search of the great dark bird, and follow the blind man under the subway with Donnie and his father. You will pursue revenge with Tayis and heart's desire with the sleeping beauty's one true love.


Phyllis has been nominated twice each for the Hugo and the Nebula, the Science Fiction field's highest awards.

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