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Name:  Timothy Maga  

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Timothy Maga was an Oglesby Professor of American Heritage at Bradley University.

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John F. Kennedy and the New Pacific Community 1961-63
ISBN: 0312036396

Palgrave Macmillan. 1990

John F. Kennedy and New Frontier Diplomacy, 1961-1963
ISBN: 0894648292

Krieger Pub Co. 1994

Book by Maga, Timothy P.

The World of Jimmy Carter: U.S. Foreign Policy 1977-1981
ISBN: 0936285230

Univ of New Haven Pr. 1994

The Perils of Power: Crises in American Foreign Relations Since World War II
ISBN: 0936285257

University of New Haven Press. 1995

The Perils of Power examines some of the key elements in America's cold War policy-making.It does not represent a definitive work, nor does it pretend to be.

Hands Across the Sea?: U.S.-Japan Relations, 1961-1981
ISBN: 0821412108

Ohio University Press. 1997

In 1961, the U.S. economy and military remained unassailable in the eyes of the world. Within twenty years, America faced defeat in Vietnam and its economy had been shaken. Japan was now considered the great economic superpower, while the U.S. and Japan reversed roles as surplus and debtor nations. Hands across the Sea? examines this reversal of roles, determining how and why America and Japan became the post-World War II era's most argumentative allies.

Through extensive research in a number of presidential libraries and author interviews with both American and Japanese policy-makers, Professor Maga finds a U.S.-Japan relationship forever troubled by cultural misunderstanding, America's Cold War obsession, Japanese pride, and strangely conflicting goals in both trade and defense. Given the intensity of the arguments over some of these issues, it is remarkable that Washington and Tokyo continued a working dialogue during this critical time.

Hands across the Sea? represents the first in-depth study of the modern U.S.-Japan relationship. It especially discovers how serious the U.S.-Japan disagreements over trade, defense, the direction of the Cold War, nuclear policy, and the environment had become.

Whereas American observers of U.S.-Japan relations are quick to point out their fellow countrymen's ignorance of other cultures and Japan's brilliance in analyzing American policy and life, the evidence suggests otherwise. Steering far away from anyone's political correctness, this book's bottom line involves hard-hitting investigation and analysis.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Vietnam War
ISBN: 0028639499

Alpha Books. 2000

If you are too young to remember the Vietnam War, this book will give you a comprehensive view of the thirty-year conflict, a more complete story than you might get in your history textbook. It will satisfy the curiosity of those who want to know more about the history and culture of the United States during the sixites and seventies, and it will give older readers an unbiased reminder of their youth.

Judgment at Tokyo: The Japanese War Crimes Trials
ISBN: 0813121779

University Press of Kentucky. 2001

“They are plain, ordinary murderers,” cried Chief Prosecutor Joseph B. Keenan, and the court at the Tokyo War Crimes Trials believed him. As a result, Japanese officers and soldiers who conducted beheading demonstrations, engaged in unethical medical experiments, or even practiced cannibalism on POWs, were found guilty of the more prosecutable charge of murder. In the years since the Japanese war crimes trials concluded, the proceedings have been colored by charges of racism, vengeance, and guilt.

Tim Maga contends that despite these charges, the trials encompassed some of the most fascinating criminal cases of the twentieth century. Judgment at Tokyo is a bold reassessment of the trials, in which defendants ranged from lowly Japanese Imperial Army privates to former prime ministers. Maga shows that these were cases in which good law was practiced and that they changed the ways war crimes trials are approached today.

In contrast to Nuremberg, the efforts in Tokyo, Guam, and other locations throughout the Pacific received little attention by the Western press. Once the Cold War began and America needed Pacific allies, the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers throughout the 1930s and early 1940s were rarely mentioned. The trials were dismissed as phony justice and “Japan Bashing.”

Since the defendants did not represent a government for which genocide was a policy pursuit, their cases were more difficult to prosecute than those of Nazi war criminals. Keenan and his compatriots adopted criminal court tactics and established precedents in the conduct of war crimes trials that still stand today. Maga reviews the context for the trials, recounts the proceedings, and concludes that they were, in fact, decent examples of American justice and fair play.

America Attacks Japan: The Invasion That Never Was
ISBN: 0813122481

Univ Pr of Kentucky. 2002

Though the opening of the atomic age preempted the invasion, Maga (American heritage, Bradley U.) shows how it was planned and approved by US president Truman in June 1945. For too long, he says, historians have considered the plans a mere footnote to the story of the atomic bomb and Japanese surrender. He thinks it deserves military and historical analysis on its own merit. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

The 1960s (Eyewitness History (Hardcover))
ISBN: 0816048096

Facts on File. 2003

This is an examination of the 1960s, one of America's most tumultous historical periods. The people of the time speak for themselvews, describing events as they saw them, they include: Richard M. Nixon, Sargent Shriver, Robert McNamara Bill Bosby and John Lennon.



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