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Name:  John Kuenster  

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John Kuenster was a former staff writer and columnist with the Chicago Daily News, and still lives in a suburb of Chicago.

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Heartbreakers: Baseball's Most Agonizing Defeats
ISBN: 1566634121

Ivan R. Dee. 2001

Bobby Thomson's home run in the ninth to beat Brooklyn and give the Giants the 1951 National League pennant. Bill Mazeroski's ninth-inning homer for Pittsburgh to beat the Yankees in the 1960 World Series. The Mets' amazing 1969 stretch drive. It's the winners we remember in baseball's most dramatic episodes. But baseball being a game of inches, it's often a fine line between victory and defeat. Losing is unexpected, unpredictable, frequently a consequence of fickle fate. The game is designed to break your heart, Bart Giamatti said. In Heartbreakers, veteran baseball writer John Kuenster recalls fifteen of the game's most painful “disasters” of the last half-century and looks at them from the losers' point of view. With a reporter's skill and a fan's enthusiasm, he sets the scene for these memorable matchups, surveys the players who led each team to the big moment, and tells the story of the game and the emotions that can't be erased. He has interviewed key players who suffered the defeats, providing personal insights and sometimes surprising perspectives on the game action that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Heartbreakers offers a box seat for―and a fresh slant on―the replay of baseball's most thrilling games. With 50 black-and-white photographs.

At Home and Away: 33 Years of Baseball Essays
ISBN: 0786415592

McFarland Publishing. 2003

Over the course of his long career of covering major league baseball, numerous players, managers, umpires, and games, as well as unexpected and humorous events on and off the field, have made lasting impressions on John Kuenster.

This is a selection of essays Kuenster wrote for "Warm Up Tosses," the Baseball Digest column he has written every month since he became editor of the Digest in 1969. He shares his opinions and insights on managers in columns like "Casey Stengel Was One of a Kind" and "George Anderson Still ‘Sparky’ When Talking Baseball" history in "President Kennedy, No Stranger to Baseball" and "Baseball’s Brightest and Darkest Moments of 1900s" pitchers in "Here’s a Vote for Whitey Ford" and "Complete-Game Pitchers, A Disappearing Breed in the Majors" umpires in "Umps, Love ’em or Not, They’re Vital to the Game" infielders in "Derek Jeter, Cornerstone of Recent Yankee Championships" and "Third Basemen, Crucial to Winning but Often Overlooked" outfielders in "Please, No ‘Soft Pitches’ for Hank Aaron" and "Barry Bonds Had a Season for the Ages" and catchers in "Many Catchers Struggling through Learning Process". Also included are some of Kuenster’s columns about scouts and coaches, team executives, hitting, baseball in general, teams, ball parks, the World Series, humor, and Hall of Famers.

Remembrances of the Angels: 50th Anniversary Reminiscences of the Fire No One Can Forget
ISBN: 1566638003

Ivan R. Dee. 2008

On a terrible day in December 1958, one of the deadliest fires in American history took the lives of ninety-two children and three nuns at Our Lady of the Angels school in Chicago. The tragedy shocked the nation, tore apart a community with grief and anger, left many families physically and psychologically scarred for life, and prompted a mystery unresolved to this day. It also led to a complete overhaul of fire safety standards for American schools. The story of that fire was eloquently told ten years ago by John Kuenster and David Cowan in their best-selling book To Sleep with the Angels. Now, on the fiftieth anniversary of the fire, John Kuenster returns to talk with firemen, parents, children, reporters, clergy, school administrators, and others who were in some way connected with the disaster. Together their thoughts and feelings about their experience, still vivid and tender after a half-century, make Remembrances of the Angels a moving and often tearful book.



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