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General Information

Name:  John David Ruemmler  

Pen Name: Courtney Bishop


Audience: Young Adult; Children; Children;

Born: Granite City, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

John lived in Illinois for almost 30 years.

Biographical and Professional Information

In addition to his writing, John has worked as a public school teacher, a billing clerk, and a steelworker.

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Titles At Your Library

Mirkwood, 2nd Edition (MERP/Middle Earth Role Playing)
ISBN: 1558062467

Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). 1995

Mirkwood is a reprint of the 1988 ICE campaign module titled Mirkwood, The Wilds of Rhovanion. This reprint as a realm piece features the excellence of the previous bestseller along with a number of new floorplans and illustrations. Mirkwood includes complete stats for MERP, the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, and Rolemaster.

Rangers of the North (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP)
ISBN: 0915795221

Iron Crown Enterprises. 1985

To the east the Witch-King of Angmar is poised like a hungry wolf, anxious to devour the last remaining Dunedain Kingdom. Against this threat stand a few whose noble heritage is obscured by the course clothing of the frontier. A secretive, wandering people are these Rangers woodwise as Elves. Tutored by the Wizard Gandalf, and using birds and beasts as their agents, they guard and protect the eastern borders against the forces of Darkness.

Tolkien Quest: Night of the Nazgul
ISBN: 0425086852

Berkley Publishing Group. 1985

Vintage paperback

Brothers in Arms
ISBN: 1558020292

Lynx Books. 1988

As Virginia prepares for war in 1860, the Parson family is divided by the conflict between brothers Jacob and Ethan, the first a traditional southerner, the second an abolitionist, and the desire they share for Caitlin Stuart

Smoke on the Water: A Novel of Jamestown and the Powhatans
ISBN: 1558702393

Shoe Tree Pr. 1992

Near Jamestown in 1622, a young English boy and the son of a Powhatan Indian chief find themselves caught up in the growing animosity between their peoples


Eaton Literary Award, 1988, for Hitler Does Hollywood

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