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Name:  Marilyn Pocius  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: Chicago

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Biographical and Professional Information

Marilyn Pocius has been is a writer, cook and Pocius does market tours, food demos and consulting for a variety of organizations, including Edible Chicago,her business venture with partner, Julie Gibson Lay.

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A Cook's Guide to Chicago
ISBN: 189312147X

Lake Claremont Press. 2006

This is not a cookbook.
It’s a cook’s book!

· Hunting for truffle oil?
· Have a recipe you’d love to try if only you knew where to buy masa harina or garam masala?
· Been meaning to get those knives sharpened?
· Want to visit the exotic markets of Korea or Vietnam without getting on an airplane?
· Interested in tasting the flavor of fresh turmeric, or daring a sniff of the infamous durian?

It’s all right under your nose if you know where to look. A Cook’s Guide to Chicago takes you on a tasty romp through gourmet shops, ethnic supermarkets, chef’s equipment stores, and much more. Follow author Marilyn Pocius as she divulges the shortcuts to finding what you need and introduces you to new worlds of flavor that are waiting just outside your door.

Pocius shares the culinary expertise she acquired in chef school and through years of footwork around the city searching for the perfect ingredients and supplies. Each section includes store listings, cooking tips, and "Top 10 ingredients" lists to give readers a jump start on turning their kitchens into workshops of worldly cuisine. And don’t fret, there are recipes, too.

Where to find everything you need, and lots of things you didn’t know you did!

Grilling Bible
ISBN: 1412721555

Publications International, Ltd.. 2005

More than just a cookbook with recipes, The Grilling Bible is an all-in-one guide to successful grilling. With comprehensive guidelines for foolproof grilling, from choosing the right grill for your cooking style to mastering advanced tools and techniques, The Grilling Bible answers your questions and provides invaluable tips.The Grilling Fundamentals section contains essential marinating, cooking, smoking, and safety information. With dozens of charts, tips, and photos and an invaluable grilling glossary, it covers everything you need to know about grilling. The Grilling Bible helps you:Choose the best grill for your budget and decide whether a gas grill or charcoal grill is better suited to your needsBuild the right fire the safest way and determine the correct heat level Determine the best cuts of meat, poultry, and fish, and learn how long they should cookUse marinades, rubs, and sauces successfully to



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