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Name:  Hal Higdon  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Born: 1931 in Chicago,Illinois


Illinois Connection

Hal was born and raised in Chicago and attended the University of Chicago's Laboratory School, where he began his running career.

Biographical and Professional Information

Hal Higdon is a writer and runner, who has written over 30 books, including books for children.

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Titles At Your Library

The Electronic Olympics
ISBN: 0030802245

Henry Holt & Company, Inc.. 1971

Opposed to mechanized sports events, a young photographer and his friend try to foil the computerized Olympic games in which the athletes are programmed.

The Complete Diet Guide for Runners and Other Athletes.
ISBN: 0890370907

MacMillan Publishing Company. 1978

Fitness, Runners, Diet

Boston, a Century of Running: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Boston Athletic Association Marathon
ISBN: 0875962831

Rodale Books. 1995

Celebrates the one-hundredth anniversary of the prestigious race with behind-the-scenes accounts from the people involved, never-before-published photographs from every decade, an original course map, and much more. Serial rights, Runner's World.

Hal Higdon's How to Train: The Best Programs, Workouts, And Schedules For Runners Of All Ages
ISBN: 0875963528

Rodale Books. 1997

The Fast Path To Running Success

If you have a running goal, How to Train can help you achieve it-- faster, easier, smarter. Drawing on the collective wisdom of the world's top coaches, trainers, and athletes, Hal Higdon provides time-tested programs and workouts for all levels of runners with every conceivable goal. Featuring more than 100 charts and schedules to conquer any running challenge, How to Train is an indispensable reference that you will use for as long as you own running shoes.

Some of what you'll find inside:

* A 35-day program to get you started
* Fitness walking and racewalking schedules
* 5-K routines for the first-timer or more advanced runner
* Greg Meyer's program for the 25-K
* Running schedules exclusively for women
* How to compete in marathons just weeks apart
* Vern Gambetta's strength-training routine
* Routines for coming back from injuries
* Benji Durden's 84-week schedule for advanced marathoners
* Ultramarathon schedules up to 100-K
* The latest methods and workouts for aquarunning
* A triple-threat program for the triathlon
* Workouts for track, summer cross-country, and girls' cross country
* A fun program to get children involved in running
* Tips on how to run in hot and cold weather

Hal Higdon's Smart Running: Expert Advice On Training, Motivation, Injury Prevention, Nutrition And Good Health
ISBN: 0875965350

Rodale Books. 1998

Your running questions answered.

As the expert on Runner's World magazine's Web site, Hal Higdon receives nearly 1,000 questions a month from runners around he world. Questions from how to heal shinsplints to how to use running to safely shed pounds. Hal taps into 40 years of running experience and a wide network of exercise scientists and doctors to bring readers sound advice. And in Hal Higdon's Smart Running, he brings this same experience and knowledge to new and veteran runners.

You'll discover:

* How to fit running into a busy lifestyle
* What the best program is to lose weight
* How to run a faster 5-K
* How to motivate yourself to exercise consistently
* If you are ready to run a marathon
* What the best types of running shoes are
* What the difference is between muscle soreness and an injury
* What to eat before a race
* How to run safely at night
* How much cross-training should be in your running program
* If you should run less as you get older
* How to train for a marathon
* If your diet should be high in carbohydrates
* How much speedwork should be in your workouts
* What the newest fabrics in running clothes are

Leopold and Loeb: The Crime of the Century
ISBN: 0252068297

University of Illinois Press. 1999

Among the criminal celebrities of Prohibition-era Chicago, two well-educated Jewish boys from wealthy South Side families were notorious. Revealing secret testimony, this book separates fact from myth as it unravels the crime, the investigation, and the trial, in which they were defended by the era's famous attorney, Clarence Darrow.

Run Fast: How to Beat Your Best Time - Every Time
ISBN: 1579542697

Rodale Books. 2000

Train for Speed...Feel Great!

Are you looking for better race times, whether you run 5-Ks or marathons? Searching for that ultimate, exhilarating moment when you're running faster than ever before? Or do you just want to get healthy and have more fun when you run?

You can run faster, and this book will show you how. Much more than a training guide, this classic volume-- completely revised and updated for runners of every caliber-- spells out a complete program to help you increase your speed, improve your times, and motivate yourself to achieve your running goals. You'll see how to:

* Shave time off your Personal Record
* Make speedwork count-- and avoid the risk of associated pain and injuries
* Make the most of limited training time
* Build more muscle to boost your speed
* Achieve a smooth stride and an efficient, economical running form
* Listen to yourself and be your own best coach

You'll discover magic workouts that both improve your speed and make training fun. And, if you've taken an exercise break, you'll see how to get back in shape and back on track, with faster times than ever before.

Packed with stories and tips from coaches, record holders, and average runners alike, Run Fast by Hal Higdon is brimming with inspiration. Experience the thrill of better race times, the satisfaction of running strong, and the sheer joy that comes from running faster than ever before.

Run, Dogs, Run!
ISBN: 0963634631

Roadrunner Press. 2003

Run Dogs Run! was created by author Hal Higdon and cartoonist Dana Summers for beginning readers, aged three to eight. The 56-page book combines Summers’ art featuring funny dogs doing whacky things with Higdon’s tightly written captions. The book is aimed at children, whose parents may be runners, but any runner or dog-lover will love to have a copy of Run, Dogs, Run! on his or her coffee table.

Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
ISBN: 1594861994

Rodale Books. 2005

With over 50% new material, this category killer is sure to go the distance

When the previous edition of Hal Higdon's superb training guide appeared, Grete Waitz, 9-time winner of the New York City Marathon, cheered: "Higdon's years of marathoning experience come through in this practical book. Aspiring or veteran marathoners will benefit enormously from its proven guidance."

This new edition focuses on first marathoners, women runners, and those new to the sport

and as always, Higdon shows how to build up mileage and gives advice on running long, speedwork for distance runners, defensive running strategies, and planning for peak performance.

The Gigantic Book of Running Quotations
ISBN: 160239251X

Skyhorse Publishing. 2008

With over 3,000 pieces of wit and wisdom from runners famous and humble, here is an important running resource and a great gift for any runner. George Sheehan, a celebrated running writer, philosopher, and physician, once wrote, "The more I run, the more certain I am that I am heading for my real goal: to become the person I am." Today, many runners—whether they are training for the Olympics or whether they fit runs into their lunch hours—would agree that for them the sport is much more than a way to stay in shape. Their running defines who they are and leads them to achieve goals that they might never have thought possible. This tremendous collection of wisdom captures the spirit and passion of those who run in over 3,000 entries, covering topics such as training, gear, running philosophy, and running in youth and old age. The Gigantic Book of Running Wisdom will inspire everyone from seasoned marathoners to running novices. It includes thoughts from famous athletes, writers, politicians, and more, including Percy Cerutty, Carl Lewis, Tom Brokaw, David Letterman, William Shakespeare, Farrah Fawcett, Emil Zátopek, Bill Rodgers, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sebastian Coe, Bill Clinton, Grete Waitz, Roger Bannister, and hundreds of others. The one thing they all have in common is their understanding that, as Amby Burfoot put it, "As we run, we become." 16 b/w illustrations. "You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming."—Frank Shorter "I love the feeling of freedom in running, the fresh air, the feeling that the only person I'm competing with is me."—Wilma Rudolph

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