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Name:  Junius Peter Jr. Rodriguez  

Pen Name: Junius Rodriguez


Born: 1957 in Thibodaux, Louisiana


Illinois Connection

Junius has been a professor at Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois since 1997.

Biographical and Professional Information

Junius Rodriguez is Associate Professor of History at Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois. He specializes in African-American history and has done extensive research on slave rebellions. He received the Helen Cleaver Distinguished Teaching Award in 1997.

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Titles At Your Library

The Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery (2 Volume Set)
ISBN: 0874368855

ABC-CLIO. 1997

The first work of its kind to document slavery on a global scale, The Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery is a two volume set that provides an in depth portrayal of human bondage and the slave trade from ancient times to the present.

• Presents 700 topics of world slavery in 500 to 1,500 word entries that are extensively cross referenced with bibliographical citations for further research

• Biographies portray the lives of notable figures such as Harriet Tubman, Mansa Musa, Laroslav the Wise

• 100 illustrations, with maps accompanying core essays involving specific geographic locations

Chronology of World Slavery
ISBN: 0874368847

ABC-CLIO. 1999

Chronology of World Slavery combines multiple chronologies, sidebars on specialized topics, primary source documents, and gripping illustrations into a compelling portrayal of slavery from the dawn of civilization to the present. Organized by geographic region and time period, this work enables readers to gain a quick understanding of how long slavery has been part of human life and where it has occurred.

Chronology of World Slavery is the ideal companion to The Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery (ABC-CLIO, 1997). Together, these works span all world cultures and time periods to examine humankind's most perplexing―and persistent―historical issue.

The Louisiana Purchase: A Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia
ISBN: 157607188X

ABC-CLIO. 2002

In one easy-access resource, The Louisiana Purchase brings together the work of over 100 experts covering historical figures, relevant legal and historical concepts, states that formed in the new territory, frontier outposts, and the Native Americans uprooted by expansion westward. The book examines every aspect and consequence of Thomas Jefferson's momentous transaction: the largest real estate deal in American history.

Readers will learn how the purchase made Manifest Destiny really seem like destiny

how it sparked the rise of America's urban industrial society and inflamed passions over the expansion of slavery

and how it triggered tragic conflicts between the government and Native Americans as well as immeasurable environmental damage. Ideal for students, historians, and public and private libraries, the Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive reference ever compiled on an event so central to the American experience that it seems to lie at the heart of everything triumphant and tragic in our history.

Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance and Rebellion [2 volumes]: Greenwood Milestones in African American History
ISBN: 0313332711

Greenwood. 2006

Slaves fought against their subhuman treatment in myriad ways, from passive resistance to armed insurrection. They defined their sense of self and shared humanity through an unquenchable desire to seek freedom from their oppressors. The variety of methods used by slaves to resist the institution that sought to subjugate them indicates the immense fiction that they were lesser creatures animated only by brutish instinct. The many acts of slave resistance and rebellion essentially defined the humanity of the slave. This encyclopedia details how slaves struggled against their bondage, highlights key revolts, and delves into important cultural and religious ideas that nurtured slaves' hunger for freedom. Though the primary focus is North America, the work's scope also includes the immensely important slave resistance developments in the Caribbean and South America. Selected studies of slave resistance from classical antiquity will also be considered in this work.

Encyclopedia of Emancipation and Abolition in the Transatlantic World (3 Volume Set)
ISBN: 0765612577

Routledge. 2007

The struggle to abolish slavery is one of the grandest quests - and central themes - of modern history. These movements for freedom have taken many forms, from individual escapes, violent rebellions, and official proclamations to mass organizations, decisive social actions, and major wars. Every emancipation movement - whether in Europe, Africa, or the Americas - has profoundly transformed the country and society in which it existed. This unique A-Z encyclopedia examines every effort to end slavery in the United States and the transatlantic world. It focuses on massive, broad-based movements, as well as specific incidents, events, and developments, and pulls together in one place information previously available only in a wide variety of sources. While it centers on the United States, the set also includes authoritative accounts of emancipation and abolition in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. "The Encyclopedia of Emancipation and Abolition" provides definitive coverage of one of the most significant experiences in human history. It features primary source documents, maps, illustrations, cross-references, a comprehensive chronology and bibliography, and specialized indexes in each volume, and covers a wide range of individuals and the major themes and ideas that motivated them to confront and abolish slavery.

Slavery in the Modern World [2 volumes]: A History of Political, Social, and Economic Oppression
ISBN: 185109783X

ABC-CLIO. 2011

This work is the first encyclopedia on the labor practices that constitute modern-day slavery―and the individuals and organizations working today to eradicate them.

• 450 entries on slavery practices and antislavery efforts, with coverage of Anti-Slavery International (ASI), Kevin Bales, the Bonded Labor Liberation Front (BLLF), debt bondage, the Laogai system, and more

• 125 expert contributors from around the world, many among them key players in the fight to stop slave practices

• 60 primary source documents, including official United Nations documents, antislavery legislation from various nations, and brief autobiographical accounts

• A chronology highlighting the key events in the development of modern-day slavery

• Maps, including a global map showing where modern-day slavery persists, and maps of various "hot spots", including Sudan, Mauritania, Pakistan, China, etc.

• An exhaustive bibliography guiding readers to the available literature on contemporary slavery


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