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Name:  Sophia Zufa  

Pen Name: 

Genre: Non-Fiction

Born: N/A


Illinois Connection

Zufa lives in New Lenox, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sophia Zufa is the author of ''Why God Has Gray Hair'', a collection of short stories about attending Catholic parochial school in the pre-Vatican II era, when all the teachers were nuns and the pastor was held in only slightly lesser esteem than the Pope. Most of the pieces in the book are humouous, and some are downright hilarious. Yet a few will touch you with a poignancy that aims straight for the heart. Reviewers have praised the book with commments such as "pure enjoyment", "charming stories that had me laughing out loud", and "a truly enjoyable read-don't pass this on up." Her newest book, ''St. Michael the Archangel's Washboard Band'', is a story based on a true incident from her youth.'''From the author's website:'''I have been writing since the third grade, when I won an essay contest.First prize was a pink, glass-beaded rosary. That little victory inspired me to continue along the path I had chosen, which was the pursuit of a writing career. My teacher, sister Mary Irmengarde, was my mentor and encouraged me to stay the course in spite of the obstacles that might lie ahead. So in spite of the detours, bumps, and tortuous turns along the way, I kept on writing. My output, so far, is a published novella, a batch of articles and short stories, and about ten novels that died a-borning.''Why God Has Gray Hair'' is a collection of resurrected memories of my years as a student in a Catholic parochial school, nurtured, instructed, and guided by the teaching Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict, some of them not much older than the children they were appointed to teach. I went through the entire eight year curriculum bearing no visible scars, actually grateful for the experience. Today, three quarters of a lifetime later, I am still writing, and so far have never been sued, slandered, or had any of my work plagiarized (darn it).At present I write a humor article for the newspaper, ''Senior Connection.''

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Titles At Your Library

Why God Has Gray Hair
ISBN: 1590801466

Echelon Press. 2002

Those were the days! Pre Vatican II, Sister Hedwig, and Father Thaddeus.

Step back in time to the elementary days of the 1930's in parochial school.

Sophia Zufa offers an insightful, and more times than not, humorous retelling of her youthful days. Meet neighbors, friends, and family, in the sharp-witted and emotionally inspiring collection of tales born of experience.

Sophia Zufa will make you laugh and bring a lump to your throat with her stories and anecdotes.

ISBN: 1601459866

Schiel and Denver. 2009

Set in 1970s Berlin, Wilhelm Weber is blackmailed into selling classified documents to an East German Intelligence Agency. Striving to justify his actions, he cannot foresee the devastating consequences, or realize that from the beginning - he was a marked man.


-- Sophia was honored at the 2004 & 2005 Illinois Authors Book Fair sponsored by the Illinois Center for the Book and the Illinois State Library in Springfield, Illinois.