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Name:  Melody Herr  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: Ephrata, PA

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Summer of Discovery
ISBN: 0803273622

Bison Books. 2006

"A flashing black cloud rolled across the Nebraska prairie. Gaining speed, it rushed on the town. Dave never saw the storm coming."

It is May 1939. David Fletcher is fourteen years old and living in dustbowl Nebraska. He and his buddy Ben Watson are determined to become archaeologists. Their ambitions are jump-started when the mysterious Mr. Daley arrives in their small town, hot on the trail of strange, giant arrowheads discovered by a gang of road workers. With Mr. Daley as mentor and guide, David and Ben spend the summer exploring the past.

As the boys unearth the story of the Great Plains peoples, from the Ice Age hunters through the final days of the Indian Wars, their adventures become an introduction to the complex interactions between human culture and the natural world. Rich with details about the ways in which archaeologists reconstruct the past, Summer of Discovery is as informative as it is entertaining, offering an insider's look at this captivating field through the eyes of two engaging beginners.

Mexican Immigrants in America: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose: History)
ISBN: 1429628650

Capstone Press. 2008

Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what side youre on and what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to survival or to death.In the You Choose Books set, only YOU can CHOOSE which path you take through history. What will it be?Get ready for an adventure

Exploring the New World: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose: History)
ISBN: 1429617640

Capstone Press. 2008

Describes the exploration of North America in the times of explorers Christopher Columbus, Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, and Sieur de La Salle. The reader's choices reveal the historical details from the perspective of a sailor or a Taino Indian during Columbus' voyage in 1492, a Spanish adventurer or a Zuni Indian during Coronado's 1540 expedition, and a member of Sieur de La Salle's expedition down the Mississippi River in 1682.

The Slave Trade (World Black History)
ISBN: 1432923846

Heinemann. 2009

Why did European traders go to Africa for slaves? How did runaway slaves survive in remote swamps and jungles? What African leaders resisted the slave trade? World Black History tells the incredible history of black men and women around the world. This volume covers black history from 1440 through 1770.

African Roots (World Black History)
ISBN: 1432923838

Heinemann. 2009

How did the Nubians take control of ancient Egypt? What legend tells how a snake caused the fall of a great kingdom? When were Christianity and Islam first introduced to Africa? World Black History tells the incredible history of black men and women around the world. This volume covers black history from prehistory through 1440.

Sitting for Equal Service: Lunch Counter Sit-Ins, United States, 1960s (Civil Rights Struggles Around the World)
ISBN: 0822589702

Twenty-First Century Books. 2010

"We were hoping [the sit-in] would catch on and it would spread throughout the country, but it went even beyond our wildest imagination."―Ezell Blair Jr., North Carolina Agricultural & Technical college student

On February 1, 1960, four black college students sat down at the whites-only lunch counter in a Woolworth's department store in Greensboro, North Carolina. The young men knew the waitress couldn't take their order because of the store's segregationist policies. But the young men hadn't come to eat―they had come to make a peaceful stand for equality.

At this time in the southern United States, a long-standing tradition of segregation prohibited blacks from sharing public spaces―schools, swimming pools, hotels, waiting rooms, bathrooms, and restaurants―with whites. The Greensboro students were inspired by previous sit-in protests, and they decided to sit at the lunch counter day after day, refusing to leave until they received service.

In this story of individual courage and determination, we'll see how the Greensboro sit-in ignited the fight for African American civil rights among thousands of fellow students―both black and white―and triggered sit-ins at segregated lunch counters throughout the South. We'll also learn how the sit-in spurred other group protests, such as the Freedom Rides, and how the protestors' efforts eventually led to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, forbidding segregation in public facilities across the nation.



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