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General Information

Name:  Dennis Bartizal  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1954 in Chicago, Illinois


Illinois Connection

Bartizal was born in Chicago. He has lived in Berwyn and Westchester and currently resides in Glendale Heights.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dennis Bartizal is a computer programmer who wrote and read his works in coffee houses while in college. He is now doing so again.

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Titles At Your Library

Kafka Can Wait
ISBN: 1520941420

Independently published. 2017

This is a collection of my philosophical, sociological, and political ponderings written in a satirical or poetic state of mind ranging from personally biographical, to currently observational, through futuristic science fiction pieces expressing my views, worries, hopes, and dreams.

Thrown In A New Dimension
ISBN: 1521726876

Independently published. 2017

Take a look at the painting. There he is, the lonely working stiff, fresh out of college, on his train to nowhere. Is nowhere a vacuum? The vacuum of space. Is it drawing him in with more pull than the hand clasp of a friendship? Is it engulfing him stronger than the pulls on his heart strings? Are the dimensions there, right in front of his eyes? Or does he have to abandon existence to face reality?

A Chance Of Mars
ISBN: 1549977768

Independently published. 2017

I needed a new life. My family needed a new life. Earth needed a new life. I got a wife. I got to know my family. We got to know Mars. Working with our wants, working with our needs, we gained a new chance, a chance at life, a Chance of Mars.

The Photon And The Dog -- 2017
ISBN: 1976766656

Independently published. 2017

Our world is made up of many dimensions. We are part of this world, whether we can acknowledge it or not. I am built on the many parts that surround me. Some of those parts are built on me. I like science fiction, humor, philosophy, and other genres. Every few days I post a short story of mine. These are my stories for 2017