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Name:  John J. Kao  

Pen Name: John Kao

Genre: Non-Fiction

Born: December 14, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois

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He was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kao is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, film producer, and theatre producer.

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Three millennia of Chinese psychiatry (Monograph series - Institute for Advanced Research in Asian Science and Medicine)
ISBN: 0933870027

Institute for Advanced Research in Asian Science and Medicine. 1979

Has also been signed by the author to the previous owner of the book, .. little soiling on front softcover.. 179 pages.. ships out same day or next to you

Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Organization: Text, Cases, and Readings
ISBN: 0132830116

Prentice Hall. 1989

1989 by Prentice Hall.

The Entrepreneur
ISBN: 0132823101

Prentice Hall. 1990

Kao presents the essential skills, attitudes and concepts perspectives needed to bring ideas into fruition as ongoing enterprises. This volume focuses specifically on the entrepreneur, using case studies based on such figures as Peter Ueberroth, Ted Turner, Akira Kimishima, Charles Leighton, and others. In examining the personality and role of accomplished entrepreneurs, it covers the essential tasks involved with breathing life into an enterprise and also examines entrepreneurship as a career. Kao imparts a fascination with those people whose zeal and passion make the difference between business success and failure. The Entrepreneur, part two of a three part series, is the offspring of Entrepreneurship Creativity and Organization: Text, Cases, and Readings. It presents a perspective which experience has found to be essential for both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers. For the past six years, Kao has taught this material, which is based on extensive field research in an acclaimed second-year elective course in the Harvard Business School MBA program. Managing Creativity, the first book in this series, addresses the process by which creative ideas are generated by individuals and organizations. The third book, The Entrepreneurial Organization, examines the process by which enterprises evolve from birth through maturity, and the dilemmas they must address in successfully making such transitions.

The Entrepreneurial Organization
ISBN: 0132823284

Prentice Hall. 1990

Managing Creativity: Text, Cases & Readings
ISBN: 013556705X

Prentice Hall. 1991

The New Business of Design
ISBN: 1880559382

Allworth Press. 1997

The International Design Conference in Aspen. Taken from the forty-fifth annual International Design Conference in Aspen, this collection of essays by well-known names within and beyond the field of design examines questions of the domain of the design profession, the effect of new technologies, and how the business can be shaped to be vital and effective in new roles. The International Design Conference in Aspen is the world's major forum for exploring ideas about design. Its participants have included the foremost practitioners in the arts, business, and science.

Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity
ISBN: 0887308643

HarperBusiness. 1997

In today's competitive environment, creativity is no longer an option. Companies that understand how to manage creativity in their people, organize for creative results and willingly implement good new ideas will triumph.

In Jamming, John Kao also offers an approach that demystifies a topic traditionally confounding to businesspeople everywhere. He begins by showing how creativity, like the musical discipline of jazz, has a vocabulary and a grammar. It is a process, and because of that it can be observed, analyzed, understood, replicated, taught and managed. He explains how creativity needs a particular environment in which to blossom and grow. Like musicians in a jam session, a group of businesspeople can take an idea, challenge one another's imagination and produce an entirely new set of possibilities. Kao reveals how managers can stimulate creativity in their employees, explores the impact of information technology on creativity, looks at the globalization of creativity and shows how to ensure the loyalty of people who design, build and deliver today's vital products and services.

Innovation Nation: How America Is Losing Its Innovation Edge, Why It Matters, and What We Can Do to Get It Back
ISBN: 1416532684

Free Press. 2007

Not long ago, Americans could rightfully feel confident in our preeminence in the world economy. The United States set the pace as the world's leading innovator: from the personal computer to the internet, from Wall Street to Hollywood, from the decoding of the genome to the emergence of Web 2.0, we led the way and the future was ours. So how is it, bestselling author and leading expert on innovation John Kao asks, that today Finland is the world's most competitive economy? That U.S. students rank twenty-fourth in the world in math literacy and twenty-sixth in problem-solving ability? That in 2005 and 2006 combined, in a reverse brain drain, 30,000 highly trained professionals left the United States to return to their native India?

Even as the United States has lost standing in the world community because of the war in Iraq, Kao warns, the country is losing its edge in economic leadership as well. The future of our prosperity, and of our national security, is at serious risk. But it doesn't have to be this way. Based on his in-depth experience advising many of the world's leading companies and studying cutting-edge innovation "best practices" in the most dynamic hot spots of innovation both in the United States and around the world, Kao argues that the United States still has the capability not only to regain our competitive edge, but to take a bold step out ahead of the global community and secure a leadership role in the twenty-first century. We must, though, take serious and concerted action fast.

First offering a stunning, troubling portrait of just how serious is the erosion in recent years of U.S. competitiveness in innovation, Kao then takes readers on a fascinating tour of the leading innovation centers, such as those in Singapore, Denmark, and Finland, which are trumping us in their more focused and creative approaches to fueling innovation. He then lays out a groundbreaking plan for a national innovation strategy that would empower the United States to actually innovate the process of innovation: to marshal our vast resources of talent and infrastructure in the particular ways that his studies of innovation have shown lead to transformative results.

Innovation Nation is vital reading for all those Americans who are troubled by the great challenges the United States faces in the ever-more-competitive economy of our twenty-first-century world.

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