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Name:  Theodore W Jennings  

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Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. is Professor of Biblical and Constructive Theology at the Chicago Theological Seminary.

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Jacob's Wound: Homoerotic Narrative in the Literature of Ancient Israel
ISBN: 0826417124

Continuum. 2005

The very suggestion that there may be homoeroticism in Hebrew narrative may seem odd given the supposition that the religion and culture of ancient Israel resolutely opposed same sex erotic relationships. The apparent prohibition of homosexuality in Leviticus and the story of Sodom from Genesis have been made to speak for the whole Hebrew Bible. The oddity of this situation has not been lost on some interpreters who have recognized that the story of Sodom tells us no more about attitudes toward what we call homosexuality than the story of the rape of Dina tells us about attitudes toward heterosexuality.

Prof. Jennings says that the well-known eroticism of the Hebrew Bible is not confined to heterosexuality but also includes an astonishing diversity of material that lends itself to homoerotic interpretation.

In Part one, Jennings examines saga materials associated with David. It is no innovation to detect in the David and Jonathan's relationship at least the outline of a remarkable love story between two men. What becomes clear, however, is that the tale is far more complex than this since it involves Saul and is set within a context of a warrior society that takes for granted that male heroes will be accompanied by younger or lower status males. Thus the complex erotic connections between David and Saul and David and Jonathan play out against the backdrop of a context of "heroes and pals."

The second type of same sex relationship explored has to do with shamanistic forms of eroticism in which the sacral power of the holy man is both a product of same sex relationship and expressed through same sex practice. This section deals with Samuel and Saul and Elijah and Elisha. These are not warriors but persons whose sacral power is also erotic power that may find expression in erotic practices with persons of the same sex.

The third type of same sex relationship discusses we now call transgendered persons, especially males, and their erotic relationship to (other) males. Here the book explores the transgendering of Israel by several prophets who use this device to explore the adultery and promiscuity that they wish to attribute to Israel, as well as the story of Joseph.

The Insurrection of the Crucified
ISBN: 0913552658

Imprintbooks. 2003

"At last, a commentary that dares to imagine Mark was addressed to us! Jennings' social, economical, political, and personal commentary matches the nature of Mark's own efforts to shock readers out of their religious and cultural frames of reference and to embrace the radical realm of justice ushered in by Jesus' proclamation of the reign of God. Ted Jennings uses every Markan story as an opportunity to preach the radical gospel of God's international dominion of justice. His commentary allows Mark to shake us out of our specious efforts to secure ourselves and to confront us with the radical call to live for the poor, oppressed, and the marginalized. Preachers, students, biblical scholars and theologians will want to read this book." - David M. Rhoads, Professor of New Testament Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Plato or Paul?: The Origins of Western Homophobia
ISBN: 0829818553

Pilgrim Pr. 2009

Jennings explores the notion that the origin of Western homophobia lies not in the biblical traditions of Judaism and Christianity but instead has its source in the Greek and Hellenistic sources (mainly the platonic philosophies) often assumed to have been accepting of same-sex eroticism.

Jennings is aware this concept goes against the grain of common opinion, and therefore provides ample clarification from official statements of the Vatican and opinions of the United States Supreme Court texts from Plato and other Hellenistic perspectives and the writings of Paul.

The Man Jesus Loved
ISBN: 082981535X

The Pilgrim Press. 2009

Homosexuality has been at the forefront of debate in the church for the last quarter century, with biblical interpretation at its heart. In the Man Jesus Loved, Jennings proposes a gay affirmative reading of the Bible in the hope of respecting the integrity of these texts and making them more clear as well as more persuasive. This reading suggests that the exclusion of persons on the basis of their sexual orientation or same-sex practices fundamentally distorts the Bible generally and the traditions concerning Jesus in particular.

Life as worship: Prayer and praise in Jesus' name
ISBN: 0802819133

W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co. 1982

Book by Jennings, Theodore W

Loyalty to God: The Apostles' Creed in Life and Liturgy
ISBN: 0687228212

Abingdon Press. 1992

Loyalty to God: The Apostles' Creed in Life and Liturgy offers an interpretation of the Apostles' Creed, addressing the subject from both biblical and contemporary theological perspectives. Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. asserts that the Creed is a vow of loyalty to the God who adopts, liberates, and empowers us.

Jennings' interpretation follows the outline of the Apostles' Creed and focuses on the biblical texts on which the Creed is based. He provides notes indicating both ancient and contemporary interpretations of the Creed's clauses under discussion. He focuses on the implications of what it means to use expressions such as 'credo' and "I believe..."

This book is intended for pastors as well as professors and students of Systematic Theology, Church History, and Worship.

Vocation of the Theologian
ISBN: 0800618386

Augsburg Fortress Publishing. 1985

Liturgy Of Liberation Paper
ISBN: 0687221722

Abingdon Press. 1988

Book by Jennings, Theodore W., Jr.

Texts and Logos: The Humanistic Interpretation of the New Testament (Homage Series)
ISBN: 1555405088

Scholars Pr. 1990

Ruth and Naomi (Arch Book Series #21)
ISBN: 0570061881

Concordia Pub House. 1984

Book by Jennings, Theodore W., Jr.

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