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Name:  Jody Lynn Nye  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1957 in Chicago, Illinois

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Jody Lynn Nye was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Jody Lynn Nye is an American science fiction author.

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The View from the Imperium
ISBN: 1439134308

Baen. 2011

A Paperback Original. Science Fiction Adventure with a Generous Dash of Humor by the Co-Author of the Best-Selling The Planet Pirates.

P. G. Wodehouse meets space opera, as Ensign Thomas Innes Loche Kinago, fresh from the Academy is given his first command. A crumb from the upper crust, he’s eager to uphold the traditions of his family, and in particular, his mother, a distinguished Admiral of the Imperium. Of course, he’s aware of the importance of always having simply smashing tailored uniforms on hand, and having his camera ready to record memorable moments for his scrapbook. In the meantime, a charismatic leader has arisen who seems able to control the minds of anyone he meets, and may be on his way to taking over the entire galaxy. Can Kinago’s aristocratic bearing and unbridled snobbery stand up to such a challenge? Fortunately, his constant companion, the unflappable Jeeves, er, Parsons, is on hand to look after the young, impulsive master, and somehow help his charge bumble his way through, perhaps even saving the galaxy in the process.

Praise for Jody Lynn Nye’s An Unexpected Apprentice:

“I thoroughly enjoyed it, the plot, the settlement, the whole nine yards, and especially the twitch of humor at odd moments...a book I can thoroughly recommend.” —Anne McCaffrey

“An unusual story well-told, with characters it's a real pleasure to spend time with.” —David Drake

Myth-Told Tales (Myth-Adventures)
ISBN: 0441014860

Ace. 2007

Readers can take a rollicking ride through the crazy MYTH universe along with Skeeve, Aahz, Massha, Tananda, Bunny, Gleep, and the Fairy Godmother, in this collection that features the authors' favorite stories, as well as some never-before-published myth-adventures. Reprint.

The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, Second Edition
ISBN: 0345412745

Del Rey. 1997

An indispensable companion guide to the wonderful world of Anne McCaffrey and her dragons

Guaranteed to enrich every armchair traveler's journey into McCaffrey's legendary world, this illuminating guide leaves no stone in Pern unturned! Both faithful fans and newcomers will relish the fascinating history and lore of . . .

THE DRAGONS: How they developed from little fire-lizards into the huge telepathic creatures that carry human riders and fight Thread

THE PEOPLE: How they live, the clothes they wear, the food they eat

THE PLACES: What to see and do in individual Holds and Weyrs

THREAD: Its appearance and behavior, the threat it poses, and ways to combat it


The Death of Sleep
ISBN: 0671698842

Baen. 1990

When planet pirates attack the space liner on which she is traveling, Luzie Mespil escapes the doomed vessel in a lifeboat and drifts through space, frozen in cryogenic sleep, for much longer than she had ever expected. Reprint.

The Planet Pirates
ISBN: 0671721879

Baen. 1993

Escaping the life of a pirate's slave, Sassinak eventually becomes a Fleet ship captain, and with the help of her grandmother, Lunzie Mespil, just unfrozen from cryogenic sleep, saves the confederation

The Ship Errant
ISBN: 0671878549

Baen. 1997

Targeted by a humorless Inspector General who believes she has been damaged by a past trauma, brainship Carialle finds support from her brawn partner Keff and the globe-frog race they discovered together

Myth-Taken Identity (Myth-Adventures)
ISBN: 0441013112

Ace. 2005

Someone—or something—masquerading as Skeeve the Magnificent is racking up hundreds of thousands of gold pieces of debt. It's up to Aahz the Pervect (not pervert!) to find the myth-creant and put an end to the shopping spree.

The Ship Who Won
ISBN: 0671875957

Baen. 1994

On a mission to search the galaxy for intelligent beings, Carialle and Keff encounter a bizarre alien race ruled by sorcerers who seem to possess magical powers of enormous potency. 60,000 first printing.

Myth Alliances (Myth-Adventures)
ISBN: 0441011829

Ace. 2004

When the sheepish Wuhses are taken advantage of by the overbearing Pervects, Skeeve teams up with Zol Icty--self-help expert and bestselling author of Imps Are from Imper, Deveels Are from Deva--on a mythion in personal empowerment.

Myth-Gotten Gains (Myth Adventures)
ISBN: 0441015727

Ace. 2008

Someone is collecting animated treasures and keeping them from their heroic destinies. Reunited with the lovely Trollop Tananda, Aahz the Pervect must help out a sword called Ersatz, and embark on a quest that just may restore his lost magical powers.

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