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General Information

Name:  Gracie Hill  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Wynne, Arkansas

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Illinois Connection

Gracie Hill lives in Chicago and is a member of the Chicago Writers Association.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gracie Hill started writing short stories and poems in high school. However, becoming an author was never her dream. She is currently working on a fourth book that is entitled, Saved-Sanctified & Keeping My Secret, which will be released later this year.

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Titles At Your Library

Where The Brothers At?
ISBN: 1600472605

Wasteland Press. 2008

An intelligent, successful, and beautiful Black woman appears to have it all. But the hollow shell that masquerades as her heart is less than full. There is an emptiness in her life. A void that she just cannot seem to fill. She endures an internal struggle regarding interracial relationships. Should she cross the line and date the fine "White" Chief Financial Officer in her law firm? Or, does the man in her life have to be a Brother? She also desires to be in right standing with God. But there's a secret sin that she has kept hidden from everyone and buried deep inside of herself. When shadows of that secret sin start to surface, Darcel can't see her own silhouette. Her life is about to change in a very unexpected way.

Sorrows of the Heart
ISBN: 1600473008

Wasteland Press. 2009

Malcolm Johnson is a man with a good heart who is willing to do what ever it takes to be his brother's keeper. He's also a dedicated playboy who has no plans to give his time or heart to any one woman. But the unexpected beautiful and sexy woman in the red dress, Somara Hughes, will make him change his mind. Ava Jones is seductive and determined to find her way into Malcolm's life and his heart. The fact that he is already involved with Somara won't stop her. Malcolm finds himself on a winding road of confrontations, affairs of the heart, and sorrows that land him in a place he never thought he would be. A triangle love affair, his desire to be a father, and his determination to protect his family, will drive him to the point of revenge that will cost somebody's life.

Kitchen Beautician
ISBN: 1600474047

Wasteland Press. 2010

Smooth chocolate skin, luscious lips, six pack abs and money in the bank Javon Graham has all those things. He's also a successful business owner. His beauty shop grew out of his small kitchen into one of the most successful, hot spot Beauty Salons in Atlanta. Women don't just go there to get their hair done but also to listen to his straightforward curling iron counseling. His realistic look at life and his experiences allow him to give good advice and he doesn't hold back anything. He seems to have it all together. But there's a dark past that haunts his life and prevents him from being the man he really wants to be. Donita Haywood, steps out of the shadows of his life to let him know she loves him, though he sometimes struggles with loving himself. Javon was molested as a young boy and fights an internal battle to not be consumed or defined by his past.

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