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Name:  Robert Remini  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1921

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Robert V. Remini, is a professor emeritus of history and research professor emeritus of humanities who taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

On April 28, 2005, Remini was appointed the Historian of the United States House of Representatives.He is professor of history emeritus and research professor of humanities emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He won the National Book Award for the third volume of his study of Andrew Jackson, and he has also written biographies of Henry Clay, John Quincy Adams, Martin van Buren, Joseph Smith and Daniel Webster.

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The Revolutionary Age of Andrew Jackson
ISBN: 0061320749

Harper Torchbooks. 1987

An account of the events and personalities, political and otherwise, that revolutionized American politics, government, life, and expectations in the fifty years preceding the Civil War

The Jacksonian Era (American History)
ISBN: 1439506760

. 2008

Andrew Jackson: Library Edition
ISBN: 0786196610

Blackstone Pub. 2001

Henry Clay: Statesman for the Union
ISBN: 0393310884

W. W. Norton & Company. 1993

"Great biography leaves an indelible view of the subject. After Remini's masterful portrait, Clay is unforgettable." ―Donald B. Cole, Newsday

Among the nineteenth-century Americans, few commanded the reverence and respect accorded to Henry Clay of Kentucky. As orator and as Speaker of the House for longer than any man in the century, he wielded great power, a compelling presence in Congress who helped preserve the Union in the antebellum period. Remini portrays both the statesman and the private man, a man whose family life was painfully torn and who burned with ambition for the office he could not reach, the presidency.

Daniel Webster: The Man and His Time
ISBN: 0393045528

W. W. Norton & Company. 1997

An important new interpretation of Daniel Webster's life by an award-winning biographer.

In almost every respect, Daniel Webster was larger than life, an intellectual colossus, a statesman of the first rank, and a man of towering and finally unfulfilled ambition. In this new biography, Webster is seen as a major player in American politics in the era between the War of 1812 and the beginning of the Civil War, involved with every significant issue confronting the new nation. Webster had no equal as an orator, then or since. Whether in the Senate, before the Supreme Court, or on the political stump, he was a golden-tongued spellbinder, often holding audiences in thrall for hours. In his lifelong defense of the Constitution, and as a constant upholder of the Union, Webster won love and respect. He was often referred to as "the Godlike Daniel". But he was also referred to as "Black Dan" because of his questionable dealings with men of wealth and power, his political conniving, his habitual nonpayment of debts, and perhaps even his somewhat roving eye.

The Battle of New Orleans: Andrew Jackson and America's First Military Victory

Penguin Books. 2001

The Battle of New Orleans was the climactic battle of America's "forgotten war" of 1812. Andrew Jackson led his ragtag corps of soldiers against 8,000 disciplined invading British regulars in a battle that delivered the British a humiliating military defeat. The victory solidified America's independence and marked the beginning of Jackson's rise to national prominence. Hailed as "terrifically readable" by the Chicago Sun Times, The Battle of New Orleans is popular American history at its best, bringing to life a landmark battle that helped define the character of the United States.

University of Illinois at Chicago (IL) (College History Series)
ISBN: 0738507067

Arcadia Publishing. 2000

The University of Illinois was founded in 1867 and expanded into Chicago in the 1890s. Through time, demands for the growth of the urban campus were answered. Under the leadership of Mayor Richard J.
Daley, the Circle Campus was created and located in 1965 on the Near West Side of Chicago in the historic Hull-House neighborhood. In 1982, Circle Campus joined with the Medical Center to form the University of Illinois at Chicago. With outreach programs coordinated in the Great Cities Initiative, the University recognized its urban location as a major strength. Over the last decade, UIC has helped to develop a new model of higher education: the comprehensive urban research university. This volume contains almost two hundred historic photographs that
serve as a rich record of the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. Today, with 15 colleges located in a prominent urban setting, the campus is the largest and most diverse in the Chicago area, serving students from around the world. The University of Illinois at Chicago has grown to about 25,000 students, with 12,000 faculty and staff, and is one of the hundred largest research universities in the nation. It offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in more than 230 disciplines.

At the Edge of the Precipice: Henry Clay and the Compromise That Saved the Union
ISBN: 0465012884

Basic Books. 2010

In 1850, America hovered on the brink of disunion. Tensions between slave-holders and abolitionists mounted, as the debate over slavery grew rancorous. An influx of new territory prompted Northern politicians to demand that new states remain free in response, Southerners baldly threatened to secede from the Union. Only Henry Clay could keep the nation together.

At the Edge of the Precipice is historian Robert V. Remini's fascinating recounting of the Compromise of 1850, a titanic act of political will that only a skillful statesman like Clay could broker. Although the Compromise would collapse ten years later, plunging the nation into civil war, Clay's victory in 1850 ultimately saved the Union by giving the North an extra decade to industrialize and prepare.

A masterful narrative by an eminent historian, At the Edge of the Precipice also offers a timely reminder of the importance of bipartisanship in a bellicose age.


National Book Award in 1984 for

Andrew Jackson

Society of Midland Authors Award for

Henry Clay

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