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Name:  Michael Harrington  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri

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Illinois Connection

Mr. Harrington attended the University of Chicago where he recieved an MA in English Literature before attending Yale Law School.

Biographical and Professional Information

As a young man, his interest in left-wing politics and Catholicism led him to Dorothy Day's Catholic Worker movement. He became editor of the ''Catholic Worker'' from 1951-1953. In 1960, he became editor of ''New America'', the newspaper of the Socialist-Social Democratic Federation. His book, ''The Other America'' influenced the Johnson adminstrations war on poverty. In the 1970's, he formed the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee of which he was a leader till his death.

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The Other America: Poverty in the United States
ISBN: 068482678X

Scribner. 1997

In the fifty years since it was published, The Other America has been established as a seminal work of sociology. This anniversary edition includes Michael Harrington’s essays on poverty in the 1970s and ’80s as well as a new introduction by Harrington’s biographer, Maurice Isserman. This illuminating, profoundly moving classic is still all too relevant for today’s America.

When Michael Harrington’s masterpiece, The Other America, was first published in 1962, it was hailed as an explosive work and became a galvanizing force for the war on poverty. Harrington shed light on the lives of the poor—from farm to city—and the social forces that relegated them to their difficult situations. He was determined to make poverty in the United States visible and his observations and analyses have had a profound effect on our country, radically changing how we view the poor and the policies we employ to help them.

Socialism: Past and Future
ISBN: 1611453356

Arcade Publishing. 2011

On learning his cancer was inoperable, renowned intellectual Michael Harrington simply asked the doctors to keep him alive long enough “to complete a summary statement of the themes I had thought of throughout an activist life.” And they did. Socialism: Past and Future is prominent thinker Michael Harrington’s final contribution: a thoughtful, intelligent, and compassionate treatise on the role of socialism both past and present in modern society. He is convincing in his application of classic socialist theory to current economic situations and modern political systems, and he examines the validity of the idea of “visionary gradualism” in bringing about a socialist agenda. He believes that if freedom and justice are to survive into the next century, the socialist movement will be a critical factor. This is the definitive text on the role of socialism throughout history which Publishers Weekly calls “succinct, readable” and the New York Times says “has a lively air of optimism and boldly challenges traditional ideas.”

In this passionate book, the late Michael Harrington draws on a lifetime of thinking and politicking to reject much that has passed for socialism and to define the new forms that will make it the only “hope for human freedom and justice” (Foreign Affairs) in the twenty-first century.

ISBN: 0553109073

Bantam Books. 1973

contents: the future of the past the preconditions of the dream democratic essence the unknown Karl Marx Das Kapital the American esception socialism deiscovers the world revolution from above socialist capitalism etc

The Twilight of Capitalism
ISBN: 0671227599

Simon & Schuster. 1977

Relates the economic crises of the seventies to the fall of capitalism and sets forth an approach to a new world society based on a reinterpretation of Marxian theories

Taking Sides
ISBN: 0030044294

Henry Holt & Co. 1988

This compilation of political essays written over the past three decades reveals the author's astute political awareness and consistent socialist standpoint on the newsmaking issues of America's recent past

Fragments of the Century
ISBN: 0671226533

Touchstone. 1977

Book by Michael harrington

The Next Left: The History of a Future
ISBN: 080500792X

Henry Holt & Co. 1988

Offers an analysis of the political scene today, contending that the conservative victories of the mid-eighties will not and cannot last

The Politics at God's Funeral: The Spiritual Crisis of Western Civilization
ISBN: 0030621526

Henry Holt & Co. 1983

Argues that the concept of God is vanishing, causing a widespread erosion of moral and social values, and calls for a union between faith and anti-faith to create a society in which people can discover new values

The Vast Majority: A Journey to the World's Poor
ISBN: 0671244078

Simon & Schuster. 1978

Examines the reasons why the American people are ignoring the problems of world hunger, and records the immediate effects of American economic policy on the inhabitants of the Third World