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General Information

Name:  Philip William Kunz  

Pen Name: Re`al "Bull" Oney, Phil Kunz

Genre: Fiction Mystery Romance Science Fiction

Born: 1946 in East Alton, Illinois


Illinois Connection

I am a Midwest baby boomer, born in East Alton, Illinois, but call several cities my home. I lived in Smithton, Illinois(1950-1959) as a boy, moved to Waterloo, Illinois,(1959-1962) then finished my high school in Freeburg (1964). I spent nearly 30 years as an Illinois State trooper , in District#3, Desplains,Illinois then transfered to Maryville D#11 most of which was patroling in St. Clair and Clinton County, near Carlyle, Illinois, my retirement home.

Biographical and Professional Information

I have written eighteen books of fiction and used the pen name of Re`al "Bull" Oney as a laugher to my skills as a writer. I attended Kilgore College in Texas and later Southern Illinois University Carbondale, prior entering law enforcement. I used my Illinois experiences as a pathway to my stories.

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Titles At Your Library

Tall Tales, Half-Truths, and Big Fat Lies!
ISBN: 0595381553

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

I listened to them speak their language and thought that I understood some of their tongue. Could this be? I ventured even closer and listened further. My heart was pounding with joy. Though these people were light years away from Mars, they possessed almost the same tongue language that we had learned in our lesser institutions on Mars. Imagine that? It seemed as though they now spoke about themselves and it was in an archaic mode of time, for they spoke of the quickness of their travel and the prominence of the Pharaoh Pharaoh? I once had read about such Pharaoh people in our history volumes, which lived on Mars thousands of years ago.I was beginning to now understand that this planet was not as progressed as Mars had been maybe this is good I thought, very well for us. "Thank you, Dargod," I whispered to myself. It was as though Dargod was always with me, wherever I went.I had been on Earth only three sunrises, and I had already found that this soil was like Mars's, only with different dimensions. The inhabitants here were nearly the same. But, were they friendly?

My Moody Indigo!
ISBN: 0595385605

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

A truly captivating love story built around the life of a discarded orphan who is first given up at birth, then given back

always wondering WHY? He questions WHY he has no mother or father

WHY the people who came and got him sent him packing

WHY his adolescent feelings make him think he's gay. Handsome Thomas, BMOC football star finds love near the OSU college campus when he falls for a little Oklahoman cowgirl named Indigo! Indigo knows what she wants and lassos Handsome Thomas with her southern charms and her always-sensible, business-like approach attitude.INDIGO, helps Handsome Thomas find his way around her ranch, their hearts and his bedroom, and then his career. Handsome Thomas captures murderers and becomes headline news, while Indigo searches and finds his true mother in a stirring and glorious mother/son reunion.

The Miami Card Sharks!
ISBN: 0595391036

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

The sharks aren't in the Atlantic waters this time, as this very intoxicatingly brilliant, beautiful and very exciting action-packed romance, floats past your heart and we dare you to put it down!Filled with love, sex and drug money plots, this story takes you where only the drug lords can go. Finding their hired hit man killers becomes the chore for one very special Hurricane.This story eventually covers Florida and some of its most prestigious college football teams including a "wide right" crime spree that has resulted from a payback to the drug lord, Alfredo Dummas.Find out yourself how a beautiful love song's lyrics can haunt not only a lost lover, but the Mafia bosses too.

A Trace of Death!
ISBN: 0595386628

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

Billy Bonowitz was just another one of this country's poor sad excuses for a human being, who began his life down along the Louisiana bayou. His white, prison parolee father's genes had left Billy's skin very light and he grew up thinking he was an adopted white child with a dead father, until he eventually was old enough to figure it all out by himself. Billy was the product of an immoral, monetary contract

executed between an evil white man and a young, unmarried, black woman whore he was a coon-ass bastard!This serial killing perpetrator had his way with his victims as he hovered in a sex-crazed frenzy that disclosed his own uniqueness, just before he left each scene.Therefore, it's up to me to find him quickly, while using any scientifically gathered data that I piece together and use to solve those latent minute puzzles that finally snare him. I become directly involved only then, because I'm a Miami-Dade Police Detective. My name is Detective Jordan Dunn

I work out of homicide.

Fat Man's Island!
ISBN: 0595389953

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

Seeking to show his integrity, young Millhouse Banks finds it personally necessary to become his beautiful jet set, starlet wife's equal.Millhouse Banks searches the world over for his own niche in life, a "gimmick" that will make him filthy rich and famous just like his starlet mate.Discover how he accomplishes this enormous task and undoubtedly becomes the wealthiest man in the world while living luxuriously upon Fat Man's Island.

The Hellions!
ISBN: 0595393292

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

A young, misguided, hoodlum finds friendship, love and caring persons far away from the torment of his derelict parents and then finds people who take him in for what he is, a juvenile delinquent runaway.The long arm of the law follows him for his whole life, sometimes wrongly.The sweat that murderer's sweat, while waiting to be executed on death row for their wrong doing, doesn't apply here. Prosecuted for something he hasn't done causes Buster to seek Him, in his last days.Buster recalls from the prison's death house all of the bad things that he did in his young life, which includes breaking all of the Ten Commandments and ending up with his name being written upon a state's death warrant. Will He answer Buster's last prayers?

The Fifth Musketeer!
ISBN: 0595390641

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

Only love can break a heart, only love can mend it again, when two of love's compassionate souls hurt each other, but still care deeply for the other. Like a fork in the road, two lovers come to that divide in their lives, reconcile their friendship, but is it too late for love? She, swept away by her infatuation, falls like a "ton of bricks" for her new "Don Juan" professor, departs the one who cares the most, but soon finds the professor to be a real wimp and she's burned her bridges behind her. He, the significant other, who has been discarded and hurt, is astonishingly inserted into his new position as her boss, becomes vainly resistant to her ways, and then commits to another who carries a badge. The Fulton College Musketeers football team finds direction inspired by their coach's tragedy, and evolves into a gutwrenching, very stirring upheaval

all to the jeers of the maddening crowds.

Small Town Murders!
ISBN: 0595393659

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

Using special arrows and his bow, army specialist Col. Craig Ledbetter leads US government forces into the zoo. This young hero makes daring rescue attempts to secure the freedom of our POWs.It's the howl of "The Ghost" that raises the hairs across the ocean from North Vietnamese prison guards and then suddenly reappears to do the same on ruthless U.S. hairless skin heads living freely in the Missouri Ozarks' national forests. How does "The Ghost" handle these seemingly countless odds against him?

Rising up from the Dirt!
ISBN: 0595400418

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

Life's wretched circumstances reach out with a death-grip's hold upon an unfortunate character and that poor soul can't break away from its lethal clutch without an old friend's assistance. But who is he really?Poverty and slums exist only to squeeze the life and respect from the living who must wallow there in the filth. Hopelessness makes them react like rabid animals

and only the overdosed-dead, throat-slit bodies that lie alone on the darkened streets and alleyways of a dirty city can escape from that grip.One young Midwest black girl, a drug-addicted, single-mother and prostitute, tried. Can Angela triumph over her violent circumstances?

Secret Places in Her Heart
ISBN: 0595397123

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

TRUST is the key word here

and lack of it, burns holes in his heart and in the mind of this man overrun by questions of his beautiful, high school, prom queen wife's fidelity.JEALOUSY, a word that rules his emotions, causes him to "reach out and touch someone" else to solve a problem that can't be solved, except for a swat team sniper's bullet.Close friendships exchange feelings as old acquaintances can't be forgotten. Can you remember all your high school and college flings?

Picking up the Pieces!
ISBN: 0595415776

iUniverse, Inc.. 2006

PURE TRASH from cover to cover! A handsome young boy who is forced to become a man while searching through the women in his life explores his way through the alleyways of California's majestic neighborhoods searching for his many treasures

many he finds even have two gorgeous legs.With his morals at risk, he finds himself falling for every pretty girl that gives him the eye. While searching Hollywood and Beverly Hills alleyways for his monetary treasures, he eventually discovers a real treasure but she's alive and filled with laughter. He learns having too many lovers carries hard consequences and that infatuation in love really hurts like hell every time it's over.Being cute helps him to discover all of the women of his dreams, but he has to settle for just one. Which one does he finally choose?

Relative Humidity!
ISBN: 059542452X

iUniverse, Inc.. 2007

When she was growing up, I ignored her. When she grew into a woman, I adored her. Fate had somehow thrown us too closely together early on and prohibited our intimate friendship. Eventually, fate did allow us to mingle-but then suddenly sent us away from each other, going in opposite directions at crucial times. Moreover, her chosen path just did not include me-after I finally learned that she was ready. I guess her sister standing next to her had talked too much about her future husband's character, though I was good to her also. Today however, everything changes because she's marrying Jeff

it's the end of our longtime family relationship.

The Devil Inside Darin Drake
ISBN: 0595432824

iUniverse, Inc.. 2007

Darin Drake is not only the brave man the cops think he is he's also a rapist and murderer!After a taste of "honey", a Midwestern young man grows into a sadistic beast as he plays out his most hidden sexual desires within his lifetime. The cops think he is a hero, but if they really knew who he was, he would be given everything

the gas

the electric chair

and be hanged until dead!

Stink Finger!
ISBN: 0595444407

iUniverse, Inc.. 2007

Two young secret service agents come face to face with the devil who sits at a throne with his finger on the Armageddon button.They discover that blood is not thicker than water when "right vs. wrong"

Visions of Grandeur
ISBN: 0595444822

iUniverse, Inc.. 2007

A brave young Midwest boy grows into a brave man and hero, when he fights in the Middle East as a US soldier. Armed only with a special gift from Osama bin Laden himself and his followers, a remnant of a bomb blast, he comes back from near certain death to pay back the cowards who ran and hid. Only he can see them hiding, before he signals for all hell to break loose and come screaming down on the Taliban and al-Qaeda from the skies. This is one hellish adventure in mortal combat that only a strong-willed soldier could have survived and still find the time for romance in the desert sands.

The Square Root of Evil: The Peppermint Files
ISBN: 1440121001

iUniverse. 2009

The Chinook winds blow across the Canadian Rockies onto the Calgary plains where serial killers reside in and around college campuses. Attractive young co-eds reported missing are never to be seen alive again, until a certain unrelenting detective-sergeant utilizes his unique mathematical system skills to set enticing traps to snare the perpetrators.

Unbelievably, impetuous love-at-first-sight blossoms in the middle of these chilling bloodbaths and "cheers-on", growing stronger under the cloak of the macabre.

A Trilogy … featuring Big Oak Mega Buck!: Ella’s Compassion & The Knock at Our Door
ISBN: 0595438873

iUniverse, Inc.. 2007

A TRILOGY featuring:Big Oak Mega Buck, a touching story about a magnificent trophy buck and the kind man who can't shoot him.Ella's Compassion, a poor young high school girl overcomes jealous hate to become a starring country western singer. The Knock at Our Door becomes a heartwarming story of a family that takes in a 'wee bit' of an Irishman as their own.

The Realtor!
ISBN: 0595453279

iUniverse, Inc.. 2007

The love of a woman can make a hero out of an ordinary man. Two former high school classmates return to their hometown only to discover love has found them.Getting together is the problem. She, a very beautiful, wealthy, and very successful businessperson holds out for the glitter of achievement and self-esteem. He, just an ordinary guy, becomes helplessly infatuated with her physical and lifestyle changes since high school and makes a bet to secure her love. Energized by her beauty to become her "equal", he performs brave tasks and eventually becomes the holder of the key to her heart.