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Name:  Elizabeth Donald  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Romance Science Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1975 in Merced, CA

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Illinois Connection

I have lived in Illinois since 1998, when I took my first reporting job at the La Salle NewsTribune. In 2000, I moved to Edwardsville, Ill. where I began reporting for the Belleville News-Democrat. I published my first novel in 2004 and have since published several more books while living in Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Elizabeth Donald is a writer fond of things that go chomp in the night. She is a three-time winner of the Darrell Award for speculative fiction, including one for her short-story collection, "Setting Suns." She is the author of the Nocturnal Urges vampire mystery series and numerous short stories and novellas in the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres. She founded the Literary Underworld, an author cooperative helping small-press writers promote and sell their work. By day she is a reporter for the Belleville News-Democrat, which provides her with an endless source of material, and writes CultureGeek, a pop-culture column and blog. Her latest releases include "Blackfire," sequel to her bestselling zombie novella, "The Cold Ones."

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Titles At Your Library

Setting Suns
ISBN: 0972019766

New Babel Books. 2006

In that space between evening and nightfall, between consciousness and sleep, the moment when the light fades and the shadows take over... These are the lands of the Setting Suns.

Nocturne (Nocturnal Urges, Books 1 and 2)
ISBN: 1419954040

Cerridwen Press. 2008

Nocturnal Urges - Nocturnal Urges It's the most popular club in the Memphis nightlife. Part legal bordello, part feeding ground for the city's vampires, Nocturnal Urges offers pleasure and pain in one sweet kiss. It's the ultimate addiction - both drug and sex at once. For the vampires, it's the only way to survive in a world where the creatures of the night are a dark underclass, ignored until the humans need another fix. Into this world comes Isabel Nelson, seeking only a night's pleasure. But after Isabel's lover Duane takes her to try the bite, she cannot stop thinking about Ryan, the dark vampire with whom she shared her lifeblood. Soon Isabel finds herself in the dark heat of a world where passion and love are miles apart, where life and un-life have little meaning - and someone is hunting in the shadows. Note: This book was previously available at Ellora's Cave Publishing. Nocturnal Urges - A More Perfect Union Book Two in the Nocturnal Urges series. Some things never die. Vampires, for one. Samantha Crews has lived a long time in the shadows of Memphis, working at the Nocturnal Urges club and hiding from the vampires who darken her past. Detective Anne Freitas is stuck with a new partner, a young woman with a chip on her shoulder the size of Memphis itself. Now she's assigned to investigate a series of threats against congressional candidate Robert Carton, for whom Samantha volunteers. But Samantha has just fallen in love with Danny Carton, the candidate's son. An idealist who wants to make life better for humans and vampires alike, Danny offers love, understanding and passion - everything Samantha ever wanted. But there's a lot Danny doesn't know about Samantha... He doesn't know she's a vampire until his life is in danger. He doesn't know she works at Nocturnal Urges - until a friend is murdered. He doesn't know his own father is one of her clients - until it can no longer be hidden. And he doesn't know what's hunting her - until it starts to hunt him too. In the shadows. Note: This book was previously available at Ellora's Cave Publishing.

The Dreadmire Chronicles: Knight of the Demon Tree
ISBN: 1432744658

Spellbinder Games. 2009

"BEWARE DARK POLLEN" read Alesia, staring at a rotting wooden sign. The halfling and the Knights knew they had passed through the sinking forest, and were now in Dreadmire. The paladin said a quick prayer, before they silently moved forward into the evil Perdition...

Based in the campaign world of the popular Dreadmire role-playing game accessory, three-time Darrell Award winner, author Elizabeth Donald, takes its elaborate characters on a daring journey through the malevolent swamp: Kancethedrus, the clumsy paladin Alesia, a voluptuous red-haired Creep Angiss, the wise halfling prophet Wynter, a lost elven druid her lover Tam, a Moor Knight Knight gone rogue and the dysfunctional elven wizard, Salia all on a quest to destroy the legacy of the mysterious Witch Hammer. Harrowed by unspeakable dead things and a myriad of strange swamp monsters, an unwitting group of adventurers attempts to save the sinking forest they fearfully call, Dreadmire.

Sultry Summer Fun
ISBN: 1419950924

Ellora's Cave. 2007

Hypnotica By Kimberly Dean You are feeling very sexy... When shy Copper Daniels is entranced at an Erotic Hypnotic show, her Caribbean cruise quickly goes from restful to restless. Encouraged to find the hottest man in the room-the one who turns her on more than any other-she chooses Nick Branson. Nick isn't a saint. When Copper crawls onto his lap, he gives her what she needs-until he hears the hoots from the crowd. Angrily, he makes the hypnotist call off the spell. But it just doesn't take. As their sun-filled vacation progresses, Nick and Copper quickly learn that whenever somebody says the trigger word, her inhibitions fade and things between them get hot. Blistering hot. Copper knows, because afterwards she can remember every kiss, every sigh and every touch. Secretly, she hopes the spell never fades. Tandem By Elizabeth Donald Jericho Trail was too dangerous to hike alone-those were park rules. Hence two strangers hiking together. Chris went to the woods to be alone, to think and find peace after a bad breakup. Reed went to the woods for a good time. But he had no idea the trail would be so difficult - or that he would share it with such an intoxicating woman. Separated from the world, the dangers of the trail are nothing compared to the dance between two lost souls, forced together by circumstance but drawn together by the fire burning their blood. Off the Deep End By Anna J. Evans Caitlyn Saunders is looking for a little fun in the San Diego sun. But when she's caught in a spring storm and swept out to sea by a tidal wave, she's not really surprised. She and Fortune have never been friends. Still, who needs Fortune when you can have a dark, mysterious stranger? Lukas knows he has more pressing matters to attend to than pleasuring the mortal woman he pulled from the sea. But how's a man supposed to concentrate on royal intrigue when such a tempting woman is lying naked in his arms? Proving to this fiery redhead that he's the furthest thing from a mermaid-or a maid of any kind-is too decadently sensual a test to resist. Saint Jillian's Rebel By Eve Jameson In high school, Jillian Lawson had been nicknamed Saint Jillian by Pier's Point most infamous Rebel, Hunter Scott. Back then she hadn't known what to do with his erotic teasing except back away, keeping her good-girl image fully intact. Twenty years later, she's more than ready to accept his offer the second time around, even when she discovers he's been waiting a long time to teach his Saint a lesson in payback. But she has a few things to teach him, the first being that she's no longer a saint. Could their erotic interlude lead to more than a vacation fling? Water Lust By Mary Winter Grace Edwards lives on a private Caribbean island. More at home in the ocean than on land, she spends her time searching for the elusive man of her dreams. He fulfills her every desire, takes her to the heights of passion, and makes love to her every night - all night. There is just one problem. She really does only see him in her dreams. Come the dawn, reality rushes in and her dream man disappears back to wherever he came from. Then, an old woman gives her the key to finding him. Now that Grace has the information she needs, she's ready to find him and turn her dreams into reality. For Chemal, restricted for so long to only visiting the love of his life when night falls and he can make love to her as she sleeps, he's ready to prove to her that they have more than lust-that with her love they can have forever.


  • Darrell Award,
  • Nocturnal Urges

  • Darrell Award,
  • Abaddon

  • Darrell Award,
  • Wonderland (short story)

  • Prism Award,
  • Nocturnal Urges (finalist)

    Speaking Engagements

    Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

    I am available to speak to groups of any size within a reasonable driving distance of Edwardsville, Ill. I do not charge a fee to speak unless an overnight stay is required, in which case I request a hotel accommodation. I do require that I be permitted to offer my books for sale. Contact my assistant at if you are interested in having me speak to your group. I can speak on a number of subjects connected to my journalism career as well as my career as a speculative fiction novelist.