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Name:  Valiska Gregory  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children; Children;

Born: 1940 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Gregory was born and raised in Chicago. She also received her Masters degree from the University of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gregory is an award winning poet and children's book author. She has taught every grade from kindergarten through seniors in college, including courses ranging from music and drama at the elementary level to American literature and poetry at college level. Gregory is a member of the Author's Guild, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and on the Board of Directors of the National Children's Film Festival.

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Titles At Your Library

Sunny side up (A Mr. Poggle and Scamp book)
ISBN: 0027380602

Four Winds Press. 1986

Scamp helps Mr. Poggle make breakfast and learns that even broken eggs and burnt toast have a sunny side.

Riddle Soup (A Mr. Poggle and Scamp Book)
ISBN: 0027380904

Simon & Schuster. 1988

When Scamp complains they never have interesting suppers, Mr. Poggle decides to make Riddle Soup

The Oatmeal Cookie Giant (A Mr Poggle and Scamp Book)
ISBN: 002738070X

Simon & Schuster. 1987

Young Scamp does not expect to enjoy his visit to his stodgy old uncle, until Uncle Thorny begins to reminisce about his own youth

Through the Mickle Woods
ISBN: 0316327794

Little Brown & Co. 1992

To fulfill the dying wish of his queen, the king goes into the dark and mickle woods to find the mysterious bear who tells him three stories about the meaning of life.

Happy Burpday, Maggie McDougal (Springboard Book)
ISBN: 0316327778

Little Brown & Co. 1992

Despite being broke, Maggie McDougal wants to give her best friend, Bonkers, an unforgettable birthday present, and her grandmother's penchant for recycling and a school project present Maggie with the perfect solution.

Terribly Wonderful (A MR POGGLE AND SCAMP BOOK)
ISBN: 0027381102

Atheneum. 1986

When Scamp loses his voice, Mr. Poggle prescribes plenty of sunlight, books, and warm blankets to make him feel better.

Babysitting for Benjamin
ISBN: 0316327859

Little London Pr. 1993

Frances and Ralph realize that they have gotten in over their heads when they agree to baby-sit Benjamin, who runs through their door yelling, "Play!" and who knocks over everything in sight.

Kate's Giants
ISBN: 061302902X

Econo-Clad Books. 1997

A girl learns how to cope with her over-active imagination in this reassuring picture book. In Kate's room there's a small door that leads to the attic. She doesn't like it. "What if scary things come through?" she says. And sure enough, that night, she thinks they do. Shadows on the wall turn into scary slithery things. Then she imagines that wild animals are coming in - fierce lions and bears. Finally, she believes she sees two enormous giants. This time, though, she remembers the advice both her mother and father gave her: "If you can think them in, you can think them out." She takes a deep breath and cries, "Stop!" and the giants go away. Now Kate has another thought: what if friendly things were to come through that door? And sure enough, in comes a smiling giant and a lion with a basket of flowers. If she can think nasty things out, then she can think nice things in! Valiska Gregory is currently Writer-in-Residence at Indiana's Butler University, USA. Virginia Austin, who also publishes under the name of Virginia Miller, has illustrated "Squeak-A-Lot", which was runner-up for the Mother Goose Award in 1991. She has since illustrated "Sailor Bear" by Martin Waddell, three stories about the bears Bartholomew and George, "On Your Potty", "Get into Bed" and "Eat Your Dinner".

Looking for Angels
ISBN: 0689805004

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing. 1996

A young reader's introduction to small everyday miracles follows the story of Sarah, who disbelieves her grandfather's statement that they can see angels, until he points out such items as the glow of ripe raspberries and a baby rabbit eating grass.

When Stories Fell Like Shooting Stars
ISBN: 0689800126

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing. 1996

A creatively designed picture book written in lyrical prose offers two animal fables, one told by the Fox and the other by the Bear, that challenge young readers to determine which of the stories is indeed true.

A Valentine for Norman Noggs (Trophy Picture Books)
ISBN: 0613225597

Econo-Clad Books. 2000

She loves him.
She loves him not.

Wilhemina is the new girl in class. As soon as Norman sees her, he knows he'd do anything for her. But Norman isn't the only one who likes Wilhemina. And he's not even the biggest or the toughest guy around. Norman decides the only way Wilhemina will notice him is if he makes her a valentine. Then the other boys learn his plan and try to stop Norman. Will Norman ever get Wilhemina to be his valentina?Norman Noggs is in love. But the course of true love never did run smooth, and our hamster hero faces many trials in his quest to win the fair Wilhelmina. He lifts weights, becomes a frustrated Valentine-maker, and even runs up against the class bullies, who also have a crush on the object of his affection. It looks like Normans in deep least until a karate-chopping stranger who looks a lot like Wilhelmina comes to his rescue. Sprinkled with poems, candy hearts, and Marsha Winborns lacy collage art, Valiska Gregory wraps warm prose around a tender message at the heart of Valentines Day: that the heart of the valentine maker is far more important than the valentine.

Shirley's Wonderful Baby
ISBN: 0060285745

HarperCollins. 2002

Everything Shirley's new baby brother, Stanley, does is wonderful. Wonderful, that is, to everyone except for Shirley. What's so special about a baby that looks like a prune, has legs like a turkey, and drools? Only Ms. Mump, the baby-sitter, agrees that babies aren't that interesting, especially with their wet diapers, burping, and constant need for attention. But then Ms. Mump and Shirley discover that being Stanley's big sister is what's most wonderful of all.

The Mystery of the Grindlecat
ISBN: 1578601428

Clerisy Press, Guild Press of Indiana. 2003

For John, Hannah, and little Emily, the haunted house was the most wonderfully spooky place of all on Halloween. On a night filled with fun, the only thing that gave them goosebumps was the Grindlecat. With scraggly fur, fierce eyes, and a big old snaggle-tooth, he was one scary cat. But there was something very familiar about the spooky Grindlecat. Something maybe even — friendly. And that was the mystery they would explore no matter what.


Illinois Wesleyan University Poetry Award, 1982; Billee Murray Denny National Poetry Award honorable mention, 1982; Hudelson Award for Children's Fiction Work-in-Progress, 1982; Parents' Choice Award, 1992, for Through the Mickle Woods; American Booksellers Association Pick of the List, 1992, for Through the Mickle Woods, and 1995, for Looking for Angels; Best Book Gold Award, Oppenheim Institute, for Shirley's Wonderful Baby.

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