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General Information

Name:  Samuel Allen Salter  

Pen Name: Sam Reaves, Dominic Martell

Genre: Fiction Mystery

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1954 in Crawfordsville, Indiana

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Illinois Connection

Reaves has lived in Chicago or the greater Chicago area for most of his life.

Biographical and Professional Information

Salter has worked as a teacher and a translator. He speaks five languages fluently. He was president of the Midwest Chapger of the Mystery Writers of America from 2001 - 2003. His books are written under the pen names of Sam Reaves and Dominic Martell.

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Titles At Your Library

Long Cold Fall
ISBN: 0399135650

Putnam Adult. 1991

The first book in the Cooper MacLeish series, Sam Reaves's debut novel recounts how MacLeish, a Vietnam veteran and Chicago taxi driver, hears of the apparent suicide of a former lover and, investigating, discovers not only that her missing son may be his but also that the suicide hypothesis doesn't hold water.

Fear Will Do It
ISBN: 0399137246

Putnam Adult. 1992

Vietnam vet and Chicago cabbie Cooper MacLeish is drawn, along with his girlfriend, into a deadly blackmail scheme against a brutal pornography czar, and the two find themselves the targets of a cold-blooded enforcer and his sadistic sidekick.

Bury It Deep
ISBN: 0380722666

Avon Books. 1994

Accompanying a friend to a midnight rendezvous with a nervous informant, Chicago cabbie and sometime investigator Cooper MacLeish finds the contact's dead body instead, and uncovers a scandalous conspiracy involving dirty politics and the mob. Reprint.

Get What's Coming
ISBN: 0399140182

Putnam Adult. 1995

Now working as a chauffeur for wealthy developer Regis Swanson, ex-cabbie and Vietnam vet Cooper MacLeish finds himself in the middle when Swanson's son is shot in a murky affair that draws attention from the DEA on one side and a couple of stone killers on the other. Once again it will be up to Cooper to fix things, at the risk of his life.

Dooley's Back: A Novel of Crime (Otto Penzler Books)
ISBN: 0786710942

Carroll & Graf. 2002

Dooley is not back even a day, and already he’s helped a gangland punk with a switchblade in his hand and rape on his mind to a deadly fall. And throughout this gritty, hard-boiled crime novel by a master of the new noir, fists work fast, the talk comes tough, and pages turn as swiftly as the rip of a hitman’s bullet. Frank Dooley used to be a Chicago cop, but eight years ago a case of homicide prompted him to take the law into his own hands—the victim was his wife—and then head south, to Mexico. Dooley’s return is met by everyone with surprise, and by a few with pleasure. Like his old partner Roy Ferguson. Roy has had some weighty problems of his own. His seven-year-old son has drowned, he’s gone through a nasty divorce, and a serious gambling habit has buried him deep in debt. Dangerously deep for an over-ambitious loan shark with the mob, John Spanos, is taking the juice on Roy’s $15,000 score in favors. Dooley convinces Roy he should own up to what he’s done, set up a sting on Spanos, and maybe get back his integrity as a cop. It’s a good plan, but it goes very bad, and Dooley soon finds himself caught perilously between the police force he deserted on one side and the Outfit Roy betrayed on the other. This is a tough-edged urban novel of crime and suspense. “The hard-boiled fraternity has a new member, and he’s a good one.”—Booklist “Gritty, fast-paced, satisfying.”—Publishers Weekly

Homicide 69
ISBN: 0786718129

Carroll & Graf. 2006

It's the summer of 1969, and veteran Chicago homicide detective Mike Dooley is investigating the brutal torture-murder of a young woman. The victim is a former Playboy bunny and mobster’s girlfriend. Dooley suspects this is more than a sex killing, which leads him into the deep waters of mob intrigue and political corruption.

The Night Watch is a gripping novel about a man, his family and his times. As Dooley, whose own youth was sacrificed in the Pacific in World War II, scans the news for hopeful portents regarding his son Kevin, a Marine in the thick of the fighting in Vietnam, he sees the world changing before his eyes. The moon landing, Woodstock, the Manson murders, and riots in the streets provide a backdrop for the personal and professional crises precipitated by Dooley’s stubborn refusal to give up on a crime nobody but him wants solved.

Mean Town Blues: A Novel of Crime
ISBN: 160598003X

Pegasus. 2008

A bluesy neo-noir crime thriller pitting an Iraq war vet against the Chicago mob.

The Republic of Night
ISBN: 078671123X

Carroll & Graf. 2002

The Republic of Night finds Pascual still haunted by his past, as French intelligence agents locate him and make him an offer he can't refuse, to come to Paris and finger an old comrade, a long-disappeared Syrian terrorist who seems to have surfaced as a fixer for a shady Russian consortium. Pascual would just as soon not know what business the Russians have with a hatchet-face Algerian general who may be staging Islamist massacres in Paris to cover his tracks, but an exiled Algerian journalist wants him to help her find out. And Pascual, whose life is a continual process of atonement, knows he can't say no.

Lying, Crying, Dying (Otto Penzler Book)
ISBN: 0786709553

Carroll & Graf Pub. 2002

Lying Crying Dying was hailed by British suspense master Lionel Davidson as "the Thriller Nouveau-- of deceit, betrayal, of the very best of the late nineties."

Pascual Rose is a repentant ex-terrorist trying to make amends after defecting and selling out his former comrades in the European terrorist underground of the 1980's. He is lying low in Barcelona when the only name he never gave up, the one woman he ever loved, reappears. She wants out now too, and she is on the run with a suitcase full of hijacked cash to start a new life somewhere far away-- with Pascual. But nothing is what it seems, and when Pascual realizes that Katixa is lying to him, can the crying and the dying be far behind?

ISBN: 0752844822

Buckingham, United Kingdom: Orion Publishing Group, Limited. 2002

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