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Name:  Julian May  

Pen Name: Bob Cunningham, Thorne, Jean Wright Thorne, Lee N. Falconer


Audience: Adult;

Born: Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Julian May grew up in Elmwood Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago

Biographical and Professional Information

Julian May is a science fiction, fantasy, horror, science and children's writer who also uses several literary pseudonyms, best known for her Saga of Pliocene Exile (Saga of the Exiles in the UK) and Galactic Milieu Series books.

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The Adversary: Saga of Pliocene Exile (Vol. 4 in the Saga of Pliocene exile)
ISBN: 0395344107

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 1984

The rule of Aiken Drum, a human time-traveller from the twenty-second century, who has restored order following a catastrophe in the Pliocene Epoch, is threatened by the dwarfish Firvulag, who seek general annihilation

ISBN: 0586211020


ISBN: 0586211616


1st edition 1st printing paperback, fine In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

Jack The Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy, Vol 1)
ISBN: 0679409505

Knopf. 1992

Rogi Remillard, a member of the powerful Remillard family and the chosen tool of the most powerful being in the Milieu, and Rogi's nephew Marc, the greatest metaphysic, are powerless to stop the Fury when it begins to kill off Remillards

Magnificat (Galactic Milieu Trilogy)
ISBN: 0345362497

Del Rey. 1997

"FASCINATING . . . May has cemented her position as one of this generation's foremost storytellers. . . .This satisfying end to a remarkable feat of the imagination is a necessary purchase."
--Library Journal

By the mid-twenty-first century, humanity is beginning to enjoy membership in the Galactic Milieu. Human colonies are thriving on numerous planets, life on Earth is peaceful and prosperous, and as more humans are being born with metapsychic abilities, it will not be long before these gifted minds at last achieve total Unity.

But xenophobia is deeply rooted in the human soul. A growing corps of rebels plots to keep the people of Earth forever separate, led by a man obsessed with human superiority: Marc Remillard. Marc's goal is nothing less than the elevation of human metapsychics above all others, by way of artificial enhancement of mental faculties. His methods are unpalatable, his goal horrific. And so Marc and his coconspirators continue their work in secret.

Only the very Unity he fears and abhors can foil Marc's plans. And only his brother, Jack the Bodiless, and the young woman called Diamond Mask can hope to lead the metaconcert to destroy Marc, Unify humanity, and pave the way for the Golden Age of the Galactic Milieu to begin . . .

--Kirkus Reviews

Orion Arm (Rampart Worlds)
ISBN: 0006482147

Harpercollins Pub Ltd. 2000

A gripping sf adventure from the acclaimed author of The Pliocene Exile series. Two hundred years into the future, the great corporations of Earth dominate all life in our Galaxy. But their endless pursuit of wealth and power is about to open the door to a malevolent alien race, intent on engulfing the commonwealth of Human Worlds. Helly and his companions attempt to capture a crucial witness to the Galapharma conspiracy, who has taken refuge on a hostile planet. Its insanely ambitious boss, Alistair Drummond, will stop at nothing in his quest for power, and Helly is marked for death as the two corporations continue to do battle. Meanwhile, the Haluk follow their own appalling agenda, using human science to mutate their bodies, allowing them to infiltrate human society. Helly must find a way to alert the Human Commonwealth to the Haluk peril, while also saving his family from Drummond's increasingly desperate efforts to annhilate the Rampart worlds.

Sagittarius Whorl (Rampart Worlds)
ISBN: 0006482155

Harpercollins Pub Ltd. 2002

A gripping sf adventure from the acclaimed author of The Pliocene Exile series. Two hundred years into the future, the great corporations of Earth dominate all life in our Galaxy. But their endless pursuit of wealth and power has opened the door to a malevolent alien race, intent on engulfing the Commonwealth of Human Worlds. Rampart Starcorp has achieved an unprecedented David versus Goliath court victory against rivals Galapharma, making them the most powerful clan in the Commonwealth Worlds. Life should be good...But Helly still believes there's a dangerous lie hidden behind the Haluk ambassador's declaration of peace and friendship, and with Galapharma's insane boss, Alistair Drummond, missing presumed dead, Helly can continue his search for evidence of a planned invasion. The investigation leads him to Phlegethon, the sleaziest smuggler port in the universe, in search of information from the only man ever to return from the Haluk worlds alive. But the price of this crucial lead will be very high indeed. Discovering too late that no one is who they seem, and trusted friends may be deadly enemies, Helly finds himself alienated and on the run. With time running out, it appears there is nothing he can do to prevent the Haluk invasion of Earth. Sagittarius Whorl is an adrenalin-fuelled adventure full of high-speed thrills, intrigue and sharp-edged humour, which delivers an entertaining and compelling finale to the Rampart Worlds trilogy.

Conqueror's Moon (The Boreal Moon Tale)
ISBN: 0007123205

Voyager. 2004

A powerful new fantasy adventure filled with dark magic and deadly intrigue, from the worldwide bestselling author of the Saga of the Pliocene Exile. Conrig Wincantor, Prince Heritor of Cathra, has a vision: to unite the whole island of High Blenholme under Cathran sovereignty. He has so far been thwarted in this ambition by his cautious, aging father, King Olmigon, who, though weak with illness, still clings firmly to the reigns of the government. Now Conrig has hit upon a scheme that will convince the Lords that his plan can suceed. He has formed an alliance with Ullanoth, princess of the remote northern province of Moss and a fearsome sorceress. With her help his army will have the advantage it needs to subdue the only domain refusing to sign his Edict of Sovereignty. But before Olmigon will give his consent he insists on making a pilgrimage to the Oracle of Emperor Bazekoy, there to ask the one question permitted to a dying monarch, which the Emperor must answer truthfully. Meanwhile, Ullanoth tends her own schemes. Posessing the talent to call on the unearthly powers of the Beaconfolk, mysterious otherworldy beings who appear as lights in the sky, her power is undeniable. But the Lights are fickle, and their interference in human affairs unpredictable. If Ullanoth calls on them to help Conrig, they are likely to extract an unforeseeable price.

Sorcerer's Moon
ISBN: 044101383X

Ace Hardcover. 2006

With his kingdom confronting ruin, King Conrig's only chance for peace lies in the past as he hopes to use his former spy, Deveron Austrey, and his secret magical powers to fend off an invasion, unaware that his long-forgotten first wife will do anything to preserve her son Orion's rights as true heir to the throne of Blenholme. 25,000 first printing.



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