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Name:  Robert Hastings  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;


Died: 1997 Springfield, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Robert lived most of his life in Springfield, Il.

Biographical and Professional Information

Robert Hastings was an ordained Baptist Minister who wrote books about his boyhood during the Great Depression.

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Titles At Your Library

Tinyburg Tales
ISBN: 0805452184

Baptist Sunday School Board. 1983

Tinyburg is what it's name implies

a small town somewhere in America, and the stories concern a cast of familiar characters with activities centered around the 'Tinyburg Church'-- the only name given to it.

Tinyburg Revisited
ISBN: 0805457356

Baptist Sunday School Board. 1988

This is a collection of stories based on everyday life in that mythical village, population 1,473. The town, declares Bob, is easy to find since it's located only seven miles south of Pretense.

Glorious is Thy name!: B.B. McKinney, the man and his music
ISBN: 0805472304

Broadman Press. 1986

Book by Hastings, Robert J

Penny's Worth of Minced Ham: Another Look at the Great Depression (Shawnee Books)
ISBN: 0809313049

Southern Illinois University Press. 1986

Hastings experienced the rural and small town side of an event that touched all who weathered it―the economic crash of 1929 and its 10-year aftermath.

The author grew up in Marion, Illinois, entering the first grade in 1930, the start of the Great Depression. This book, which recalls memorable epi­sodes in the life of that boy, is a sequel to the pop­ular ANickel’s Worth of Skim Milk.

What Hastings experienced as a child was typical of depression-era life. Those who were young then can relive lost youth in Hastings’ books. And there were moments worth reliving: Hastings tells of “laughter and love and tears in the midst of hunger and cold and deprivation.” Those too young to have experienced the economic devastation can see those hard days through the eyes of a trained storyteller reporting from the point of view of a child.

Nickel's Worth of Skim Milk: A Boy's View of the Great Depression (Shawnee Books)
ISBN: 0809313057

Southern Illinois University Press. 1986

Told from the point of view of a young boy, this account shows how a family “faced the 1930s head on and lived to tell the story.” It is the story of grow­ing up in southern Illinois, specifically the Marion, area during the Great Depression. But when it was first published in 1972 the book proved to be more than one writer’s memories of depression-era southern Illinois.

“People started writing me from all over the country,” Hastings notes. “And all said much the same: ‘You were writing about my family, as much as your own. That’s how I remember the 1930s, too.’”

As he proves time and again in this book, Hast­ings is a natural storyteller who can touch upon the detail that makes the tale both poignant and univer­sal. He brings to life a period that marked every man, woman, and child who lived through it even as that national experience fades into the past.

The Answer Book for Writers and Storytellers
ISBN: 0960070605

Robert J Hastings. 1991

Book by Hastings, Robert

O Happy Day and Other Tinyburg Tales: It's Never Too Late to Go Back and Visit
ISBN: 0805457410

Baptist Sunday School Board. 1992

Book by Hastings, Robert J.

Samuel: The Inspiring Story of How an Amish Boy's Tragedy Brought Two Worlds Together
ISBN: 1563524376

Longstreet Pr. 1997

Relates the story of an Amish boy's tragic accident and the experiences of his family during his recovery


Lincoln Library Writer of the Year for Samuel: Tha Amish Boy Who Lived.

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