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General Information

Name:  Robert Gerald Goldsborough  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Mystery

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1937 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Robert is a lifelong Chicagoan.

Biographical and Professional Information

Goldsborough is a journalist and was a reporter for the Associated Press and for the ''Chicago Tribune''. He was also the editor for ''Advertising Age''. Goldsborough had always been an avid reader of the Nero Wolfe stories. Through his life, he devoured all of the 70-plus Wolfe mysteries. After Rex Stout, the author of the Wolfe stories, passed, Robert started his quest to gain permission from Stout's estate to use the Nero Wolf characters and settings in a published work. He began writing an original Wolfe novel "Murder in E Minor" and then wrote six more Wolfe novels after that. Even though he enjoyed writing these books, Goldsborough longed to create his own characters, which he did in "Three Strikes You're Dead," set in the gang-ridden Chicago of the late 1930s and narrated by a Tribune police reporter.

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Titles At Your Library

Murder in E Minor: A Nero Wolfe Mystery
ISBN: 0553051237

Bantam. 1986

An expert on Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe faithfully recreates the legendary, eccentric sleuth and his debonair assistant, Archie Goodwin, in a new mystery involving a series of threatening notes, sent to Milan Stevens, a world-famous conductor

The Bloodied Ivy (Nero Wolfe)
ISBN: 0553278169

Crimeline. 1989

When a great thinker takes a nasty tumble, Wolfe goes back to school... A conservative academic, so far to the right that he thought Ronald Reagan was a pinko, Hale Markham rules Prescott University like an intellectual tyrant—right up until the morning he is found dead at the bottom of one of Prescott’s famously beautiful ravines. Every liberal on campus hated the crotchety old crank, but which one is responsible for giving Markham his final push to the right?

Fade to Black (Nero Wolfe)
ISBN: 0553292641

Bantam Rack Edition. 1991

Book by Goldsborough, Robert

The Last Coincidence (Nero Wolfe)
ISBN: 0553286161

Crimeline. 1990

Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin return to investigate a case of murder when nasty playboy Sparky Linville targets Noreen James, Lily Rowan's niece, as his next playmate, an involvement that leads to scandal, family squabbles, and death

Silver Spire
ISBN: 0553563874

Crimeline. 1993

Nero Wolfe and sidekick Archie Goodwin tackle the powerful high-stakes world of mass media evangelism as they try to protect one of America's most beloved preachers

The Missing Chapter
ISBN: 0553568744

Crimeline. 1994

In the latest Nero Wolfe mystery, Nero and Archie investigate the questionable suicide of an unpopular author and unearth a host of suspects including a venomous critic and a former editor whose reputation was smeared by the author. Reprint.

Three Strikes You're Dead (A Snap Malek Mystery Book One)
ISBN: 1590804244

Echelon Press Publishing. 2005

In the mob-ridden Chicago of 1938, a reform candidate for mayor is gunned down, and Steve Malek, a police reporter for The Tribune, senses the story of a lifetime. Incurring his editors' anger, he ranges far beyond his beat, plunging headlong into a maverick investigation of the murder. In the process, he crosses paths with actress Helen Hayes, future Mayor Richard J. Daley, one-time syndicate kingpin Al Capone, and pitching great Dizzy Dean, traded to the Cubs at the start of the season. Even with the excitement of the World Series, Dean may be the key to Malek's very survival.

Shadow of the Bomb (A Snap Malek Mystery Book Two)
ISBN: 1590803515

Echelon Press Publishing. 2006

Against the ominous backdrop of America's entry into World War II, the navy still reels from the devastation wreaked at Pearl Harbor and the crushing defeat of US ground troops in the Philippines.

On the home front, scientists at the University of Chicago under Enrico Fermi labor feverishly on a secret weapon that promises to reverse the fortunes of battle. However, sinister forces are at work on the outwardly serene Gothic campus, resulting in violent deaths.

While work grinds on in the shadowy catacombs beneath an abandoned football stadium–work that will forever alter our world–Chicago Tribune police reporter Steve Malek delves into the intrigue. Battling for an exclusive story and, ultimately, for his very life, Malek finds himself in the midst of history-in-the-making.

A Death in Pilsen (A Snap Malek Mystery Book Three)
ISBN: 1590805313

Echelon Press Publishing. 2007

1946, the first post-World War II year, finds Tribune police reporter Snap Malek hip deep in a murder case. Someone has stabbed his cousin's British war bride to death in their Bohemian neighborhood home in Pilsen. As the prime suspect, the meek and self-effacing man is jailed, and Malek, convinced of his innocence, begins a dogged hunt for the murderer. Snap's rogue investigation takes him into the shadowy blue-collar saloon world of Pilsen, where he encounters a mélange of characters, including cynical and hard-bitten factory workers, a tragic war widow, and a former professional prizefighter--all "bar friends" of the murdered woman. Despite objections from the police, Malek presses on, incurring the anger of one of the bar's habitués, and fighting for his life in a bare-knuckle slugfest in a Pilsen street. Determined, Malek hires the city's best defense attorney, encounters legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and deals with the traumatic emotional distraction of reporting on one of the nation's worst-ever train wrecks that rocked the western Chicago suburb of Naperville. Finally, when Snap turns his attention back to the murder case, he finds multiple surprises and an unexpected and tragic resolution.



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