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Name:  Sara Hoskinson Frommer  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1938 in Chicago, Il

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Illinois Connection

Sarah Frommer was born in Chicago, grew up in Hawaii and northern Illinois, and went to high school in Kewanee, Illinois, a few miles from Bishop Hill.

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Murder in C Major (Missing Mysteries)
ISBN: 1890208310

Poisoned Pen Press. 2000

Music can be murder....
Oliver, Indiana. Quiet streets. Deep roots. Families and neighbors. Young widow Joan Spencer returns, wondering if anyone can really go home again. She finds few familiar faces, but from those old friends spring connections--and reminders of what long memories exist in small towns.
Actually Oliver is not so small. It has a busy college where Joan's son grows fascinated with biological research. A senior center, where she lands the director's job. An amateur orchestra where she settles into the viola section--and right next to an unpleasant oboist who drops from his chair during rehearsal. Rushed to the hospital, the man dies, if not to universal applause, then to a general sense of relief. A young Japanese violinist is puzzled: the victim displayed all the symptoms of fugu poisoning. The autopsy confirms he's been murdered.
Enter police lieutenant Fred Lundquist. Investigation determines more than one source for the poison, not necessarily the deadly puffer fish, and a wide circle of suspects. He and Joan gradually make connections until--not quite to crashing chords and drum rolls--she realizes they've looked at it all the wrong way round...

Buried In Quilts: A Joan Spencer Mystery (Joan Spencer Mysteries)
ISBN: 0595143067

iUniverse. 2000

Joan Spencer and the Oliver Civic Symphony are rehearsing The Unanswered Question when Joan finds a body. If you like quilts, music, and low-key mystery, this one will please. Deadly Pleasures

Murder And Sullivan (Worldwide Mystery)
ISBN: 037326285X

Worldwide Library. 1998

When judge David Putnam is murdered before his big scene in the local theater production of Gilbert & Sullivan's Ruddigore, violinist Joan Spencer and her lover detective, Fred Lindquist, search for a killer, unaware of the deadly conclusion that awaits them. Reprint.

The Vanishing Violinist: A Joan Spencer Mystery
ISBN: 0312241046

Minotaur Books. 1999

The disappearance of a Brazilian violinist in the entourage of her daughter's fiance drags Joan Spencer into the fray as she tries to clear her future son-in-law of a murder change

Witness in Bishop Hill: A Joan Spencer Mystery
ISBN: 0312302436

Minotaur Books. 2002

Things have finally calmed down enough for cozy heroine Joan Spencer and her new husband, Lt. Fred Lundquist, to take a long-delayed honeymoon to celebrate their three-month-old nuptials. Of course, it won't be a traditional honeymoon, since they'll have Joan's teenage son Andrew in tow, and the fact that they are using the trip to finally visit Fred's family makes it even more unusual. But Joan is happy she'll get some time away with her family, and she'll finally get to see the tiny historic Swedish-American community where Fred grew up, Bishop Hill.

Unfortunately for Joan, neither her honeymoon nor her trip works out quite as she'd hoped. For starters, Fred's mother is farther down the road to Alzheimer's than they had been led to believe, and dealing with her illness turns out to be a tough test for their new family. The worst is yet to come when Mrs. Lundquist witnesses a brutal murder, but is a little too disoriented to be clear in her description of the killer. Suddenly everyone in the small village is a suspect, and the only person with the key to unlock the mystery is an elderly woman who floats in and out of clarity, often undetected. Joan will have to get close enough to her mother-in-law to figure out what really happened that night, and to protect her and her extended family from a killer who is bound to strike again. Witness in Bishop Hill marks the triumphant return of author Sara Hoskinson Frommer, whose previous Joan Spencer novels have won her a dedicated following.

Death Climbs a Tree
ISBN: 0373266324

Worldwide Mystery. 2008

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