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General Information

Name:  Hugh Malcom Downs  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1921 in Akron, Ohio

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Illinois Connection

Hugh lived in Illinois from 1943 to 1954. He worked at WMAQ in Chicago as an announcer, disc jockey, interviewer, and Master of Ceremonies on various radiio and television programs.

Biographical and Professional Information

Hugh Downs is a retired American broadcaster, television host, producer, and author. The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University was named after the author.

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Titles At Your Library

Yours Truly, Hugh Downs

Avon Book Division [1960]. 1960

Potential; The Way to Emotional Maturity
ISBN: 0385037422

Doubleday. 1973

Thirty Dirty Lies About Old
ISBN: 0895050331

DLM Teaching Resources. 1980

On Camera
ISBN: 0399132031

Putnam Adult. 1986

The television personality recalls his broadcasting career with insights into his colleagues and the many celebrities who appeared with him on camera, and talks about his personal life and his active pursuit of adventure

Perspectives (SIGNED)

Turner. 1995

From one of America's best-known and most respected broadcast journalists--an insightful and warm-hearted collection of more than 50 clear-eyed commentaries on subjects ranging from the nature of the universe to the pleasures of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. These are his best.

Greater Phoenix: The Desert in Bloom (Urban Tapestry Series)
ISBN: 1881096696

Towery Pub. 1999

"Hugh Downs, coanchor of ABC's 20/20 and author of the introduction to Greater Phoenix: The Desert in Bloom, writes that his chosen hometown is somewhat misunderstood: "Outsiders think that Phoenix is a dusty and hot backwater, a cowboy town that clings to its Wild West heritage. A quaint place to vacation, perhaps, but not a place for civilized people to live."

They're wrong, Downs insists. And they're right. Vestiges remain of the days when Greater Phoenix was an old-style western outpost. People wear six-shooters, drive pickups, and usually aren't kidding when they tell you to watch out for rattlesnakes. But, the area is also now the sixth-largest community in the nation. It's definitely big-city, with an array of amenities, jobs, housing, and cultural offerings to attract newcomers in record numbers. And it's a sports town, where recreational activities, spectator events, and surviving the summer heat all rank as favorite pastimes.

Mainly, though, Downs writes that Phoenix is a good place for just about anyone to visit, or to make a home. "The sunsets are unrivaled. The friendliness of the inhabitants world-class. And the feeling of being at home doesn't require being born here. Any time you sink a taproot in Phoenix, you know that in time you will become a native."

Pure gold: A lifetime of love and marriage
ISBN: 0971716005

Arizona State University. 2001

Book by Downs, Hugh

Letter to a Great Grandson: A Message of Love, Advice, and Hopes for the Future
ISBN: 074324723X

Scribner. 2004

"When you are a great-grandfather, you will experience something so much more powerful and meaningful than being a father or a grandfather that you will look at the march of generations with new eyes."
-- from Letter to a Great Grandson
In this heartwarming book -- written for his great-grandson but perfect for readers of all ages -- a beloved commentator and trusted public figure shares his thoughts on topics ranging from relationships to science to life in general.

When his great-grandson Alexander was born in 2002, Hugh Downs suddenly gained a rare perspective on the world from seeing American culture evolve through five generations (his parents', his own, his children's, his grandchildren's, and now his great-grandson's). Once Downs realized the extraordinary amount of love he felt for his brand-new descendant and the profound connection he sensed between them, he decided to write a letter to be read at the different stages of Alexander's life.

Letter to a Great Grandson is thoughtful and touching, funny and wise. With his trademark insight, Downs discusses the joys, possibilities, and challenges of infancy, young adulthood, middle age, old age, and everything in between. Divided into eleven chronological decades of life, it describes the common problems, achievements, and expectations of each stage. Throughout, Downs offers his characteristically erudite thoughts on myriad subjects, as well as delightful anecdotes from his own life.

A celebration of the remarkable bond between grandparents and their grandchildren (and great-grandparents and their great-grandchildren), this special book emphasizes the importance of maintaining that most precious possession -- family connections. It will resonate personally with each reading and in each new phase of life, and is a wonderful gift to be treasured for generations.

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