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General Information

Name:  Sandra Belton  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1939 in Bluefield, West Virginia

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Illinois Connection

Sandra lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

When Sandra Belton grew up in what was then a segregated Beckley, she and her friends packed the library on Saturdays because it was one of the few places black kids were treated equal to whites. Much as she loved the library, she missed seeing books about black kids books she now writes to solid national reviews.

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Titles At Your Library

From Miss Ida's Porch
ISBN: 0613050231

Topeka Bindery. 1998

Miss Ida's porch is a place where adults recall their past and where the youngsters love to listen in. On one perfect night, tales are told about two great African-American performers--Duke Ellington, who stayed at Mrs. Lomax's house when he was shut out of whites only hotels, and Marian Anderson, whose two historic concerts in Washington, D.C., testified to the power of the civil rights movement.

May'Naise Sandwiches & Sunshine Tea
ISBN: 0027090353

Simon & Schuster. 1994

Big Mama reminisces with her grandchild about a childhood experience that helped inspire her to be the first member of her family to attend college

Ernestine & Amanda
ISBN: 068980847X

Aladdin. 1998

Growing up in the segregated south of the 1950s, ten-year-olds Ernestine and Amanda, the former an overweight girl, the latter a daughter of a privileged family, struggle with their mutual dislike of one another. Reprint.

Summer Camp Ready or Not! (Ernestine & Amanda)
ISBN: 0613088476

Econo-Clad Books. 1998

Two young African-American girls, Ernestine and Amanda, go to separate summer camps, and although they both enjoy the fun of camp, they each realize that their friends from home sometimes understand them best."

Members of the C.L.U.B.
ISBN: 0613118626

Bt Bound. 1999

For Members Only

Sixth grade looks like a drag for Ernestine until Wilhelmina, a tall, smart, super cool newcomer, gets her to enter a school speech contest.

Amanda loves sixth grade, especially her secret club for the cutest girls in her class -- and that definitely doesn't include fat Ernestine Harris.

Amanda may be able to keep Ernestine out of C.L.U.B., but she can't keep her out of her life. Who would have thought Ernestine would turn up at C.L.U.B.'s reception for the contest winners? Or that Amanda and her family would be eating Thanksgiving dinner at Ernestine's house? And who would have thought that having Ernestine around might not be so terrible after all?

Mysteries on Monroe Street
ISBN: 0613159209

Bt Bound. 1999

Born to Dance

Amanda has decided she's going to become a world-famous dancer -- she's already one of the best students at Miss Davis's new dance studio on Monroe Street. Ernestine has no interest in taking ballet lessons -- especially with all those skinny girls running around in leotards -- but she loves playing piano for the classes. So both girls are upset when a suspicious fire closes down the studio.

Ernestine's outspoken friend Wilhelmina is convinced the vandalism is the work of white kids angry at the prospect of desegregation in their small southern town, but no one knows for sure. Can Ernestine and Amanda discover what really happened on Monroe Street? And have they finally found something they feel the same way about?

ISBN: 0688159508

Greenwillow. 2000

Tilara feels that her summer will be wasted when she learns she is to spend it with her aunt Cloelle in an old folks' home, but instead finds friends, romance, and self-worth.

Beauty, Her Basket
ISBN: 0688178219

GreenWilBk. 2003

Sea grass basket . . .

Sweetgrass basket . . .

Beauty, Her Basket.

"I stick my nose inside the basket as far as it can go. I want to smell its secrets."

Sandra Belton and Cozbi A. Cabrera invite you to the Sea Islands, where a young girl, her cousin Victor, and their Nana are spending the summer together. Therewill be stories to share and pictures to see and secrets worth knowing. Secrets about these times and the old times and tomorrow, too.

Store-Bought Baby
ISBN: 0060850868

GreenWilBk. 2006

from what the police report
said i was probably
kissing lester at the exact time
my brother killed himself

wouldn't mama
just love to hear that

There's only one thing that matters. I begin to know somewhere deep inside of me that I would give anything on this earth to be able to hug my brother again.

The Tallest Tree
ISBN: 0060527498

Greenwillow Books. 2008

Living in his rundown neighborhood, it's hard for him to imagine the way it must have been during Mr. Odell's younger years when people like Count Basie and Duke Ellington strolled the streets, but with the help of his friend and the planting of some new trees, Little Catfish is determined to return his community back to its glory state of yesteryear.



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