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Name:  Bernice Rabe  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children;


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Bernice received her Master of Arts degree from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. She also did Graduate study in Psychology at Northern Illinois University.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 0553112686

Bantam Books. 1978

Chronicles a young boy's continuing conflict with his father while growing up on a Missouri farm during the Depression.

Write You Own Love Story
ISBN: 0913839558

Book Lures. 1986

Margaret's Moves
ISBN: 0590416677

Scholastic Paperbacks. 1988

Nine-year-old Margaret, confined to a wheelchair by spina bifida, longs for a new, lightweight "sportsmodel" chair so that she can speed around as fast as the athletic brother with whom she has an ongoing rivalry.

Where's Chimpy? (Albert Whitman Concept Paperbacks)
ISBN: 0807589276

Albert Whitman & Company. 1988

Misty, a little girl suffering from Down's Syndrome, cannot settle down to listen to a bedtime story until she finds her beloved missing toy monkey, Chimpy

The Balancing Girl
ISBN: 0140548769

Puffin Books. 1993

A first grader who is very good at balancing objects while in her wheelchair and on her crutches thinks up her greatest balancing act ever to benefit the school carnival

ISBN: 055302762X

Bantam Books. 1975

During the 1930's a Missouri farm girl is told by a fortuneteller that she will die before she is fourteen.

Rehearsal for the Bigtime
ISBN: 0531105040

Franklin Watts. 1988

Eleven-year-old Margo, who has always been thought of as nothing more than a sweet little angel, gains confidence and the ability to make people admire her when she joins the school band and starts special music lessons with three friends

Magic Comes in Its Time
ISBN: 067179454X

Simon & Schuster. 1993

After Jonathan's mother tells him that the storks landed on her roof the day he was adopted, he longs for the storks to return so that his magical wish will come true.

Hiding Mr. McMulty
ISBN: 015201330X

HMH Books for Young Readers. 1997

In 1937 in southeastern Missouri, eleven-year-old Rass, son of a proud sharecropper, proves his worth when a flood destroys his family's home and forces his best friend, an elderly black man, into hiding from the Ku Klux Klan.

Tall Enough to Own the World
ISBN: 0531106810

Franklin Watts. 1989

Unable to read, ten-year-old Joey is often in trouble at school for his rebellious behavior until a series of circumstances help him to conquer his problem

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