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Name:  Lowell B. Komie  

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Lowell lives in Deerfield. He has been a resident of Illinois for over 50 years.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lowell B. Komie is a Chicago attorney and writer. He received his B.A. from the University of Michigan in 1951 and his J.D. from Northwestern University in 1954.

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Titles At Your Library

Judge S Chambers And Other Stories
ISBN: 0897332474

Academy Chicago Publishers. 1987

Shares the stories of ambitious students, law office politics, veteran attorneys, dispirited clerks, job interviewers, a student's romances, and an aging judge

The Lawyer's Chambers and Other Stories
ISBN: 0964195704

Swordfish-Chicago. 1994

Winner of the 1995 Carl Sandburg Award for Fiction, The Lawyer's Chambers and Other Stories is a collection of 17 short stories, 11 of which are about the practice of law, while the remaining 6 cover various topics, ranging in setting from Warsaw and Prague to Montreal.

The Last Jewish Shortstop in America
ISBN: 0964195712

Swordfish-Chicago. 1997

Book by Komie, Lowell B.

The Night Swimmer - A Man in London and Other Stories
ISBN: 0964195720

Swordfish-Chicago. 1999

The Night Swimmer - A Man in London and Other Stories is a collection of 19 short stories by award-winning author Lowell B. Komie. Set in Chicagos North Shore, London, Israel, Prague, Warsaw, the Florida Keys, Door County and other locales, the stories have a wide range of topics. Three of the stories are Holocaust related, one is an excerpt from a forthcoming novel, two of the stories are about lawyers, and several involve relationships.

Conversations with a Golden Ballerina
ISBN: 0964195739

Swordfish. 2001

A comic novel about Arthur Fabricant, a divorced architect, who falls into a darkly hued garden of luncheon dates with younger women. He extricates himself by taking on a project building an invisible wall (a symbolic Jewish Eruv) around the entire city of Chicago. A zany, comic novel wilder even than Komie’s award-winning, The Last Jewish Shortstop in America. (Cover by Mary Lou Schwall-Komie)

The Humpback of Lodz
ISBN: 0964195747

Swordfish/Chicago Publishers. 2004

Set in Chicago, Warsaw and London in the 1980's. A story of intrigue, romance and suspense. A man and woman each search for their own identity. He is a divorced Jewish American law professor. She is Catholic, Polish, a younger woman, an Economics professor and a member of the Solidarnosc underground on the run from the police. A love story mixed with hate, fear and revulsion in the dark shadow of the Holocaust. A man and woman caught in the net of martial law and running from the police and each other.

The Legal Fiction of Lowell B. Komie
ISBN: 0964195755

Swordfish-Chicago. 2005

Since the Louis Auchincloss collections of the 1950s and 1960s, there have been few collections of legal short fiction written by a practicing American lawyer outside the genres of crime and legal thriller fiction. Here is a new collection by Lowell B. Komie of Chicago, published to celebrate his fiftieth year in the practice of law. Lowell B. Komie’s first collection of short stories, The Judge’s Chambers, was published by the American Bar Association in 1983. It was the first collection of fiction published by the ABA in its more than 100-year history. His second collection, The Lawyer’s Chambers and Other Stories, published by Swordfish Chicago in 1995, won the Carl Sandburg Award for fiction from the Friends of the Chicago Public Library. This new collection of twenty-nine stories, The Legal Fiction of Lowell B. Komie, centered in Chicago, brings together many of the stories in those collections with new stories that have been published since the earlier volumes, the latest having been written in 2004.

The Silhouette Maker of Copenhagen
ISBN: 0964195763

Swordfish-Chicago. 2006

Jonny Levin, an English Literature professor on sabbatical from an unnamed university in Chicago, is in Copenhagen to write a novel. He's adopted the name "Jonny" instead of John, hoping that the shortening of the name will launch him into adventures in Denmark that will open up his life. He meets a young Lithuanian tour guide in Copenhagen whom he suspects is really a prostitute. They introduce the reader to an intriguing modern Lolita-like duo operating in the shadow of Jonny Levin's obsession with the Holocaust. He is haunted by the image of a Lithuanian "partisan" who was an executioner of Jews and he wants to go to Lithuania to hunt him down. Filled with a cast of fascinating characters including Leda, the beautiful, young Lithuanian tour guide, Mooney Levine, a comic-womanizing, New York gambler, and Madame Josefina, an ancient Jewish Mother Theresa in Copenhagen from Jerusalem to hold sances at Tivoli, Copenhagen's lovely amusement park. Komie's characters whirl as vividly as the hand carved figures on Tivoli's famous carousel. Hans Christian Andersen, Jenny Lind, Isak Dinesen, Henrik Ibsen and Isaac Bashevis Singer all make cameo appearances at Madame Josefina's sances in wildly, magical-comic scenes. Included with the novella are five Komie stories. A Woman in Warsaw (Chicago Tribune Magazine), A Woman in Prague (Chicago Tribune Magazine), Lederhosen Boys (Milwaukee Journal Magazine), A Commuters' Notes II (CBA Record) and The Messenger (Previously unpublished). Also included is a copy of The Jager Report, a report of an SS Colonel listing the daily executions of Jews in Lithuania during the Holocaust, city by city.

Hotel Europejski
ISBN: 0964195771

Swordfish/Chicago Publishers. 2007

John Levin, a middle-aged, twice-divorced English Literature professor is in Copenhagen where he hopes to change his humdrum life by writing a novel. This plan takes a turn when he meets a sexy young Lithuanian beauty, a tour guide in Copenhagen. Reciprocating his obvious interest she joins him in a Lolita-like affair which escalates even as Levin's obsession with the Holocaust surfaces. For years he has been haunted by the image in a photo he has of a Lithuanian "partisan" who was an executioner of Jews (possibly including Levin's own relatives-thus the obsession) in the beginning of World War II. Levin's plans change when he learns by coincidence that this man is still alive, is a decorated Lithuanian war hero, and lives close by his young Lolita's estranged family in Lithuania. Determined to hunt him down, the action intensifies as they both return to her home and her parents.

In the Fear Zone
ISBN: 0964195798

Swordfish/Chicago Publishers. 2008

Following the publication of his latest novel Hotel Europejski in 2007, Chicago writer and attorney Lowell B. Komie returns to the short story. This new collection of 13 stories involves relationships that range from seduction, love, and loneliness, to suicide and violence. They reflect often just the lives of human beings. The wide range of the stories extends to cities, generally quite different, Chicago, New York, Haifa, Montreal, London, Paris, Boston, San Francisco, with urban people as the characters.

A Lawyer's Notes
ISBN: 096419578X

Swordfish/Chicago Publishers. 2008

A new collection of fiction, 14 stories published in 2008, by the author of The Legal Fiction of Lowell B. Komie, 29 stories published in 2005. Komie is also the author of The Judge's Chambers, 1983, the first collection of short fiction ever published by the American Bar Association in its more than 100 year history. He is the author of The Lawyer's Chambers and Other Stories, which won the Carl Sandburg Award for Fiction. Komie has practiced law in Chicago and Deerfield, Illinois for over 50 years.

The American Bookstore of Paris
ISBN: 0615294367

Swordfish/Chicago Publishers. 2009

David Freund, a retired bookseller from San Francisco, is in Paris. At breakfast, over coffee, he sees an ad in the Herald Tribune for an English language bookstore. The purchase includes a smaller store in south central France. In a caf in the Place des Voges, he meets a lovely English woman, Kathryn Bingham, who works at the British embassy in Paris. Their friendship deepens as she encourages Freund to purchase both stores. The Paris store is in the heart of the Marais, near the Holocaust museum with its wall of 76,000 names. Freund struggles with the idea as he discovers the complicity of the French police in the murder of 76,000 Jews, including 11,000 Jewish Children.

ISBN: 0615421687

Swordfish/Chicago Publishers. 2011

Italia is a story of an Italian Jewish man, Lucien Giorgio Levi (Luca), a Florentine, whose family left Italy in 1938 when he was 9 because of the enactment of the Italian Racial Laws. These laws prohibited Jews from serving in any of the professions or teaching in a university. His father was then a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Florence. He left Florence bringing his young family to Chicago where he continued his work in Astronomy at the Adler Planetarium. Italia is also the story of three women, Carlotta, Cinci and Costanza, who live in Luca's memory. He is now 80 and he returns to Florence and searches for traces of them and his family and childhood. His search is interwoven with his discovery of the conduct of the Italians relating to the Jews during World War II and the Holocaust. The final story, Primo, is a tribute to the great Italian author of the Holocaust, Primo Levi. Italia is divided into six stories, Carlotta, the 90 year old sister of his best friend, Roma, his visit to Rome, Cinci, his friend, Maria Tornaquinci de'Medici, Costanza, the lost love of his youth, Luca, his own story and Primo.

The Speed Skater of Amsterdam
ISBN: 1467521507

Swordfish/Chicago Publishers. 2012

Joop Dykstra, a Dutch Jew and former speed skating champion, has been deaf and mute since 1943 when he witnessed his parents and sister and brother board a train for Auschwitz from Westerbork, the Dutch detention camp. His story refutes the Anne Frank myth of the Dutch nation as saviors of the Jews. A day by day list of the deportation of over 100,000 Jews from Westerbork to Auschwitz, Sobibor, Bergen-Belsen and Theresienstadt is annexed as an exhibit to the novel.


  • Carl Sandburg Award for Fiction in 1995 for
  • Lawyers Chambers and Other Stories

  • Small Press Award for Fiction at Book America Chicago in 1998 for
  • The Last Jewish Shortstop in America

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