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General Information

Name:  Phil Locascio  

Pen Name: Philip D. Locascio

Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Horror

Born: July 14, 1953 in Chicago Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Phil Locascio was born and raised in Chicago Illinois and is a lifelong Illinois resident. He attended Northern Illinois University where he received a BA in Psychology. He has lived in Springfield, Illinois since 1986. He is a retiree from the State of Illinois, Department of Human Services.

Biographical and Professional Information

Phil Locascio is the author of several novels including ''The Sorcerer of Hooterville'', ''The Sins of Orville Sand'', ''The Harbor of Ill Will'', ''In His Hands'', and ''The Fragility of Contrition''. His next novel, ''The Restoration of Josef Mundt'', will be published by World Castle Publications in the near future. He is also the author of a collection of some of his best short stories titled ''Howling Hounds''. Phil has had dozens of short stories published in various magazines and anthologies through the years. Several of his Tales have received Honorable Mention in ''The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror''. Phil welcomes comments at [].'''Check out a video highlighting Phil's works at: [].'''

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 1902309464

Sarob Press. 2004

Sarob '04, ltd edn

The Sorcerer of Hooterville
ISBN: 1897217358

Coscom Entertainment. 2005

Tony Tumara was a good boy, who always tried to do the right thing. But as a child, an innocent and understandable mistake resulted in the tragic death of Mr. McGuffin, a neighbor he had befriended. Through the years, the guilt Tony feels over his error preys on his mind, and when he discovers a way to find peace, he jumps at the chance. But his efforts to make amends have seemingly awakened a haunting presence from his past, someone who has come to reclaim payment on a long-standing debt. When his uncle is mysteriously murdered, Tony fears the ghost of Mr. McGuffin has committed the crime as retribution against him. However, the police suspect Tony, whose increasing fearfulness begins to strip away his sanity. And there is something else that is haunting him besides the specter of Mr. McGuffin. Some elusive piece of the puzzle lingers just out of his reach, a troubling certainty his mind cannot seem to grasp nor face. And now the ghost of Mr. McGuffin has one more act of revenge to de

The Sins of Orville Sand
ISBN: 159426242X

Mundania Press, LLC. 2006

Orville Sand is on a mission, a deadly assignment he is bound to carry out. Throughout the Midwest, wherever he goes, people die in mysterious accidents. He carries with him a great red book containing the names of the unfortunates with whom he must rendevous. Where his shadow passes, tragedy will befall some unsuspecting innocent. Perhaps a child will drown, or a wall will collapse unexpectedly on a pedestrian, or a woman will tumble down a flight of stairs. Only one man, Gerald Mizzaro, knows the truth. As a child, his life crosses innocently with Orville Sand's while the man rents a room from Gerald's widowed mother. The fatherless boy and the older man forge a bond based on the emotional void they both feel. But when death visits the neighborhood during Sand's short stay, Gerald suspects his involvement. As he grows older, a coincidental second encounter with Sand provides Gerald with the irrefutable truth he can not ignore. Now Gerald must act to stop the man he both cares for and abhors. He must put away all the frivolous concerns a college student dwells upon and face a grave responsibility only he can assume. And when Sand discovers Gerald's attempts to stop him, he is forced to deal with the young man or meet a fate more unspeakable than the death he himself suffered decades before.

The Harbor of ill Will
ISBN: 1780354355

Upfront Publishing. 2012

IN THE HARBOR OF ILL WILL, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! In 1928, Demetri Davos discovers a mysterious crystal ball that has the power to grant him anything he asks. But when two selfi sh requests result in the death of innocent people, the boy realizes the terrible price that must be paid for every vain wish and resolves never to use the globe again. When the Nazis begin their march across France, though, the desperate half-Jew Demetri is forced into a life-or-death decision and has to break his vow to escape regardless of the consequences. Years later in Chicago, he is rich and happily married - but a vengeful nemesis, aware of the globe's power, now wants what he's owed. And he'll stop at nothing to get it. When his family is put in peril, Demetri is forced to pay the piper for his past - and for wishes granted - time aft er time - aft er time - From Europe to America, across the years, Phil Locascio's 'Th e Harbor of Ill Will' traces one good man's struggle to combat his own inadequacies and resist overwhelming temptation in a deadly moral tug of war.

The Fragility of Contrition
ISBN: 1938961927

World Castle Publishing. 2013

A botched jewelry store robbery sets offs a chain reaction of mystery, deceit and murder in the arid scrubland of New Mexico. The year is 1953 and a host of devious characters are assembling in the hot, barren desert in search of the missing jewels. In a cave full of bats, an outlaw lays trapped and wounded. At a roadside motel, an old distrustful proprietor and an innocent young dreamer play nursemaid to several mysterious individuals who have suddenly taken up residence. A cunning robber on the run tries to make his way back into the fray. The local sheriff, not opposed to breaking a few rules to get what he wants, devises a dangerous ploy. A secret rendezvous, a blatant betrayal, a fictitious escape, a hidden agenda, a vicious murder, an unexpected revelation, and even more dead bodies. Meanwhile the bats grow impatient for twilight when they can once again take wing and leave the safety of their dank, dark cavern which has now strangely become a den of thieves.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

As a member of the Horror Writer's Association, Phil has appeared on panels in Chicago and Seattle on "How to Get Published" and "How to Get Unstuck". Phil loves to provide advice and inspiration to young, burgeoning writers. Speaking engagements to date include the Contemporary Book Club of Springfield in 2013 and the DHS Book Club in 2009.