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General Information

Name:  Danny Mahlon Underwood  

Pen Name: Danny Mahlon Underwood

Genre: Poetry

Born: 1963 in Decatur, Illinois


Illinois Connection

I was born in Decatur, Illinois and lived there until 1971. I also lived in Quincy, Long Creek and Mt. Zion. I graduated from Mt. Zion High School in 1981.

Biographical and Professional Information

Underwood is former member of the International Society of Poets. He started writing poetry at the age of thirteen, while trying to deal with the death of his Grandfather. As a result, his first poem was titled, ''My Grandfather''. Several of his poems that followed after his first were published in anthologies. His second poem, ''The Gifted One'', written at age 14 and won an Editor's Choice Award, in 2002, in a book titled "Tumbling Into Tomorrow" published by Watermark Press. This was also published in "Theatre Of The Mind", published by Noble House Publications in the U.K. in 2003. ''The Silence'' was published in "Colours Of The Heart" in 2004, published by Noble House Publications in the U.K. ''I'm Like My Parents'' was published in "The Best Poems and Poets of 2003" published by Watermark Press in 2004.In 2004, Underwood was inducted into the International Society of Poet's "International Who's Who In Poetry" and was published in a book of the same name with a poem titled ''Fallen Hero''. This poem won an Editor's Choice Award in a book titled "Twilight Musings" in 2005, Published by Watermark Press. ''Fallen Hero'' was written into a song by Nashville Music Productions, in 2005 and recorded in Nashville for a compilation CD. The poem was published in "Expressions II" by the League of American Poets in 2006.His poem ''Follow Me'' was published in "Famous Poets of the Heartland" 15th Anniversary Souveneir Collector's Edition and on the CD "Famous Poets of the Heartland", 'A Treasury of Beloved Family Poems', read by John Campbell. Underwood has also published four books that highlight his poetry and short stories.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 1418490954

AuthorHouse. 2004

'A Look Into My Soul', provides a glimpse of the inner self of one man, everyone thought they knew.However, after reading it you will discover a man, no one knew existed.If it were possible to actually view a person's soul, this is what it would look like.The book is the Author's own self therapy in his attempt to show the world what he is really all about.

Dark Eyes
ISBN: 143893016X

AuthorHouse. 2008

Dark Eyes

Deep Mind, the follow up to 'A Look Into My Soul', provides an even deeper look into the mind and soul of Author Danny Mahlon Underwood. Yet still evoking humor and levity, through all of the pain. He also displays the unique ability to speak for others and communicate their feelings, through his poetry.

Beyond the Smile
ISBN: 1438935803

AuthorHouse. 2008

I have opened up to you, not for you to analyze or sympathize. Only to help you understand. The mind behind the man has been revealed. There is no more hiding who I am. You can accept me or reject me, miss me or dismiss me, but you shall never forget me.

The Demons Are Done Dancing
ISBN: 1463404549

AuthorHouse Publishing. 2011


-- '''International Society Of Poets:''' -- *Poet of Merit Award, 2002

-- *Outstanding Achievement Award, 2003

-- *Outstanding Achievement Award, 2004

-- *Outstanding Achievement Award, 2005

-- '''International Library Of Poetry:''' -- *Editor’s Choice Award, 2002 for ''The Gifted One''

-- *Editor’s Choice Award, 2005 for ''Fallen Hero''

-- '''International Society Of Poets''' -- *Selected into The International Who’s Who Of Poetry, 2004

-- '''International Society Of Poets:''' -- *Poetry Ambassador, 2006