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Name:  Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  

Pen Name: Phyllis Reynolds

Genre: Fiction & Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Children;

Born: January 4,1933 in Anderson, Indiana

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Illinois Connection

*Lived in Joliet and Chicago

Biographical and Professional Information

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor includes many of her own growing-up experiences in the Alice books. She writes for both children and adults and is the author of more than one hundred and twenty-five books, including the Alice series. She now lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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Titles At Your Library

Sweet Strawberries
ISBN: 0689813384

Atheneum. 1999

After a rough day trying to get to the market, a wife suggests to her husband that they buy some fresh strawberries for a treat, but when the man refuses, the wife becomes angry and the husband has to find a way to remedy the situation.

A Traitor Among the Boys (Boy/Girl Battle)
ISBN: 0440413869

Yearling. 2001

The Hatford boys' New Year's resolution is "the girls can stay . . . but only if they play by our rules." Their mother insists that they "treat those girls as though they were your sisters." Okay, but somehow the boys' interpretation owes more to sibling rivalry than to brotherly love. The one weak link is young Peter, who doesn't understand the rivalry, openly likes the girls, and sees nothing wrong with sitting in their kitchen eating homemade cookies and answering questions about his brothers' plans. Readers will find themselves laughing out loud at the pranks, the conversations, and one unforgettably embarrassing moment. The high-flying humor is juxtaposed with the budding affection between Josh and Beth and the way all the children pull together during a blizzard. The fifth entry in Naylor's refreshing series chronicling the feud between the Hatfords and the Malloys.

From the Hardcover edition.

Walker's Crossing (Jean Karl Books (Paperback))
ISBN: 0689842619

Aladdin. 2001

Ryan Walker has always known what he wants to be -- a cowboy, like his father was before being injured in a riding accident. But when Ryan's older brother, Gil, becomes a member of the Mountain Patriots Association, a militia group that wants to keep Wyoming free from immigrants, minorities, and government interference, Ryan finds himself questioning things he's taken for granted all his life. As tensions in the community build to inevitable violence, Ryan is torn between his love for the world in which he grew up and his sense of fairness and decency. How can he stand up for what is right when he's not sure what that is?

The Phillis Reynolds Naylor Value Collection: Shiloh; Saving Shiloh; Shiloh Season
ISBN: 0553526332

Listening Library. 1999

8 hours 31 minutes, 6 cassettes

Read by Peter MacNicol
Eleven-year-old Marty Preston loves to spend time up in the hills behind his home near Friendly, West Virginia. But one summer Sunday, Marty comes across something different on the road just past the old Shiloh schoolhouse-a young beagle-and that's when the trouble begins.

Saving Shiloh
Henry Leyva
Marty Preston wonders why it is that despite Judd Traver's attempts to redeem himself everyone is still so willing to think the worst of him. But Marty's parents and with some trepidation, Marty himself, persist in their attempts to be good neighbors and to give Judd a second chance. Now that Marty has Shiloh, maybe he can help Judd to take care of his other dogs. Then again, maybe folks are right—there's no way a Judd Travers can ever change for the good.

Shiloh Season
Read by Michael Moriarty
After Marty Preston worked so hard to earn the dog, Shiloh, he had hoped that his troubles with Judd Travers were over. He could not rescue all the dogs that Judd mistreated, but since Shiloh was the one who ran away and came with him, Shiloh was the one he loved. Judd, however, has other problems.

The Grooming of Alice
ISBN: 0689846185

Simon Pulse. 2001

The Most Exciting Summer of Their Lives
That's what Pamela says about the summer before ninth grade, and she, Alice, and Elizabeth are determined to make the most of it. All three girls are getting into shape for the new school year by jogging three miles a day and cutting down on junk food, and Alice is enjoying her volunteer job at the local hospital.
But things keep happening that Alice hadn't counted on. Her satisfaction with her job is marred by an unexpected sorrow. Her attempt to be a loyal friend to Pamela gets her in trouble with her father and brother, big time. And both she and Pamela are afraid that Elizabeth may be taking her efforts to lose weight too seriously. Could the most exciting summer of their lives be a little too exciting?

Carlotta's Kittens (Cat Pack)
ISBN: 0689874057

Aladdin. 2005

A blessed event

Carlotta's Kittens have arrived -- five adorable pink-nosed, silk-eared bundles of fur. But what a responsibility for the five male cats in the Club of Mysteries! It's their job not only to protect the kittens from the dangers of the world -- like the tough river rats and the even tougher Steak Knife and his gang (and his collection of the tails of his victims) -- but also to teach them the skills every cat needs to survive. And hardest of all, to find them good homes before they end up at the dreaded pound. The Club of Mysteries gang has a hard enough time figuring out the ways of the world for themselves -- how can they raise a litter of helpless kittens?

A Spy Among the Girls (Boy/Girl Battle)
ISBN: 0440413907

Yearling. 2002

Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is in the air between Beth Malloy and Josh Hatford. When they are spotted holding hands, Josh tells his teasing brothers that he’s simply spying on the girls to see what they’re plotting next. When Caroline Malloy decides she must know what it’s like to fall in love, too, poor Wally Hatford is in for it!

Meanwhile, big sister Eddie couldn’t care less about that mushy stuff. All she cares about is her sixth-grade science fair project. But when she comes up with a great plan, Josh and Jake Hatford horn in on her project. On the day the plan goes into action, little do the boys know that Eddie has a trick up her sleeve. And with daredevil Caroline’s amazing attention-getting stunt, trouble is sure to follow. Get ready, the Malloys and Hatfords are at it again!

Alice Alone
ISBN: 0689851898

Simon Pulse. 2002

Deeply involved in her tasks and activities at high school, Alice realizes that there is little time left for her boyfriend, Patrick, yet when Patrick suddenly becomes interested in Penny, Alice knows she must end the relationship and start making a life for herself without him in it. Reader's Guide available. Reprint.

The Great Chicken Debacle
ISBN: 076145148X

Two Lions. 2001

May all your chickens come home to roost. If they had only known what trouble lay ahead, maybe, just maybe the Morgan children and their friend Deeter wouldn’t have agreed to mind No-Name, the world’s ugliest chicken. Maybe they could have avoided camping out with it confronting its archenemy, the fox grappling with its abductors. But then again, maybe the whole madhouse caper was inevitable.

Summer vacation has arrived. The kids can think of nothing but Starlight Park and its rides. The Screaming Cyclone, Red Devil, Mad Hornet. The fact that their parents won’t take them poses the greatest dilemma of their young lives. That is, until Cornelia makes a deal with Dad. In return for their help in keeping Mom’s one-of-a-kind birthday present hidden for a week, Dad will grant their wish. By the end of a week’s chicken duty, young readers will agree. The Morgans and Deeter have earned their trip to Starlight Park!


  • Newbery Medal
  • Edgar Allan Poe Mystery Writers Award
  • Child Study Award
  • Kerlan Award
  • Christopher Award
  • Society of School Librarians International Award
  • Hedda Seisler Mason Award
  • Appalachian Medallion
  • About 25 state awards
  • Various ALA notables

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