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General Information

Name:  Lance Q. Zedric  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1961 in Havana, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

*Born in Havana, Illinois, he now resides in Peoria Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

*He is a lecturer on military affairs and special operations forces, historian for the Alamo Scouts Association and co-founder of [].

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Titles At Your Library

Silent Warriors of World War II: The Alamo Scouts Behind the Japanese Lines
ISBN: 0934793565

Pathfinder Publishing. 1995

The incredible story of the (until recently) secret military unit of World War II, the forerunner of the modern Special Forces. The highly skilled Alamo Scouts, formed by General Walter Krueger in 1943, evolved from a simple reconnaissance unit into a sophisticated intelligence unit supplying and coordinating large-scale guerrilla operations in New Guinea and Phillipines. Deep behind enemy lines, they performed 106 successful missions, including the liberation of two prison camps.

Losers, Users & Parasites: Guide to Ridding Your Life of Unwanted People
ISBN: 0934793611

Pathfinder Publishing. 1996

A fresh and humorous approach to coping with an ancient problem—being used by other people. It exposes destructive behaviors and relationships and offers realistic strategies for freeing your life of individuals who drain your time and energies.

Elite Warriors: 300 Years of America's Best Fighting Troops
ISBN: 0934793603

Pathfinder Publishing. 1999

Chronicling America’s elite units from the late 17th century to the present day, this gives an informative and interesting examination of the men who comprised the U.S. military elite.

Sir John Jervis Earl of St. Vincent: A Man for the Occasion
ISBN: 1425736009

Xlibris. 2007

The Last Rubicon
ISBN: 1449016774

AuthorHouse. 2009

In ancient Rome Julius Caesar defiantly crossed the Rubicon River signaling his intent to overthrow Pompey and become leader of the Roman Empire. This symbolic act led to world domination and forever changed the landscape of nations and men. Two thousand years later an international cabal crosses The Last Rubicon and take its own irrevocable steps toward absolute power. In a chilling scenario one man races against time to stop the simultaneous assassination of the President of the United States and the Premier of China-an act which will destroy two governments and leave its people teetering on the brink of chaos. But can he do it?

Pink Heals: The Mending of America
ISBN: 0983836108

. 2011