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General Information

Name:  Gene Ha  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult;

Born: in Chicago

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Illinois Connection

Ha was born in Chicago and currently resides in Berwyn, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gene Ha is a comics artist and writer best known for his work on the ''Top 10'' series with Alan Moore and Zander Cannon. Ha has been illustrating since 1992. For a full list of his work, please go to [ Ha's webpage].


Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award, 1994 Eisner Award for Best New Series for Top Ten , with Alan Moore and Zander Cannon, 2000 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series for Top Ten , with Alan Moore and Zander Cannon, 2001 Eisner Award for Best New Graphic Album for Top 10

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Absolute Top 10
ISBN: 9781401238254. OCLC Number: 806016046

. .

Top 10 /
ISBN: 1401254934. OCLC Number: 889523085

. .

"The massive, multilayered city of Neopolis, built shortly after World War II, was designed as a home for the expanding population of science-heroes, heroines and villains that had ballooned into existance in the previous decade. Bringing these powered beings together solved some problems but created others - turning Neopolis into a pressure cooker that normal policing methods could never contain. Join rookie cop Robyn Singer, alter ego "Toybox," as she hits the streets for the first time along with a colorful crew of fellow officers, each having the required training to deal with science-villains and super-crimes. You'll never look at powers, or police work, the same way again! Written by Alan Moore (WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA) and drawn by the team of Gene Ha and Zander Cannon, TOP 10 combines superheroics and cop drama like no series before or after it. Collects issues #1-12"--

Top 10 :
ISBN: 1401205739. OCLC Number: 61396702

America's Best Comics,. .

The year is 1949, and science heroes and war champions are gathering in the city of Neopolis, now under construction as a home for those with extra-human powers and talents. One of those heroes is a very young ace pilot, Steve Traynor, also known as Jetlad, fresh from the battle-torn skies of Europe, and anxious for a new life and career. With him is his former enemy combatant Leni Muller, the Sky Witch, ready to prove herself worthy of the chance given to her in Neopolis. They are hardly prepared for the challenges facing the experimental city. Science crime and unearthly gang violence has swiftly followed the heroes into this new, wide-open environment. Will their courage and skills be enough for the tasks ahead?

Top 10.
ISBN: 1563898764. OCLC Number: 49938694

America's Best Comics,. .

In a second installment of the Eisner Award-winning series, the super-science police officers of Precinct 10 continue their efforts to protect the citizens of Necropolis and chase down the mysterious Libra killer, whose true identity threatens the life of a comrade.

Top 10.
ISBN: 1563896680. OCLC Number: 45234686

America's Best Comics,. .

A graphic novel introducing the officers of Precinct Ten, who protect the city of Neopolis from evil villains and danger.

Top 10.
ISBN: 1401209912. OCLC Number: 70875669

America's Best Comics,. .

Neopolis is a city in turmoil. A mysterious force has the populace in the icy grip of terror and the authorities are powerless to do anything about it. To make matters worse, the venerated Captain Traynor, AKA Jetman, has been unceremoniously replaced. Now the officers must band together, overcome their personal squabbles, and get their city back on track, before it all comes tumbling down on their heads.

Top ten
ISBN: 1840232757. OCLC Number: 46332036

Titan,. .