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General Information

Name:  Samuel A. Campbell  

Pen Name: Sam Campbell

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1895 in Watseka, Illinois

Died: 1962

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Illinois Connection

Campbell was born in Watseka, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Samuel A. Campbell was an author, lecturer, naturalist, film maker and best known in America as the Philosopher of the Forest. He began his public presentations on nature and philosophy in Chicago in 1929. He soon became a sought after public speaker and lecture on the topic of nature. He eventually made his home, Sanctuary of Wegimind, in a game preserve in the great forests of Northern Wisconsin. There he studies the ways of wild creatures, their habits, their work, their play, and the examples they set for human beings in right living. During his life he produced more than 150,000 feet of nature films, delivered more than 10,000 lectures and wrote 21 books.

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Titles At Your Library

Nature's messages: A book of wilderness wisdom
ISBN: B0007E3056

Rand McNally. 1952

How's Inky? (Living Forest Series, Volume 1)
ISBN: 1881545199

AB Publishing. 2003

A porcupine and his pals offer some highlights on happiness! "Inky the porcupine--I hardly know whether to bless him or curse him!" the author writes. "Whichever I do, he won't care a flick of hi

Too Much Salt and Pepper: Two Porcupines with Prickly Spines Who Make You Laugh and Think
ISBN: 1881545660

AB Publishing. 2003

Life at the Campbells's summer cabin is peaceful and tranquil-well, some of the time. Enter two rambunctious porcupines named Salt and Pepper. Share the joys, adventures and hilarious mischief these little pincushions and other forest friends create at the author's island home. This book will prick you heart as you see the warm wisdom of nature Mr. Campbell reveals in every chapter. Paperback, 258 pages. AB Publishing.

Fiddlesticks & Freckles (Living Forest Series, Volume 9)
ISBN: 1881545962

AB Publishing. 2003

The forest frolics of two funny fawns! Fiddlesticks and Freckles carries you away into the Wisconsin wilderness where the Campbell family adopts two orphan fawns. You will meet a host of forest friends in an exciting array of adventures-some hilarious, others sad. Throughout, the author shares those secret lessons revealed through God's natural world. Paperback, 243 pages. AB Publishing

Calamity Jane (Living Forest Series, Volume 12)
ISBN: 1881545164

AB Publishing. 2003

Nicknamed the "philosopher of the Forest, Sam Campbell was a writer, photographer, radio personality, promoter, lecturer, and especially a devoted student of living nature. His summer home was a game

Moose Country (Living Forest Series, Volume 6)
ISBN: 1881545539

AB Publishing. 2003

A boy naturalist in an ancient forest! The mysterious wilderness has always held an attraction for boys and girls of all ages, and what a wilderness is to be found in Sam Campbell's Moose Country! Hi-Bub, a young, inquisitive boy, joins the Campbells for a journey to Sanctuary Lake in Canada's North Country, where a wonderful world of animals and adventure awaits. The author's talent for descriptive writing makes every page blossom with the sights, sounds, and scents of God's marvelous creation. Take this wilderness walk and discover with Hi-Bub the intrigue of animal (and sometimes human) behavior. Paperback, 235 pages. AB Publishing.

Beloved Rascals (Living Forest Series, Volume 10)
ISBN: 1881545598

AB Publishing. 2003

Nature's knaves are nicer than you think! Few people can flush out the personalities of wild animals as well as Sam Campbell. In Beloved Rascals the author reveals a knack for making you gasp at the ornery ways of the more cantankerous members of his wilderness neighborhood. At the same time, you will be touched with the same infectious love Sam has for all these forest friends. There's Midnight, the belligerent old crow, Carcajou, the wolverine, Cominsky, the raccoon, and many other players in Sanctuary Lake's wildlife theater. Paperback, 244 pages. AB Publishing.

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo... and Still - Mo Lessons in Living From Five Frisky Red Squirrels (Living Forest Series, Volume 3)
ISBN: 1881545555

A. B. Publishing, Inc.. 2003

Lessons in Living from five frisky red squirels. Red squirrels are by nature inquisitive and rambunctious, reason enough to think twice before adopting one--not to mention five! But that is just what happens to Sam and Giny Campbell at their wilderness island home. Eeny, Meeny Miney, Mo... and still - Mo will win your heart with their irresistible antics and crazy capers. All have their own personalities, and you'll have a wonderful time discovering the insights each one has for you. Now sit back in your chair, grab a bag of peanuts, and join the Campbells as they go a little nuts raising these forest friends.

Sweet Sue's Adventures
ISBN: 1572582103

TEACH Services, Inc.. 2002

Sweet Sue's adventures explain to the beginning reader all the traits and habits of an unusually interesting animal. Whether Sweet Sue is catching food (including live bees) or training her frisky young, her story is exciting and entertaining. Sam Campbell catches all the drama which surrounds one of nature's most fascinating outdoor photographs taken by Charles Philip Fox. And they will come to think of all skunks as their forest friends.

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