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General Information

Name:  Barbara Elizabeth Brown  

Pen Name: Elizabeth Brown

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: 1952 in Evanston, IL

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Illinois Connection

Brown grew up in Deerfield. She attended Rockford College for undergraduate studies. She has three degrees from Northern Illinois University.

Biographical and Professional Information

Barbara Brown has a BA in child development and psychology from Rockford College. From NIU, she has a Masters in Library Science and Adult Education and a Doctorate in Adult Education with an emphasis in literacy. She also received a Masters in Pastoral Ministries from Saint Mary's University in Winona MN. Brown is a retired teacher and librarian. Promoting Literacy has been an important professional goal for her. Her books have been written for very young children with few words and lots of meaning. ''Buddy Waits'' is a first mystery book. ''Watch Out Wanda'' helps children know how to cross the street and be safe. ''You Are Good'' is for children and parents and is about that we all make mistakes and still are lovable and loved.Currently, she is working on a book set in Chicago and Rockford for Middle School students.

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Titles At Your Library

Buddy Waits
ISBN: 0983409285

Jungle Wagon Press. 2014

A little boy anxiously waits for something that remains a mystery to the young reader until the end of the story. Charming pictures reveal his anticipation as he interacts with his father, finally clicking the mouse and getting to see something amazing on the computer...his mom via Skype, who serves in the army and is deployed. A very touching conversation starter!

Watch Out, Wanda! A Cautionary Tale
ISBN: 0983409277

Jungle Wagon Press. 2014

Elizabeth Brown celebrates a little girl's love of reading in Watch Out Wanda. Complete with safety tips and points of discussion, this comic style picture book is both humorous and informative. Wanda is so entranced by her newly checked out library book, her eyes never leave the pages her entire walk home. The reader will quickly realize how unsafe this choice is. Tamara Ohr s hilarious illustrations show how Wanda just barely escapes disaster around each corner. She makes it home safely but her poor choices leave parents and children with plenty to discuss in the realm of making safe choices.

You Are Good
ISBN: 0990427102

Jungle Wagon Press. 2014

Simple, meaningful, repetitive text fill the pages of this enchanting dragon book, You Are Good. You are wonderful! I love you now and forever! This is a perfect book for early readers as the repetitive text can be quickly memorized. Colorful illustrations depict several dragon children in various scenarios, reminding them that in ALL circumstances, they are good and loved!

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (No)

Fees are decided with the agency requesting. I usually ask that my actual expenses be covered. I am focusing now on teaching adults how to read to children and feel this is essential and want to be available to groups that cannot afford to hire a consultant.