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Name:  Richard Cahan  

Pen Name: None


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Cahan lives in Skokie.

Biographical and Professional Information

Richard Cahan is a former picture editor for the ''Chicago Sun-Times'' and was the director of CITY 2000. He has written several books about photography and is one of the founders of CityFiles Press in Chicago.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

A Court that shaped America :
ISBN: 0810119811. OCLC Number: 70770678

Northwestern University Press,. .

Chicago :
ISBN: 1886483469. OCLC Number: 45803624

. .

"From the Great Chicago Fire to the Great Migration, author Richard Cahan explores Chicago, its events and its people. He has found an epic story and used unforgettable photos to illustrate what makes the city so special. To turn these pages is to travel through the enchanted world of Chicago from 1830 through 1945. With an introductory message from Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, this is a people's history of a dynamic city. Cahan uses mementos--postcards, sheet music, newspapers, woodcuts, matchbook covers, posters, stereographs, police records, souvenirs and ticket stubs--to bring home the sweet story of Chicago"--Jacket flap.

Edgar Miller and the handmade home :
ISBN: 0978545052. OCLC Number: 457150388

CityFiles Press,. .

In a technological age, Miller embraced old-world skills with strong hands toughened by a lifetime of work. His genius reached its apex in four "fully realized artistic studios" that he built on Chicago's North Side in the 1920s and 30s. He marked almost every inch of the studios with daring and surprise.

Eye to eye :
ISBN: 0991541804. OCLC Number: 881401064

. .

Since her death in 2009, Vivian Maier has become a photographic phenomenon. Her story--thousands of photo negatives and prints found in a storage locker and sold for pennies at auction--has stirred millions around the world. Maier was a painfully private woman who now speaks powerfully through the photographs she took only for herself. This new collection offers readers a chance to follow Maier as she travels the world, including images of France, Italy, Malaysia, Yemen, Puerto Rico, and America. These eye-to-eye portraits, published for the first time, are the single constant in her lifetime of photographic work. Maier is often cast as a quirky, anti-social character, moving on the outskirts of real connection. But these photographs show something more. Printed with the latest technology, the book utilizes a modified 4-color process that produces images parallel to traditional silver gelatin prints. Combined with 15u stochastic screening, Maier's 96 photographs in this volume are spectacularly sharp, full-range black and white reproductions.

Real Chicago :
ISBN: 0972545638. OCLC Number: 56778884

Chicago Sun-Times, Inc.,. .

Real Chicago sports :
ISBN: 0972545654. OCLC Number: 62146690

Chicago Sun-Times, Inc.,. .

Richard Nickel :
ISBN: 0991541839. OCLC Number: 921869371

. .

"Devoting his life to save America's architecture, Richard Nickel was inflamed by the destruction of what he perceived to be art and disturbed by what this destruction said about the society in which we lived. Today he is remembered through the photographs he left behind as well as the thousands of notes and letters--funny, angry, and always eloquent--that detail a life of passion and determination. He took risks, spoke his mind, and championed an oversized cause. His rebellion against the shortsighted disregard of an American genius, the architect Louis Sullivan, appeals to a new generation interested in conservation--whether of old buildings or natural resources. This book is a collection of more than 200 letters and photographs that will inspire and intrigue readers. Images of Chicago buildings include the Garrick Building, the Chicago Stock Exchange, and the Auditorium Theater. Images of American buildings include Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower in Oklahoma and Louis Sullivan's banks in Iowa and Ohio"

Richard Nickel's Chicago :
ISBN: 0978545028. OCLC Number: 76892799

Cityfiles Press,. .

The lost panoramas :
ISBN: 0978545079. OCLC Number: 760973898

CityFiles Press,. .

For the past century, a massive collection of glass-plate negatives that document early Chicago and the Illinois Valley have been carefully stored. Stored so well, it has been largely forgotten. These photographs record the reversal of the Chicago River and its consequences, and show how the big city sacrificed the natural world in order to survive and prosper.

They all fall down :
ISBN: 0471144266. OCLC Number: 27812829

Preservation Press, National Trust for Historic Preservation,. .

Vivian Maier :
ISBN: 0978545095. OCLC Number: 801928251

. .

Presenting her photographs alongside interviews with those who knew her best, this volume is the first attempt to put Vivian Maier's work in context and create a portrait of her as an artist. Though she created more than 10,000 negatives during her lifetime, only a few of them were ever seen by others. Shortly after her death in 2009, the first group of her unseen Chicago photographs--gritty with humanity and filled with empathy and beauty--were shown online. Word of her work spread quickly, catapulting Maier from previous obscurity to being labeled as one of the masters of street photography.--From publisher description.