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General Information

Name:  Todd Hasak-Lowy  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: in Detroit, Michigan

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Illinois Connection

Hasak-Lowy moved to Evanston, Illinois in 2010 and resides there still today.

Biographical and Professional Information

Todd Hasak-Lowy has a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkley. For eight years, he was a professor of Hebrew Language and Literature at the University of Florida. During that time, he published scholarly articles and the book, ''Here and Now: History, Nationalism, and Realism in Modern Hebrew Fiction.'' He has also translated the books, ''A Possibility of Violence: An Inspector Avraham Novel'' written by D. A. Mishani, ''Motti'' written by Asaf Schurr, and Netanya written by Dror Burstein. Since moving to Chicago, Hasak-Lowy has turned to writing full-time and has taught various creative writing courses at different institutions including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University and the University of Illinois - Chicago. While his first books were written more for an adult audience, he has since moved into writing books geared more toward young readers. Along with his books listed below, he also co-authored the ebook, ''Sh'ma: The Many Faces of Translation'', with Joel Hecker. In 2015, he contributed to the book, ''Somewhere There Is Still a Sun: A Memoir of the Holocaust'', written by Michael Gruenbaum.


33 Minutes


Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being You


Somewhere There is Still a Sun

-- National Jewish Book Award Finalist, Young Adult Literature, Jewish Book Council, 2016

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) The author is available for school visits, discussions via Skype, library talks, etc. If you’re interested in coordinating an author visit, contact him via [ email] or Faye Bi at [].

Selected Titles At Your Library

33 minutes
ISBN: 9781481489959. OCLC Number: 951071221

. .

An epic lunch period leads to a fateful showdown as small, skinny seventh-grader Sam's former best friend--now a popular athlete--promises to beat Sam up at recess in exactly thirty-three minutes.

33 minutes /
ISBN: 1442445009. OCLC Number: 785390172

Aladdin,. .

An epic lunch period leads to a fateful showdown as small, skinny seventh-grader Sam's former best friend--now a popular athlete--promises to beat Sam up at recess in exactly thirty-three minutes.

ISBN: 9780151014354. OCLC Number: 154308918

Harcourt,. .

Captives :
ISBN: 038552773X. OCLC Number: 192080586

Spiegel & Grau,. .

Disaffected and angry screenwriter Daniel Bloom finds that his revenge fantasy about a nameless assassin who is taking down evil corporate executives and politicians is becoming all too real.

Here and now :
ISBN: 9780815631576. OCLC Number: 183928631

Syracuse University Press,. .

The Emergence of Zionism in the late nineteenth century and the evolution of Zionist society in Palestine were profoundly influenced by the Hebrew literature of the day. As Todd Hasak-Lowy cogently argues in this book, Hebrew authors wrote with the belief that accurately representing Jewish society - including its history - in their texts would both record the past and establish its future course. Hasak-Lowy traces the tensions between the extraliterary - the historical, social, and political - and the literary - the aesthetic, formal, and stylistic - in Hebrew fiction. Focusing on canonical texts by S. Y. Agnon, Y. H. Brenner, S. Y. Abramovitz, and S. Yizhar, the author establishes how modern Hebrew writers galvanized Jewish nationalism in nineteenth-century Europe and later articulated its character in twentieth-century Palestine.--BOOK JACKET.

Me being me is exactly as insane as you being you /
ISBN: 1442495731. OCLC Number: 877077441

. .

Through a series of lists, a narrator reveals how fifteen-year old Darren's world was rocked by his parents' divorce just as his brother, Nate, was leaving for college, and a year later when his father comes out as gay, then how he begins to deal with it all after a stolen weekend with Nate and his crush, Zoey.

The task of this translator /
ISBN: 0156031124. OCLC Number: 56730574

Harcourt,. .

"The Task of This Translator marks the debut of a writer of extraordinary talent. In these seven stories, Todd Hasak-Lowy finds entry into daunting matters such as genocide and obesity through the absurd experiences of a series of unlikely protagonists." "A journalist sets out to write an investigative piece on a dieting company that uses bodyguards to protect overeaters from themselves, but loses his bearings when he becomes a client and is paired up with a bodyguard of his own. In the coffee shop of Israel's Holocaust memorial museum, a stale pastry triggers a brawl between an American tourist and the Israeli cashier. An unwilling and mostly unqualified slacker finds himself cast into the role of translator for the bitter reunion of a family torn apart years earlier by unspecified brutality."--BOOK JACKET.