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Name:  Robert W Walker  

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Born: 1948 in Corinth, Mississippi

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Walker grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He is a graduate of Chicago's Wells High School, Northwestern University, and the NU's Graduate Masters in English Education program.

Biographical and Professional Information

Walker currently resides in Charleston, West Virginia where he teaches and writes.

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ISBN: 0312909063

St. Martin's Press. 1987


In a secret laboratory beneath L.A.'s streets, a group of top scientists worked on the ultimate biological weapon... daring to create what humans were never meant to know...


Then the earthquake hit. It's epicenter: downtown L.A., a city now filled with twisted steel and mangled flesh- and terror. Because from it's sterile laboratory, something unspeakable had been freed...


Dr. Mike McCain and lovely Dr. Casey Sterns worked feverishly to save the earthquake survivors mysteriously dying from a new, alien disease. But no disease could account for some of the corpses--mutilated, headless, horrible. And no medicine could stop the thing hiding in the rubble, watching, reaching out with bloodstained claws for the unsuspecting, the injured... or for you.

(This 80,000 word novel was originally published in paperback. It also includes an excerpt of Abaddon by Robert W. Walker, and Origin by J.A. Konrath.)

About the Author

Robert W. Walker is the author of more than forty thriller and horror novels, including 11 books in the acclaimed INSTINCT series featuring FBI medical examiner Jessica Coran.

Praise for Robert W. Walker

"Masterful." -- Clive Cussler

"Ingenious." -- San Francisco Examiner

"Gruesome." -- The Sunday Oklahoman

"Frightening." -- Midwest Book Review."

"Bone-chilling." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Perfect for Patricia Cornwell fans." -- Mystery Scene

"Walker is a master at the top of his game." -- Jack Kilborn

ISBN: 0312911106

St Martins Pr. 1988


Psychic adventurer Jacob Koslor's body has been destroyed, hideously hacked to pieces by a bloodthirsty maniac. And his killer is under the power of a terrible evil--a supernatural force that can bend men to its will and make them relive their worst nightmares... fatally.


But Catherina Vaughan, Kosler's assistant, knows her mentor's astral self is still alive, for she can communicate with him. And she knows Kosler's agony has just begun: His demonic killer is out to destroy his soul.

Now Jacob and Cath must discover the deadly secret of the all-powerful overmind before its control is total. Before it begins to tear minds from helpless flesh and create a legion of...


(This book was originally published in paperback.)

About the Author

Robert W. Walker is the author of more than forty thriller and horror novels, including 11 books in the acclaimed INSTINCT series featuring FBI medical examiner Jessica Coran.

Praise for Robert W. Walker

"Masterful." -- Clive Cussler

"Ingenious." -- San Francisco Examiner

"Gruesome." -- The Sunday Oklahoman

"Frightening." -- Midwest Book Review."

"Bone-chilling." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Perfect for Patricia Cornwell fans." -- Mystery Scene

"Walker is a master at the top of his game." -- Jack Kilborn

Dying Breath
ISBN: 1558172610

Pinnacle. 1989

Windy City coroner, Dr. Dean Grant, must track a serial cellophane slayer in order that the people of Chicago might again breathe easily

Double Edge
ISBN: 0515123846

Jove. 1998

Officer Lucas Stonecoat and police psychiatrist Meredyth Sanger face a new and deadly predator on the gritty streets of Houston, a criminal whose brilliant but vicious acts earn him the name of "The Snatcher"

Blind Instinct (Jessica Coran)
ISBN: 0515131504

Jove. 2001

FBI Medical Examiner Dr. Jessica Coran is enlisted by London's New Scotland Yard to spearhead the investigation into a series of brutal crucifixion killings and must call on all her skills in tracking killers to find a psychopath who will do anything to stop her. By the author of Darkest Instinct. Reprint.

City for Ransom
ISBN: 0060739959

Avon. 2005

Welcome to Chicago, 1893 -- where new wonders are being unveiled . . . and a monster feeds on the unsuspecting.

Tens of thousands are flocking to a bustling, wind-swept metropolis in the middle of America for the great Exposition of 1893 -- to seethe future and to ride Mr. Ferris's remarkable wheel. A city of hope and hardship has caught the attention of the world -- and a maniacal killer has made it his hunting ground.

Inspector Alastair Ransom carries the burden of the dead on his shoulders. But a demon far worse than Ransom's own is loose -- a bloodthirsty killer who preys on Chicago's most vulnerable citizens, his grisly handiwork masked by the glitter and frenzy of the World's Fair. But a haunted detective doesn't realize how desperate his search has become -- for each passing hour brings the slayer closer to his next intended victim: Alastair Ransom.

PSI: Blue (Psychic Sensory Investigation Thriller) (PSI; Psychic Sensory Investigation Thriller)
ISBN: 1590805089

Echelon Press Publishing. 2006

Young boys are disappearing without a trace in Phoenix, Arizona! Half Asian, half Celtic, Psychic Detective Aurelia Hiyakawa is the FBI's secret weapon. As she thwarts horrendous crimes committed by the worst monsters, she struggles to keep ahead of her estranged ex and her child's rebellious nature not to mention an IRS write-off-turned-nightmare. Unable to balance her bankbook or reconcile with her dead father's ghost, Aurelia, a psychic sensory investigator for the FBI's PSI Unit is one hundred percent ON when she makes multiple "blue sense hits." In fact, 'Rae' is a stormy force to be reckoned with as she fights crime and evil via the symbolism of her mind's undeniable language of shape and image captured on screen for the eclectic committee of the 'chosen' who interpret her visions. However, Rae's PSI powers have never been used "in the field" until now. Rae will push her limits to save children from a maniac who has an eerie sense that someone sees him and knows him...

City of the Absent (Inspector Alastair Ransom Mysteries)
ISBN: 0060740124

Harper. 2007

Chicago's magnificent White City will soon be fading into memory. As the grand Exposition of 1893 reaches its final day, the metropolis is rocked by the public assassination of its popular mayor. In the chaos that ensues, another murder—the savage slaughter of a Pinkerton agent posing as a prostitute in a seedy slum alleyway—goes virtually unnoticed . . . except by police inspector Alastair Ransom.

An avenging angel haunted by the ghosts and mistakes of his past, Ransom called the slain detective, Nell Hartigan, "friend"—and his unorthodox inquiries into her murder are pointing him toward a fiend who's targeting the city's most unremarkable and disposable citizens. But in a great urban slaughterhouse, where foul corruption festers in every dark corner, Ransom will find himself accused of the one crime he did not commit . . . and facing the final judgment of the hangman's noose.

Shadows in the White City: An Inspector Alastair Ransom Mystery (Inspector Alastair Ransom Mysteries)
ISBN: 0060739967

Harper. 2007

The nation and the world gaze in awe at Chicago's magnificent "White City" in this summer of 1893. But Inspector Alastair Ransom sees the rot beneath the splendor of the great Exposition—and he is consumed with an over-powering need for vengeance. "The Phantom of the Fair," a blood-thirsty fiend who nearly added Ransom to his ever-growing list of slaughtered victims, is still lurking somewhere in the shadows of Ferris's gargantuan Wheel. And to end the maniac's reign, Ransom refuses to play by the rules established by the police brass and the corrupt politicians—appointing himself judge, jury . . . and executioner.

But white-hot hatred and zealous fury can blind a determined manhunter to a more terrible truth. And dangerous missteps may lead to even greater bloodshed . . .

Dead on: A Marcus Rydell, Kat Holley Pi Thriller (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
ISBN: 1594147817

Five Star. 2009

Just when disgraced Atlanta cop-turned-private eye Marcus Rydell prepares to eat his gun, a kid in trouble, a call to duty, and a dirty blonde named Kat Holley stop him cold. Kat pulls Marcus from his suicidal depression and his soon-to-be demolished apartment building—only to make him face his past. She leads him on a deadly hunt deep into the blackest forest in the Red Earth State. Near the Georgia-Tennessee border in the breathtaking Blue Ridge countryside, the pair watch a safe haven become their death trap. They seek to destroy a local legend, a cave-dwelling ex-marine and murderer, a monster whose instincts and military training have allowed him to survive in the wilderness for four years, eluding the Feds as well as Atlanta PD. When the hunters become the hunted, they must duel with this psychotic deviant.

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