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General Information

Name:  G.K. Wuori  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Born: in DeKalb, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

I was born in St. Mary’s Hospital in DeKalb, Illinois. After graduation from DeKalb High School and Northern Illinois University, I earned a Ph. D. in philosophy from Purdue University. Following that, life’s adventures took me to Pennsylvania, Maine, Illinois, Minnesota, and back to Illinois again. Odd how it happens, but I’m back in my hometown of DeKalb now. I’ve been writing for some twenty years now full-time with two of my most recent books, the novellas ''Now That I’m Ready To Tell You Everything'' and ''Infidelity'', being set in the mostly imaginary town of Emily Handy, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

G. K. Wuori is the author of over a hundred stories published throughout the world in the U.S., Japan, India, Germany, Spain, Algeria, Ireland, and Brazil. A Pushcart Prize winner and Illinois Arts Council Fellow, his work has appeared in such journals as ''The Gettysburg Review'', ''The Missouri Review'', ''The Barcelona Review'', ''Shenandoah'', ''The Kenyon Review'', ''Prairie Schooner'', ''StoryQuarterly'', ''The Massachusetts Review'', ''Mad Hatters Review'', ''TriQuarterly'', and ''Eclectica''. His story collection, ''Nude In Tub'', was a New Voices Award Nominee by the Quality Paperback Book Club and his novel, ''An American Outrage'', was Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year in fiction. He has published the novella, ''Now That I’m Ready To Tell You Everything'' (Vagabondage Press), and a new novella, ''Infidelity'', has been published by Mint Hill Books, Main Street Rag Publishing Company. He is Associate Editor of the literary journal, ''Kippis'', and currently lives in DeKalb, Illinois.

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Titles At Your Library

Nude in Tub: Stories of Quillifarkeag, Maine
ISBN: 1565122232

Algonquin Books. 1999

Here is G.K. Wuori, out of nowhere and wielding a deadly weapon: his vision of our's the raw.

Wuori fiction is something entirely and wildly its own. Like Thomas Pynchon, Robert Coover, Mark Richard, Lewis Nordan, Wuori doesn't care to mollycoddle the reader. He's here, in this daring debut collection, to reflect what's on his mind: America's fascination with violence, with sex, with racism, with joyful immortality.

Set in the northernmost corner of Maine, in a town "usually omitted from cheap maps," Nude in Tub is about a young couple who make love on La-Z-Boys in the middle of a highway, about an old woman who finds a pine tree growing from her leg, about newlyweds who paint their whole house black and themselves white, and about several more stripped-down others, including, of course, a nude in tub.

Descendants of Sherwood Anderson's Winesburgers, Wuori's Quillifarkeagans are Americans at the millenium, good citizens whose reality has been tweaked, twitted, quirked, smirked and found to be grimly goofy. These people - each of them caught in their own startling moment of nakedness - all live by the same credo: If you're in trouble, we'll help. But we'll still laugh like hell.

An American Outrage: A Novel of Quillifarkeag, Maine
ISBN: 1565122925

Algonquin Books. 2000

Now That I'm Ready to Tell You Everything
ISBN: 0981919847

Vagabondage Press LLC. 2011

On a beautiful spring morning, Serena Callaway wanted nothing more than a quiet, meditative walk along the streets of her small town. Then she found a toe, a woman’s big toe, recently pedicured, lying in the street, and began to realize that normal, along with quiet and certainly meditative, just might not be where things were headed that day. Now That I’m Ready To Tell You Everything is a quirky romp through a single morning, as a group of quite ordinary people try desperately to turn average moments into nutty adventures. Praise for Now That I'm Ready to Tell You Everything: “G.K. Wuori is truly a master of the everyday Absurd, and in Now That I'm Ready to Tell You Everything, he is at his ominous, poignant and comic best." ~ Gina Frangello, author of Slut Lullabies and My Sister's Continent


  • New Voices Nominee of the Quality Paperback Book Club,
  • Nude In Tub

  • Foreword Magazine Book of the Year in Fiction,
  • An American Outrage

    Speaking Engagements

    Speaking Engagement Availability: (Yes)

    I am available for speaking engagements, workshops, etc., generally for a fee but, depending on the venue, sometimes for free. Preferred areas are northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and eastern Iowa. I can be reached by phone at 815-517-0832 or email at gkwuori at Hotmail dot com.