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General Information

Name:  Judith Barnard  

Pen Name: Judith Michael - when writing with his wife, Judith Barnard

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1934 in Denver, Colorado

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Illinois Connection

Barnard lives in both Chicago, Illinois and Aspen, Colorado

Biographical and Professional Information

Judith Barnard has worked as a journalist, educational film writer, biographer and editor. She received a B.A. from Ohio State University and an M.A. from Northwestern University. Under her own name, she wrote the novel The Past and Present of Solomon Sorge (1967). Under the pen name of Judith Michael, Barnard writes with her husband, Michael Fain.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 0671899546

Pocket Books. 1994

Troubled by a sense of lost possibilities, two twins trade places for a week to look at their lives and loves at a distance, but after a freak accident, they cannot trade back

ISBN: 0671899562

Pocket. 1994

She thought she knew her husband. She thought she knew herself. She was mistaken on both counts....

When Katherine Fraser's husband vanishes, she discovers that he has hidden his past from her...but when his wealthy family finds her and sweeps her into a world of power and luxury, the fearful, dependent wife is gradually transformed into a vibrant, glamorous woman. From San Francisco to Paris to the Côte d'Azur, Katherine tastes the romance and elegance of a world she never had dreamed possible. Suddenly, her husband returns, and forces her to choose: whether to embrace the past, or to plunge into a richly exciting new life,

and a deep, passionate new love.

When a woman gets a second chance, should she be loyal to the life she had before? Judith Michael explores this intriguing question

in the unforgettable bestseller Possessions.

Private Affairs

Poseidon. 1986

At the heart of Private Affairs lies a dream - The dream of a second chance to pursue a youthful ambition, to become a success, a star. But in the pursuit of that dream, the strength of an enduring marriage - the delicate balance of love and identity - is tested by the heady temptations of fame, wealth, and power.

ISBN: 0671688855

Simon&Schuster. 1989

Laura Fairchild enters a charmed world when eccentric patriarch Owen Salinger takes her in as his protege and confidante. In the patrician circles of Boston's Beacon Hill, she acquires grace, culture and a passionate lover in Owen's nephew, Paul. But Owen's death shatters her dreams. Favored in his will, she now faces the wrath of his family, who close ranks against her. Disinherited, Laura vows to recapture all that has been ruthlessly taken away.

A Ruling Passion
ISBN: 0671648918

Poseidon Press. 1990

A socialite-reporter and her network-owning boss rekindle an old romance, but when she starts investigating his jealous ex-wife's TV ministry dangerous passions stir

Sleeping Beauty
ISBN: 0751502480


A Tangled Web
ISBN: 067153288X

Pocket Books. 1995

One year after switching places with her identical twin sister for some light-hearted fun and her sister, Stephanie, is klled in a yacht explosion, Sabrina is deeply in love with her brother-in-law, until rumors that Stephanie has been seen threaten to destroy her new life. Reissue.

Acts of Love: A Novel
ISBN: 0345480376

Ballantine Books. 2005

Bestselling author Judith Michael’s most moving and captivating novel spans the pastoral beauty of the Pacific Northwest . . . the glitter of Broadway . . . the spectacular vistas of Sydney, Australia . . . and the myriad acts of love that will reunite a lost woman with her dreams, her destiny, and the one man who truly believes in her talent–and in their love. . . .

When director Lucas Cameron finds letters to his grandmother from her protégé–the brilliant young actress Jessica Fontaine, who had vanished mysteriously after a tragic accident–he is intrigued and determines to find her. When finally they meet, they have one magic week of passion and love. But still Jessica cannot return with Lucas to his world–and he cannot share hers–unless they discover the many kinds of love, and the inner strength, that can triumph over the past and open the way for their hands and hearts to join.

A Certain Smile
ISBN: 0449224260

Ballantine Books. 2000

Bestselling author Judith Michael brings together the magic of East and West in a tale of heartwrenching love as vivid and breathless as the pounding energy of exotic Beijing. In a story replete with passion and enduring desire, A CERTAIN SMILE affirms that love has no borders. . . .

An American clothing designer and widowed mother of two teenagers, Miranda Graham arrives in China and is immediately overwhelmed by life in this faraway place. Then she meets Yuan Li, son of an American soldier and Chinese mother--and suddenly two worlds, two cultures, and two hearts collide. As Miranda bravely explores vistas beyond the safe, ordered limits of her own life, she is inexorably drawn to Yuan, a man who embodies all the hardship, dignity, and mystery of China. Their love is an unexpected awakening of body, mind, and spirit--even as the intrusive government and Yuan's ambitious son threaten their newfound joy, propelling them toward the most shattering choice two lovers can make.

The Real Mother
ISBN: 0060599308

Avon. 2005

Love is never the end of the story,
only the begining.

Mack Hayden, volatile and dangerous, shows up, all smiles, on Sara's doorstep. Sara has been struggling to build a new life for herself and her ten-year-old brother Doug and teenage sisters Carrie and Abby, after she was forced to give up her dreams and come home to Chicago to take care of them.

Now Mack, the brother who had abandoned them three years earlier, is threatening to undercut everything she does. Swinging dangerously from kindness to mystery to cruelty, he begins to win over the children with expensive gifts and fascinating stories, challenging Sara's efforts to keep the family together.

With events at home and at work seeming out of control, Sara desperately needs an ally. She finds one in Reuben Lister, a transplanted New Yorker, lonely and guarding his own secrets. Dealing with both the past and the present, Reuben and Sara discover a closeness neither has known before, as they find for themselves what truly makes a family.

The Past and Present of Solomon Sorge
ISBN: 0671618326

Pocket. 1986

Despite his numerous affairs and an unrewarding homelife, Solomon Sorge, a middle-aged political science professor, is surprised when his wife leaves him



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