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Name:  Beth Anderson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: Baltimore, Maryland

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Anderson is a Chicago crime writer.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 0804103224

Ivy Books. 1989

ISBN: 0843930608

Leisure Books. 1991


Count on Me (Harlequin Superromance No. 486)
ISBN: 0373704860

Harlequin. 1992

Night Sounds
ISBN: 0743300971

Clocktower Books. 2000

Chicago jazz pianist Joe Barbarello, on the night of his greatest success at Chicago's Ravinia, spots a beautiful woman in the audience and can't look away. He goes home with her and stays for three days and nights. After he comes up for air he discovers that this woman, Zoey Bauer, is the prime suspect in the brutal knife slaying of her former lover-a murder committed five days before Joe met her. But Chicago detectives working this case don't believe Joe met her only three days ago.

Enter a roster of colorful characters who want in the worst way to help solve the mystery of who killed Jay DaVolo. Every person Joe meets in Zoey's Gold Coast world had a good reason to kill DaVolo. They're all filthy rich, greedy for more, and involved in a multi-million dollar double-scam that has encircled the globe. Joe has to outwit this crew to prove his own innocence, and the innocence of the enigmatic woman with whom he becomes so sexually obsessed that he might lose his freedom-or his life.

Murder Online
ISBN: 0743300688

Clocktower Books. 2000

A young woman is strangled to death, then raped afterward by a man she is thought, by Chicago detectives, to have met online. And she did correspond with him

however, she had met him in person first.

In an effort to track down her daughter's killer, Claire Jenson delves into internet chat rooms, using her dead daughter's identity. But when Claire begins talking to the killer online and he threatens her, she has no idea who he is-or where he is.

But he knows exactly how to find her...

Frankfurt Award Nominee!

EPPIE Award Finalist-Best Suspense!

Second Generation
ISBN: 159279968X

Amber Quill Press, LLC. 2003

Forbidden passion, stolen emeralds and murder bring about the demise of a partnership formed in friendship and irrevocably alters the course of two families. The sins of their fathers will be visited on Leigh Shaunnessey and Girardo Castivenette in ways they cannot imagine.

"...An electric saga that sweeps up from the hot jungles of Colombia into the glittering power centers of Washington and San Francisco, hurtling readers into the most turbulent decades of the twentieth century."-Rendezvous Review Magazine

Raven Talks Back
ISBN: 0982144393

Krill Press. 2011

Raven Morressey is living the good life. Nice home, husband, three healthy children, and it's finally summertime, when life is again lovely in Valdez, Alaska. All this explodes one morning when builders, digging up her back yard, uncover a recently murdered headless, handless female body covered with scarification-hundreds of colored designs cut into the skin to resemble tattoos. As if this isn't enough, where the corpse's head should have been is a large rock with a face painted on that resembles an Alaska Native mask. Raven's eight year old son, Timmy, is the first one to see the body and is suddenly unable to walk or respond in any way. On that same day, Raven hears the voice of her long dead Athabascan father coming from Timmy, who is unaware of the ancient hunting chants he sings in his sleep and the words he suddenly speaks in Raven's native tongue-a language he does not know. Jack O'Banion, Valdez's Chief of Police for the past few years, faced with his first murder case in Valdez, begins his official investigation. Everywhere he goes he finds nothing but deception. The town seems to have closed into itself and nobody will tell him anything that might help him solve this case. Then one murder quickly morphs into two, and then three, and the Alaska State Troopers are hot on his back to find the killer now. Between Raven's voices and the visions she develops, and Jack, whose career as well as his contented life in Valdez are on the line, they both feel they have to find the killer and restore some sanity to the town-not to mention their own lives, which are quickly unraveling out of control.



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