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General Information

Name:  Debbie Dadey  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Children; Children;

Born: 1959 in Morganfield, Kentucky

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Illinois Connection

Dadey lived in Aurora.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dadey was a teacher in Kentucky, became a librarian. Was a Freelance writer with Argus Communications; was an instructor at University of Kentucky; a contributing editor for Writer's Digest from 1998-2002. She currently resides in Tennessee.

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Titles At Your Library

Keyholders #2: The Other Side of Magic (Keyholders Series)
ISBN: 0765359839

Starscape. 2009

This Other Side of Magic is the second in a series of light fantasy chapter books set in Morgantown, a town on the border between the real world and the magical world, by the authors of the Publishers Weekly best selling BAILEY SCHOOL KIDS―a series of 50 books with more than 30 million copies sold!

"I need your help, Natalie," Mr. Leery said. "Yours and Penny's and Luke's."

Natalie is surprised to learn from her neighbor, Mr. Leery, that her classmates Penny and Luke are apprentice Keyholders. A Keyholder's job is to guard the border between the real world and the magical world. Natalie is even more surprised when she finds out that she could be a Keyholder too―if she forms a "link" with a rat named Buttercup.

Will Natalie choose to join the Keyholders? Can she, Penny, and Luke learn how to work together with their links and protect the border from the goblins sent by the evil Queen of the Boggarts?

Worst Name In Third Grade
ISBN: 0439720001

Scholastic. 2007

It's not easy being a third-grade girl . . . especially when your name is Bridgett Butt!

Look out, world -- here comes Bridgett Butt!

Bridgett Butt is in a rut! Bridgett always gets teased about her name. And now, to make things even worse, her favorite teacher in the whole world is moving away. The new teacher, Miss Snotgrass, isn't nearly as nice. Bridgett's best friend has a new best friend. And something is wrong with Bridgett's dog, Bobo.

Could things get any worse? Not if Bridgett has anything to say about it. This third grader is going to get everything back to normal, or her name isn't Bridgett Butt!

Tattle Tails (Barkley's School for Dogs)
ISBN: 0786816783

Volo. 2002

Harry the Westie is tattletaling on the other dogs and getting them in trouble. Harry's behavior is getting out of hand, and soon his schoolmates are upset. Jack helps Harry learn a lesson about good and bad tattling.


IRA children's Choice Award

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