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Name:  Gail Gibbons  

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Audience: Children; Children;


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Gibbons grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gail Gibbons is an author and illustrator. As a child growing up in Chicago, Gail created her first picture book at the age of four. It was four pages long and bound together with yarn. Soon thereafter, she began taking art lessons and started writing her own stories. Gail studied graphic design at the University of Illinois and after graduating she went to work for a small TV station doing graphic work. Later, she moved to New York City where she worked on " Take a Giant Step" a children’s show that was the forerunner to "The Electric Company." The children who participated in the show suggested that Gail should create children’s books.Gibbons currently resides in Corinth, Vermont.

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Titles At Your Library

Behold...the Dragons!
ISBN: 068815526X

HarperCollins. 1999

We don't believe in dragons anymore, but we continue to celebrate these fantastic creatures in stories, movies and songs. In fact dragons are so popular there is a science just to study them! In a book that is carefully researched, brimming with energy and charm, and full of interesting facts, best-selling author and illustrator Gail Gibbons presents dragons from cultures all over the world -- their origins, their place in mythology and folktales, and the reasons why they are still so fascinating today.

ISBN: 0823416690

Holiday House. 2001

Apple trees grow in more parts of the world than any other fruit tree. From blossom to pollination to picking, here is information about how they grow, their various parts, and the different varieties. Instructions on how to plant and care for an apple tree are included.

My Basketball Book
ISBN: 0688171400

Collins. 2000

Basketballs fun--let's play!

Find all the basics ion this lively guide.

  • The markings on a basketball court

  • What basketball players wear

  • The three team positions

  • The excitement of passing the ball

  • The thrill of making a basket

All these and more are included, with a useful glossary at the end.

My Football Book
ISBN: 0688171397

Collins. 2000

Football is fun--let's play!

Find all the basics in this lively guide.

  • The markings on a football field

  • What football players wear

  • The positions, from quarterback to wide receiver

  • The excitement of the kickoff

  • The thrill of scoring a touchdown

All these and more are included with a useful glossary at the end.

My Soccer Book
ISBN: 0688171389

Collins. 2000

Soccer is fun - let's play!

Find all the basics in this lively guide.

  • The markings on a soccer field
  • What soccer players wear
  • The positions, from forward to goalkeeper
  • The excitement of pasing a ball
  • The thrill of making a goal

All these and more are included, with a useful glossary at the end.

Behold...the Unicorns!
ISBN: 068817955X

HarperCollins. 2001

0nce people believed in unicorns, legendary creatures that were said to have magical powers. Today these one-horned creatures still have a special power -- the power to capture our imaginations.

Using careful research and spirited illustrations to explain the origins, mythology, and folklore of the unicorn, Gail Gibbons gets right to the heart of why these marvelous creatures are still so popular today.

Tell Me, Tree: All About Trees for Kids
ISBN: 0316309036

Little Brown. 2002

Featuring a special section on how children can make a tree identification book of their own, this title is a bright and colorful introduction to trees, leaves, and their inner workings in nature. Full color.

Chicks & Chickens
ISBN: 0823419398

Holiday House. 2005

Domestic chickens are an essential part of the agriculture and food production in America. Gibbons takes a look at how chicken eggs are developed for human consumption and at how fertilized eggs develop into embryos and finally into fuzzy little baby chicks. The behaviour of chicks, hens, and roosters is discussed, and descriptions of the different breeds of chickens across America are provided. Once again Gibbons provides a colourful, accessible account of this familiar, domesticated bird.


American Library Association Notable Book award, 1983, for Cars and How They Go, and 1985, for The Milk Makers;Washington Post/ Children's Book Guild Award, 1987, for contribution to nonfiction children's literature;International Reading Association Children's Choice Award, 1989, 1995; American Bookseller Pick of the Lists, 1992.

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Victoria Trish c/o Holiday House

425 Madison Avenue

New York, New York 10017